Before he to be a senator, Romney was the branch of Massachusetts and also ran because that president.

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Senator Mitt Romney to represent the state that UtahCredit: AFP or licensors

How many children does Mitt Romney have?

Mitt and his mam Ann have actually five kids together. The couple had five boys.

The boys names room Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben and also Craig.

Business Insider reported that once Romney ran for president first in 2008 and also 2012, his kid Tagg played an important role in his campaign.

Romney lost the Republican primary to 2008. Romney won the Republican major in 2012 yet lost to incumbent president Barack Obama in the presidential election.


Mitt Romney through his mam AnnCredit: AFP - Getty

Before working on his father's campaigns, Tagg worked for the Los Angeles Dodgers. The is the regulating partner and co-Founder that Solamere resources LLC, follow to Bloomberg.

All five of Romney's sons checked out Brigham Young university in Utah for their undergraduate studies, follow to organization Insider.

Does Mitt Romney have actually grandchildren?

Mitt and also Ann Romney reportedly have 24 grandchildren.

According to Ann's Twitter bio, she composed she is the "mom of five boys" and "grandmother of 24."

Was Mitt Romney the branch of Massachusetts?

Romney offered as the governor of Massachusetts indigenous 2003 to 2007.

His father, George Romney, was additionally a politician. He was the Republican governor of Michigan from 1963 come 1969.


Mitt Romney with his family in 2012Credit: Getty pictures - Getty

He also served together Secretary the Housing and Urban advance under previous President Richard Nixon.



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