Grapes make a good snack – they’re basic to pop in her bag or having lunch box and they’re quite sweet to eat – no to cite being really good for you as audioeditorfree.commponent of your 5-a-day.

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Below is the calorie details for grapes – red, black and also green, seeded and also seedless.

We have included calories for every one of the popular part sizes and also the carbohydrate, fat and protein failure in the nutrition profile graph below.

As you can see, there is a slight difference in calories in between red and also green grapes – this is likely to it is in to perform with red grapes being simply that little bit sweeter.

Seeded Grapes

Serving SizeCalories every ServingRedGreen
1 grape3.23
5 grapes15.915.1
10 grapes31.930.1
12 grapes38.336.2
15 grapes47.845.2
20 grapes63.860.3
50g grapes32.530.8
Small bunch (52g)33.832
Large bunch (100g)65.161.5
Large punnet (500g)325.4


Handful of grapes (75g)



Snack fill (80g)52.149.2
1 cup of grapes104.198.4

Seedless Grapes

Serving SizeCalories per ServingRed/BlackGreen
1 grape3.73.3
5 grapes18.416.5
10 grapes36.933
12 grapes44.339.6
15 grapes55.349.5
20 grapes73.866
50g grapes36.933
Small bunch (52g)38.434.3
Large bunch (100g)73.866
Large punnet (500g)368.8


Handful that grapes (75g)



Snack pack (80g)5952.8
1 cup the grapes118105.6

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The calorie and also nutrition data listed here room from the WLR proved UK food database.

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Percentage of calorie from each Macro Nutrient because that Red Seeded Grapes

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