Garth Brooks looks earlier on his 56th birthday celebration through his 3 daughters, his 2 granddaughters and also his lover wife, Trisha Yearwood.
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Garth Brooks celebrated his 56th date of birth last week, and he got specifically the gift he wanted. You can?t measure its worth in dollars, though. That current was the gift of time v his 3 daughters, Allie, Taylor and August.

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The girls are all in your 20s currently with lives of their own. That way Garth hardly ever gets to watch them every in the very same room in ~ the very same time anymore.

He tells ?Entertainment Tonight,? ?You have kids, the second they rotate college-age lock disappear. For this reason Father?s Day, my birthday and also Christmas room the 3 days of my life that I get to see every one of my girls about one table. Say thanks to God for their health, their happiness and just record up through them.?

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In all, Garth had actually six ladies with him celebrate the big day. His wife, Trisha Yearwood, was there in addition to his two granddaughters indigenous his daughter, August, that are eras 4 and also 1.

Garth stated on his ?Inside Studio G? on facebook Live this week, ?The birthday wishes to be phenomenal. More than likely the best day I?ve ever got come have because my babies space one year old and also still healthy and all together. All 6 of my girl were with each other in Oklahoma, and also it to be the best birthday present I might have to see them every healthy and happy and loving one another.”

Garth additionally celebrated his birthday v a surprised birthday cake and ?Happy date of birth To You? sing-along at the Pollstar Live! touring industry conference in Los Angeles this past week. Garth is the first artist gift inducted right into Pollstar?s Live hall of Fame, too. The respect recognizes Garth?s record-breaking touring career, consisting of that three-year trek he simply wrapped up. Garth sold a lining 6.3 million tickets for the tour, which is the most ever sold for a phibìc American tour and the best tour ever before by a solo act.

The hall of reputation induction was a surprised for Garth.He said, ?It?s a full shock and quite an honor. Ns don?t think an entertainer is anything without other people who enable him to do this.?

Garth additionally got a birthday serenade from the crowd at Layla?s honky tonk top top Nashville?s reduced Broadway critical week throughout his Feb. 5 pop-up show. It was his an initial time playing among the famed bars under there, yet it can not it is in the last. Garth claimed that that realized several of his songs were just meant because that the honky tonks.

Next up, Garth will certainly be celebrate Valentine?s Day with his love, miss Yearwood. Together of Monday night, the didn?t understand what that was obtaining her for the holiday, but they had made part plans.

?I have actually to chef her dinner,? Garth said. ?So, we will do that.?

As because that the love song that many reminds the of Trisha, it?s one the he very first heard her sing in the so late ’90s.

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?I remember listening it for the very first time live,? Garth said. ?We were singing together, and she did it live. It took on a whole new meaning for me. was ?How carry out I Live.? I understand that?s not one of my songs. That?s among hers, yet I gotta call ya, that?s it.?

The song has played a huge role in the couple?s relationship. They also played it in ~ Garth’s daughter?s wedding not lengthy ago.

Garth added, ?That tune will forever be me and also her. Also though it was sometime later on that we acquired to day each other and be married, that?s the tune that keeps coming back.?