Elton John has pretty good taste in music; he’s, of course, Elton John. However Rocket male himself has a legendary reputation within the music sector with a career that spans all the way back to the ‘60s and includes Academy Awards, Grammys, and also a point out in the Rock and also Roll room of Fame. And also he recently told Phoebe Bridgers that if she doesn’t win a Grammy for herself, he’s going to it is in a little bit peeved about it. 

Elton John stated that Phoebe Bridgers’ album ‘Punisher’ is favor Carole king’s ‘Tapestry’ because that him


Elton man performs live in ~ Twickenham Stoop ~ above June 3, 2017 | Ian Gavan/Getty images for Harlequins

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According come Rolling Stone, Bridgers to be a guest top top John’s Rocket Hour series on apple Music 1 recently to talk around the upcoming Grammys where she’s nominated for 4 awards. That was yes, really taken v her second album, Punisher, which came out in June and equated it come Carole King’s 2nd album.

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“Your album is prefer an old friend,” john said. “It’s prefer a Tapestry. I have actually records in mine life that are recommendation points and I think Punisher‘s among those recommendation points. Ns can’t salary you a bigger compliment than that.”

That is a huge comparison and large compliment, especially coming native John. Rolling stone also reported that they talked about how lock were an in similar way feeling drained of imagination during the pandemic. Bridgers stated that she was a bit happy the Punisher came out at the start of the all and she to be able to create it before COVID-19 hit. She might not be able to create something choose it now.

Punisher has numerous themes of sadness and also talking about the finish of the civilization or the singer’s world as they understand it. John described Punisher as “a wonderful document of melancholy” i m sorry is a quite companion come have throughout quarantine.

He also joked the if Bridgers doesn’t win a Grammy, he’s going to get violent 

Elton man racked increase 5 Grammy wins and also 34 nominations transparent his career and talked come Bridgers around her very an initial nominations this year. She received four: Best different Music Album for Punisher, ideal Rock Performance and Best Rock tune for “Kyoto,” and Best new Artist. 

At the end of their chat, john wished Bridgers, “Good luck through the Grammys” and really hit home how significant he was around her winning.

“If you don’t success at the very least one, ns going come hit someone, OK?” that joked.

At the moment of publishing, Bridgers had currently lost 3 of the awards: Fiona Apple’s “Shameika” and also Fetch the Bolt Cutters won ideal Rock Performance and Best different Music Album, respectively. And Brittany Howard’s “Stay High” won ideal Rock Song. There’s quiet Best new Artist to be announced throughout the display though, for this reason John might not have to beat everyone up just yet.

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John likewise said ‘all the ideal records room coming indigenous women’

Women are making the most amazing music in the civilization today and they have been because that a while. Ns loved speaking to
phoebe_bridgers around her record and our mutual love that #billieeilish song in to #RocketHour top top
applemusic at 9am LA / 12pm NY / 5pm LDN https://t.co/W4EMLC74op pic.twitter.com/7uy8bxIS8Z

— Elton man (
eltonofficial) march 13, 2021

But, nevertheless of if Bridgers wins, it seems choose John and Bridgers had actually a great talk and he really enjoys her work. They additionally talked around other females in the music industry, including Billie Eilish. John stated that “all the great records space coming from women now” and asked exactly how Bridgers felt around that.

“I feel great. I’m obsessed v Billie,” Bridgers said. “I think she’s a genius. I think everything she’s act behind the scenes, industry-wise, simply the reality that her team trusted her fully and was just like, ‘You recognize what we need to do is listen to this 15-year-old due to the fact that we don’t know what’s cool.’”

John carried up Eilish’s documentary The world’s a tiny Blurry, and how that contrasts come the recent new York times Britney Spears documentary, Framing Britney Spears. He separated them by saying among them showed currently “not to it is in a parent” (Spears’) and also the other (Eilish’s) showed “how to it is in a parent and a brother and also a sibling.”