THE legend Queen of rock n' Roll had a famously turbulent household life the she go not discuss in detail often.

Tina Turner was married come Ike Turner for 16 years and then married Erwin Bach in 2013 after a 27-year relationship yet she does no often discuss her children.

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Tina, the new documentary will certainly air ~ above HBO and HBO Max in ~ 8 p.m. Saturday, march 27 and also on demand Sunday, march 28.Credit: Getty - Contributor

Does Tina Turner have any children?

Tina has two organic children Craig Raymond and also Ronald Renelle, well-known as Ronnie.

She also adopted Ike Turner's children, Ike Jr. And Michael elevating them as her own.

Craig Raymond Turner

Craig Raymond Turner to be born Raymond Craig Hill.Credit: Facebook

Tina was 18 years old as soon as her an initial child, Craig Raymond, was born on august 20, 1958.

Craig is the organic child of kings of Rythym saxophonist Raymond Hill however was legally embraced by monarchs of Rythym frontman, Ike.

In July 2018, Craig Turner was uncovered dead at age 59 v a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Ronald "Ronnie" Renelle Turner

Ronnie Turner spoke to the congregation through his wife throughout a memorial service for his father Ike Turner.Credit: Getty

Ronald Renelle Turner was born in Los Angeles ~ above October 27, 1960.

Following his parents right into the music industry, Ronnie played base in his mother's band after his parental divorced and later play in a band v his father.

He is right now married come married French-American singer Afida Turner v whom that has given Tina her just two grandchildren.


Ike Turner traction Ike Turner Jr. Out of school at 13 years old to occupational with him.Credit: Getty

Ike Jr. And also Michael re-publishing the exact same mother, Ike's live-in girl friend Lorraine Taylor.

Ike Jr. Likewise wound up in the music industry, functioning as a sound technician for his mother and also then at Bolic Sound ultimately winning a Grammy compensation for developing his father's album Risin' v the Blues.

He tours through his father's former bandmate Randi Love together Sweet Randi Love and the Love Thang Band.

Michael was born in 1959, however has refrained native the spotlight for many of his life.

Is Tina Turner close v her children?

In 2018, Ike Jr declared that his mother "abandoned" her youngsters when she relocated to Switzerland.



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Ike Jr said: "I haven’t speak to mine mother since God knows when – probably roughly 2000. Ns don’t think any of my brothers have actually talked to she in a long time either."

Tina has lived in Switzerland with her second husband Erwin Bach due to the fact that 1994.

He explained: "My mom is living she life – she has actually a brand-new husband and she’s in Europe. She doesn’t want to have anything to carry out with the past."

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Tina Turner bids bye to she fans in new documentary as she war PTSD ~ stroke, cancer and kidney failure