The 2021 Academy of country Music Awards featured a most Miranda Lambert. She opened up the display with a an extremely pregnant Elle King, singing their duet "Drunk (And ns Don"t Wanna go Home)." She to fill in for Morgane Stapleton singing backup on "Maggie"s Song" with kris Stapleton. She teamed up with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram to song "In His Arms."

Lambert is likewise the many decorated artist in the history of the Academy of country Music Awards through 35 awards heading into the show on April 18, 2021. She had four nominations this year — mrs Artist of the Year, single of the Year (for "Bluebird"), track of the Year (for "Bluebird"), and video of the Year (for "Bluebird"), E! reports. She didn"t win any of her categories.

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When it comes to album sales, we previously reported that Blake Shelton newly overtook Lambert for the title, just barely. Shelton has sold more than 10 million albums with two albums peaking in ~ No. 1 on the Billboard 200. Lambert, on the various other hand, doesn"t have specific figures available, yet all 7 of her albums have actually made the onto the Billboard Top country Albums chart, therefore we have the right to guesstimate she"s sold seven or eight million records.

However, that has more awards — Miranda Lambert or her ex-husband Blake Shelton?

In this fight of the exes, the one with more awards is...

Over the years, Blake Shelton has actually been nominated because that 25 Academy of country Music Awards and also won six, though none that those to be in 2021. That was also snubbed in ~ the 2021 Grammy Awards. He has 10 CMA Awards. Shelton has likewise won nine CMT Awards, and one CMT Artist the the Year Award, Showbiz Cheatsheet reports. Shelton also has eight American country Awards, five People"s choice Awards, two American Music Awards, and one iHeartRadio Music Award. He"s to be nominated for eight Grammys, yet won none.

Miranda Lambert has 68 ACM nominationsper Today, and 35 wins, making her the most decorated nation music artist at the ACMs. She"s winner 13 nation Music combination awards. She"s winner the optimal honors in ~ the CMT awards 7 times. She has 5 American country Awards, and also three Grammys native 21 nominations, follow to Showbiz Cheatsheet.

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From simply these major awards, Lambert leads the means with 63 wins come Shelton"s 42 wins. However, if we take into factor to consider Shelton"s ASCAP and BMI Awards (27 each), as Showbiz Cheatsheet reported, he pulls ahead through 96 awards come Lambert"s 63.