Genetics are a wild thing. Sure, scientists know the ins and outs that biology and also can easily define the object way much better than the median person. Yet for the rest of us, it"s forever shocking come see how much specific celebrities look similar to their well known relatives. For instance, Debbie Reynolds" granddaughter billie Lourd look at so lot like the legendary late actress. And also she"s adhering to in the Singin" in the Rain star"s Hollywood footsteps by appearing in TV and also movie roles ranging from Scream Queens to American fear Story to Booksmart.

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While the pair mutual a solid bond, fans likely understand that Reynolds sadly passed far in December 2016, just a work after losing her daughter — the equally iconic Carrie Fisher. While 27-year-old Lourd takes after ~ both leading women in appearance and also sense the humor, it"s old photos native Reynolds" early on career that will really leave you doing a double-take. Let"s take a pilgrimage down memory lane, shall we?

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Look at those eyes, noses, and mouths. It"s almost like seeing a collection of pair — just years apart. Billie Lourd and Debbie Reynolds have such comparable facial features. Speak of her grandma, Lourd said on Late Night with Seth Meyers in 2016, "She gets yes, really upset as soon as I get dubbed "Carrie Fisher"s daughter." She wants human being to contact me "Debbie Reynolds" granddaughter." It"s an extremely offensive to her."" In that exact same interview, Lourd pointed out Reynolds was initially skeptical of she joining the household business, going so much as having her review old diary entries and asking, "Are you certain you desire to be an actress, dear?"

It"s clear Reynolds and also Lourd were close. In 2017, the climbing star told Town and Country about the time they invested together, saying, "We watched Turner classic Movies. We all would sit together in bed; their place was the bed. And my grandma was really right into E! and Access Hollywood. It was so bizarre. She knew all the gossip about everything." Sweetly enough, the proud grandma want Lourd to see her work, therefore she take it on kid-friendly roles. Lourd explained, "What was great is that they would do roles the they believed I would like. She walk Halloweentown so the I can see she in something. She go an episode of Rugrats, too."

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The resemblance in between Billie Lourd and the so late Carrie Fisher is quite apparent. Simply look at that side-by-side image! The mother-daughter pair likewise shared an on-screen project: Star Wars. Fisher play the legendary duty of Princess Leia and Lourd join the franchise because that The pressure AwakensThe critical Jedi, and The climb of Skywalker. She played Lieutenant Connix.

When Lourd starred ~ above Ryan Murphy"s Scream Queens, she character Chanel #3 always wore earmuffs. The earmuffs to be a nod to her mom"s famous space buns, every the Hollywood Reporter. Lourd told Seth Meyers in 2016, "They are a small bit of a Princess Leia homage... It didn"t begin out together a plot point, i just entered the fitting, witnessed them recognized my household heritage — i beg your pardon is to have actually weird things over your ears."

Lourd is continuing her mother"s legacy in one more way: fighting the stigma bordering addiction. Following Fisher"s death, the toxicology report revealed she had actually cocaine, methadone, ethanol, and also opiates in her system, per People. "My mom battled drug addiction and mental disease her entire life. She ultimately passed away of it," Lourd told the magazine. "I recognize my Mom, she"d desire her death to encourage people to it is in open around their struggles. Look for help, fight because that government resources for mental health programs. Shame and those society stigmas are the opponents of progress to solutions and also ultimately a cure."

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While billie Lourd has actually honored she grandmother and also mother"s legacies, she"s likewise forging a course of she own. "I"ve always kind of lived in their shadows, and also now is the first time in my life once I obtain to own my life and also stand on mine own," she told Town and also Country in 2017.

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"I love gift my mother"s daughter, and it"s miscellaneous I always will be, yet now I obtain to be simply Billie."

Lourd, Reynolds, and also Fisher have means more in usual than simply their facial functions — Lourd inherited her relatives" acting talent, passion, and wit. Even so, she admitted it"s a scary point to have such huge shoes come fill. "It"s a the majority of pressure, since had such an significant legacy, and also now I need to uphold that and also make that evolve in my very own way." fans who have actually been adhering to Lourd"s job would most likely agree she"s already doing specifically that.