The Brown household is growing! as a father of 18, that was only a matter of time till Sister Wives star and patriarch Kody Brown invited some grandkids.

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Kody and his wives, JanelleMeri and also Robyn and also his previous partner Christine currently share 3 grandchildren: Axel, Evangalynn and also Avalon.

Janelle and also Kody’s daughter Maddie Brush (née Brown) is the proud mama of 2 of them, Axel and also Evangalynn (a.k.a. Evie), mutual with her husband Caleb Brush


Axel to be the an initial grandchild in the brood ~ above his birth in might 2017, when his small sister, Evie, later on joined the household in respectable 2019. Prior to their little one’s arrival, Maddie opened up up about Evie gift diagnosed with (FATCO) syndrome, additionally widely well-known as fibular aplasia, tibial campomelia and oligosyndactyly.

Maddie claimed she was identified to provide her bundle of delight a an excellent life, no matter what obstacles come in her path. In April 2020, Kody echoed those sentiments if gushing end his family’s brand-new addition. The TLC personality referred to as Evie a “force,” likewise telling fans he was sure that FATCO would not hinder her. “Maybe the cutest baby that ns have ever seen!” the sweetly created via Twitter.

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Since then, Maddie and Caleb have actually purchased a brand-new home in phibìc Carolina, and Christine’s daughter Ysabel will certainly be continuing to be with them together she attends college. 


But that’s not the only Brown family news! The fact TV brood flourished yet again in April 2021 with the come of Mykelti Padron (née Brown) and husband Antonio Padron’s infant girl, Avalon Asa Padron. 

“She’s gorgeous and amazing and also our home birth go awesome,” Mykelti announced in a statement about their mini-me via Instagram. “Tony and I room so ecstatic v her and also overjoyed in ~ what a blessing she is.” 

Sister Wives is ago for the 16th season, start on November 21, 2021, and also there’s sure to it is in plenty that drama, tension and fun Kody Brown hairstyles. Fans deserve to expect to clock Kody and his wives preparing to relocate to their Coyote Pass property in Arizona, 3 years after ~ they moved from ras Vegas, Nevada, come Flagstaff — not to point out Christine’s large decision to leave Kody and also move ago to Utah. 

Scroll under to check out photos that the Sister Wives grandchildren!

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Courtesy Maddie Brown/Instagram

Axel Brush

Maddie and Caleb’s son has a smile that have the right to light up any kind of room.

“Being his mom has been the experience of a lifetime. No job is quite prefer the other,” the proud mama gushed in may 2021.

Evie Brush

Evie has won end fans anywhere with her strength and also precious personality. “Happy second Birthday to my happy, loving, spunky, sassy, strong and fashion-loving small girl. It is a blessing being her mom,” Maddie composed in respectable 2021.

Avalon Padron

“Miss Avalon” loves to take photos courtesy of her parents. Yet that’s not all: she’s currently enjoyed her first beach and pool work at just a few months old!