You would certainly die from the volume the food consumed and also the toxicity that the quantity of water you'd consumed long prior to vitamin toxicity overloaded your liver and killed you.

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The LD50 is a check to see how numerous milligrams the a chemical every kilogram body load it would take to kill off half the mice or rats in a population. We space not mouse or rats, however it offers a good guess regarding how lot of something the would require to kill a person. So here's how many cups that grapes you'd should kill an average-sized person based upon what that would take to kill a mouse or rat.

Vitamin A- 1.24 million CoG (cups the grapes)

Vitamin B1- 2.21 million CoG

Vitamin B2- >5.85 million CoG

Niacin- 1.53 million CoG

Folate- 207 million CoG

Pantothenic Acid- 8.16 million CoG

B6- 1.91 million CoG

Vitamin C- 730 CoG

Vitamin E- 0.855 million CoG

Vitamin K- 94.4 million CoG

So the the smallest amount of grapes you'd have to eat to dice of a vitamin overdose would be 730 cups of grapes. Store in mental you'd have to do this every at once, since your body pees out extra vitamin C.

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TL;DR- there are definitely easier means to die.

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