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R&B singer Brian McKnight has actually been nominated alongside music symbols like Prince. Jonathan Leibson/Stringer/Getty photos

Nominated 17 times because 1993, singer-songwriter Brian McKnight has yet to success his first Grammy. He shed his critical nomination for ideal male R&B vocal power to Prince in 2004.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has never won a Grammy. Richard Shotwell/AP

At 16 nominations, the rapper only trails singerMcKnight through one, yet the two have even more in common.

Calvin Broadus, better known as Snoop Dogg, likewise received his an initial nod in 1993 and, choose McKnight, is tho awaiting his an initial Grammy win.


Björk was nominated in 2018. AP

The icelandic singer, songwriter, actress, document producer, and DJ has been nominated 15 times since 1993, but Björk has actually never lugged home a Grammy.

Her most recent nomination in 2018 was for best different music album.


nation legend Martina McBride has actually no Grammys. man Shearer/Country Rising/Getty photos

She"s racked up 14 nominations because 1994, however talented country singer Martina McBride has actually been beaten out each time.

She shed her latest nomination in 2011 come Taylor Swift.

Dierks Bentley has actually been nominated in the country category since 2006. Michael Loccisano/Getty photos

His an initial nominations were in 2006 for the fight "Every Mile A Memory." yet even ~ 14 nominations country singer Dierks Bentley hasn"t won a Grammy.

The rap legend Nas has actually lost come Drake, Jay-Z, and also Kanye West. Gabe Ginsberg/Stringer/Getty photos

With 14 nominations because 1996, rapper Nas is tho doesn"t have a Grammy. That received four nominations in 2012, yet was beat the end by Jay-Z, Kanye, and also Drake.

However, the artist was nominated for finest rap album this year, therefore he has another shot at a win.

pop singer Katy Perry earned 13 Grammy nominations. rich Fury/Stringer/Getty pictures

She"s been nominated 13 times over the last 10 years, however current "American Idol" judge, Katy Perry, quiet doesn"t have actually a Grammy award to adorn she mantle.

Diana Ross won the lifetime achievement award at the 2012 Grammy Awards. Kevork Djansezian/Getty images

Believe it or not, the legendary Diana Ross has actually never won a Grammy.

Her first of 12 nominations was in 1964 because that "Baby Love," and also she to be nominated virtually every year from 1970 come 1982 without a win.

That gift said, the recording Academy well-known the songstress v a lifetime success award in 2012.

Busta Rhymes is an additional rapper who has actually lost to Kanye West. Bryan Bedder/Stringer/Getty pictures

Nominated 12 times since 1996, Trevor smith Jr. Aka Busta Rhymes hasn"t however won his first Grammy. His last 2 nominations were for ideal rap performance and also best rap song in 2011.

He shed to Kanye West in both categories.

Rapper Nicki Minaj has earned 10 Grammy nominations. Robin Marchant/Getty photos

From 2010 come 2015, Nicki Minaj was nominated for 10 Grammys. The rapper lost best new artist come Bon Iver in 2011, and to Kendrick Lamar in all 3 of her nominated categories in 2015.

Singer-songwriter Sia has actually yet to victory a Grammy. Stuart C. Wilson/Getty images

Sia"s had actually nine nominations since 2012, but the singer-songwriter, record producer, and music video director has yet to win a Grammy.

She lost her 2017 nomination for ideal song created for visual media to Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Blake Shelton has earned eight nominations in the country music category. Stephen Lovekin/Stringer/Getty images

The country singer and judge top top "The Voice" has actually been nominated eight times, but Blake Shelton has no Grammy wins. He many recently lost at the 62nd annuals awards.

The iconic rapper obtained a nomination ~ his disastrous death. Columbia pictures

With 6 nominations, consisting of one after ~ his death, Tupac Shakur never won a Grammy. He shed his very first nominations in 1995 to Coolio and Naughty by Nature and also lost his posthumous nomination come Eminem.

command singer Freddie Mercury performing in 1982. Hulton Archive/Stringer/Getty pictures

Surprisingly, the band Queen got only four Grammy nominations and never had actually a win.

Even though your last nomination remained in 1980, artists prefer Panic! in ~ the Disco and the 2018 movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" space helping to store their above music alive by introducing Queen"s music to younger generations around the world.

The Beach boys backstage at the Grammy Awards in 2012. Larry Busacca/Getty photos

Another legend band through only 4 nominations and zero Grammy wins is the coast Boys.

They received three nominations in 1966 for their hit "Good Vibrations" and also their last nod came in 1988 for "Kokomo." Although they haven"t received a Grammy, The beach Boys obtained a lifetime accomplishment award in 2001.

Sammy Davis Jr. Never received a Grammy award throughout his career. J. Wilds/Stringer/Getty images

Famous because that his ras Vegas shows and also for gift a part of the well known Rat Pack, Sammy Davis Jr. Received three nominations yet had no Grammy wins throughout his lifetime.

He passed away in 1990, however he earn a lifetime achievement award in 2001.

The singer was offered a lifetime success award in 2009. Keystone/Stringer/Getty images

Dean Martin, one more Rat load crooner, just received one Grammy nomination.

He to be nominated for his album "Everybody Loves Somebody" in 1964, but lost come Louis Armstrong.

Although Martin died in 1995, he to be honored v a lifetime success award in 2009.

regardless of his prolonged discography, the Smiths former man has actually only been nominated once. Ian Gavan/Stringer/Getty photos

It"s tough to think that the previous Smiths front male who"s released end 10 albums has only been nominated because that one Grammy.

Morrissey shed out in his 1992 best alternate music album nomination come Tom Waits.

The trio shed to Prince in 1986. Hulton Archive/Getty photos

It"s inconceivable that iconic hip-hop artists Run-D.M.C. Have actually been nominated for simply one Grammy.

In 1986 they lost out come Prince for best R&B power by a duo or team — the hip-hop classification wasn"t added until 1989.

They ultimately received a lifetime success award from the recording Academy in 2016.

Rock guitar virtuoso Jimi Hendrix tragically passed away the same year he was nominated. evening Standard/Getty pictures

His just nomination remained in 1970 for his rendition the "Star Spangled Banner," yet sadly Jimi Hendrix passed away that exact same year without winning the Grammy.

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In 1992, the record Academy gave Hendrix a lifetime success award.

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