The 39-year-old winner a Daytime Emmy compensation on Thursday because that her duty as an executive, management producer on “Baba Yaga,” a virtual truth animated film created Oculus Quest, together reported by Variety.

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With the Emmy currently under she belt, Hudson is just a Tony Award away from completing her EGOT — Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and also Tony wins.

Hudson would be just the 2nd Black woman and also the 3rd Black human being in basic to earn EGOT status following Whoopi Goldberg and John Legend, respectively.

To storage her latest win, Hudson flashed a yellow “EGO” ring ~ above Instagram.

“I’ve had this ring for rather some time! for me it always represented this day, the job I would say I have an EGO,” the “Respect” actress captioned the pic. “Emmy, Grammy and also Oscar!”

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Hudson winner the Oscar for ideal Supporting Actress in 2007 because that her duty in “Dreamgirls.”

She likewise has two Grammy Awards on her shelf — one for her self-titled album, which won best R&B album in 2009, and another indigenous “The shade Purple” soundtrack winning finest Musical theater album in 2017.

The “American Idol” alum came close come a Tony Award for “The shade Purple” in 2016 but was surprisingly snubbed indigenous the production’s four nominations the year.

Jennifer Hudson inserted seventh on the 2004 season of “American Idol.”Getty Images

At the time, Hudson didn’t seem pleased by the nomination snub native the Tonys.

“My presence was provided for mine celebrity, no my talent. I’m not surprised,” she tweeted-then-deleted come a pan after nominations had been revealed, follow to E! News.

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