Lucille Ball and also Desi Arnaz’s granddaughter is happy to usage her family’s “legacy as a platform” — if it means getting an ext young females to have actually mammograms.

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Julia Arnaz, 51, tragically lost her just child, 31-year-old Desiree Anzalone, to breast cancer last September, and she is currently trying to set up a foundation in her daughter’s memory to help fight the disease.

Desiree Anzalone, the great-granddaughter that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, died of breast cancer at age 31.Getty pictures ; Courtesy photo

Julia tells web page Six that as soon as Desiree to be 25 years old, she saw the physician after feeling a lump in her breast yet got dismissed and told the young women her period didn’t should worry about breast cancer. Months later on Desiree’s lump started to hurt and she went earlier to the doctor and insisted on additional testing.

That’s as soon as she was diagnosed with stage 2 chest cancer.

Julia Arnaz is pictured v her daughter Desiree, who died last September. Instagram

“Those 4 or five months, it’s a huge difference,” Julia tearfully told web page Six. “And this beautiful angel, my daughter … so countless young women could say, ‘Ah it’s a cyst, no large deal.’ but she really advocated for herself and also I encourage various other young women to execute this …”

Julia, who stays in Connecticut, is also working to expand coverage because that mammograms and ultrasounds because that younger females in the state.

“It’s working through me,” Julia said of she work. “She is God’s working angel and that’s what keeps me going.”

Julia claimed Desiree had actually a close connection with her famous father, Desi Arnaz Jr., back Julia didn’t understand him till she was twenty years old.

Ever because she was a small girl Julia had actually been called by her mother, Susan Callahan Howe — who passed away earlier this year that COVID-19 — the her father was the offspring that Hollywood royalty. It wasn’t till her granny Lucille sphere passed far in 1989 the Julia determined to take it matters right into her own hands, obtaining a subpoena to gain a DNA test.

“We go a DNA test once I was 20 and also it came earlier 99.97% that i was indeed his daughter and then soon after that my father and also I started a beautiful relationship,” she explained.

Desi Arnaz Jr. And also Desiree pose together at the 2008 TV floor Awards.Courtesy photo

Julia acknowledges that her father didn’t need to pursue a partnership with his newly uncovered daughter.

“By this time, I’m 18 and also over,” she said. “He might have said, ‘Yeah she’s mine kid, whatever. But he didn’t. He aided me really much with my life and also helped mine daughter with college.”

The “Here’s Lucy” star likewise forged a partnership with his so late granddaughter.

“She spent many time v my dad, she lived through him for around four or five months too,” said Julia, adding proudly the Desiree likewise attended the TV floor Awards in 2008 which honored Ball.

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Julia’s famed grandparents are as soon as again back in the news. Oscar winners Nicole Kidman and also Javier Bardem will be playing the couple in a movie that focuses on them throughout one week of shoot their standard sitcom. Aaron Sorkin wrote and is directing the flick.