Multi-platinum, many GRAMMY compensation winning singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has quickly established himself as among the world’s greatest musical artists v over 26 million albums sold and 5 billion Spotify streams. His simply released, 3rd studio album “÷” (pronounced divide) has actually proven to be a global phenomenon the its own, offering over 4 million units global in its very first week. In the U.S., “÷” gotten in the Billboard 200 in ~ #1, scoring the best debut that the year with an initial week sales equivalents exceeding 451,000 units and also has currently been certified Gold, while in Sheeran’s native U.K., the album sold a staggering 672,000 units, topping the official Albums Chart v the third highest mainly one sales of any kind of album in the chart’s history, and has to be certified 2x-Platinum. The landmark album has also gone come #1 top top iTunes in 102 countries approximately the world, and shattered the record for the highest very first week Spotify streams ever, logging an ext than 375 million streams end the complete week. The very first two singles exit from “÷” - “Shape the You” and also “Castle ~ above The Hill” gone into the Billboard hot 100 at #1 and #6 respectively, making Sheeran the very first artist ever to have actually two singles do simultaneous top 10 debuts in the chart’s 58-year history. “Shape the You” earned Sheeran his an initial #1 ~ above the warm 100, where it right now stands because that the 8 hours week, and has currently been certified 2x-Platinum by the RIAA.

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“÷” adheres to the brothers singer-songwriter’s 2nd full size album “x”(pronounced multiply), which to be released in 2014 and proved to be both a an important and commercial success. After debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200, the album has due to the fact that been certified 4x-Platinum in the US and earned 2 GRAMMY nominations, consisting of “Album the The Year.” Additionally, “x” spawned four consecutive multi-platinum singles in “Sing,” “Don’t,” “Photograph,” and his an international smash and also biggest solitary to day “Thinking out Loud,” which has been been certified 7x-Platinum, marked his first #1 at optimal 40 radio, and won a pair the GRAMMY awards, including “Song the The Year.” “x” was likewise a an international sensation, ranking as the second best-selling album worldwide in 2015. Ed an initial broke v to the tendency in 2012 with his debut album “+” (pronounced plus), which to be a top 5 debut and certified 2x-Platinum in the US, and spent 3 weeks in ~ #1 in the UK where it has actually been certified 6x-Platinum. “+” is highlighted by “The A Team,” an international smash which earned Sheeran his very first GRAMMY nomination (“Song of The Year”) and also has to be certified 3x-Platinum in the US. As among the world’s most in-demand songwriters, Sheeran has penned fight songs because that both himself and also other height artists consisting of Taylor Swift, One Direction, The Weeknd, major Lazer, Tori Kelley, and Justin Bieber, who’s blockbuster single “Love Yourself” to be the #1 track on Billboard’s 2016 year finish Hot 100 chart and nominated for “Song that the Year” at this year’s GRAMMY Awards. The nod deserve Sheeran his 11th GRAMMY nomination, and the 3rd time in the prestigious, songwriting category. In 2015, Sheeran was called Songwriter the the Year in ~ the Ivor Novello Awards, which celebrate, honor and also reward excellence in British and Irish songwriting and composing. Sheeran’s “The A Team” had actually previously been known for best Song Musically and also Lyrically in 2012.

One of the planet’s most well-known live performers, Ed has actually played offered out headline mirrors at few of the greatest venues about the world, consisting of Gillette stadion in Foxborough, MA, Suncorp stadion in Sydney, and also at London’s Wembley stadium in prior of 240,000 fans end 3 nights. Sheeran recently kicked off his world tour in support of “÷,” through the phibìc American leg collection to begin this summer.

Sheeran released his own imprint, Gingerbread male Records, in 2015, through the signing of other British singer songwriter Jamie Lawson - who self-titled album debuted in ~ #1 in the UK - and also Irish troubadour Foy Vance.

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