The ’80s hit The gold Girls still holds a loyal following thanks come syndication and also streaming services. The sitcom starred Bea Arthur (Dorothy Zbornak), Estelle Getty (Sophia Petrillo), Rue McClanahan (Blanche Devereaux), and also Betty White (Rose Nylund), becoming a rarity on tv by featuring older women as the stars.

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The display aired native 1985 come 1992, whereby fans conveniently fell in love with the four Floridians sharing a home and plenty that cheesecake. One main cast member is tho in show business and closing in on her 100th birthday.

Cast of ‘The golden Girls’: (l-r) Rue McClanahan, Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur and also Betty White | ABC picture Archives/Disney general Entertainment content via Getty Images

Bea Arthur

Bea Arthur to be a seasoned gibbs by the time she join the actors of The gold Girls, through both Tony and also Emmy Awards to she name. Born in new York City in 1922, Arthur had a memorable appearance on All in the Family together Edith’s cousin. The guest clues earned her a spinoff collection entitled Maude, which released in 1972 and ran for six seasons. One of the couple of assertive female personalities in the ’70s, Maude resonated v fans and made she a household name. The function earned Arthur one Emmy in 1977 and also three nominations.

Playing Dorothy Zbornak ~ above The golden Girls brought Arthur earlier into the spotlight. She character’s acerbic wit and also sarcasm was frequently at the facility of each storyline. Arthur brought home another Emmy in 1988 for her role on The gold Girls.

Married and divorced twice, Arthur shared two young – Matthew and Daniel – with 2nd husband Gene Saks. Arthur died on April 25, 2009, of lung cancer in ~ the age of 86.

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Estelle Getty

Ironically, Estelle Getty portrayed Dorothy’s mother, Sophia Petrillo, also though she to be a year younger 보다 Arthur. Born Estelle Scher, she auditioned because that the duty and was originally thought about too young because that the part, follow to IMDb. When she to be given an additional shot to try out for Sophia, she checked out the audition in complete costume finish with grey wig, senior-geared apparel, and makeup that included several years to her face. She nailed the component and went on to win an Emmy for impressive Supporting Actress in a Comedy collection in 1988.

Getty to be married come Arthur Gettleman native 1947 till his fatality in 2004. They had actually two sons, Carl and Barry. The Golden girls star supposedly suffered native dementia and died top top July 22, 2008, 3 days prior to her 85th birthday.

Rue McClanahan

Rue McClanahan and Arthur had actually previously functioned together on Maude, where McClanahan play the location character’s finest friend, Vivian. With an outstanding list that film and Broadway credits on she resume, McClanahan had actually no trouble embodying the saucy southern siren Blanche Devereaux once she join The golden Girls. Originally called Eddi-Rue ~ both her parents’ center names, the actor dropped the first half after gift mistaken because that a man, according to the new York Times.

Born top top February 21, 1934, McClanahan to be at least 10 years younger 보다 her Golden Girls’ co-stars. She to be nominated for an Emmy for exceptional Lead Actress in a Comedy collection four times for her role as Blanche, and brought residence the trophy in 1986.

McClanahan released a memoir in 2007, “My an initial Five Husbands … and the people Who got Away.” She married a 6th time to Morrow Wilson in 1997. McClanahan additionally had a son, Mark, native her very first marriage. She had several health issues near the end of her life including breast cancer, a young stroke, and also triple bypass surgery. McClanahan died on June 3, 2010, after enduring a brain hemorrhage. She was 76 year old.

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Betty White

Very couple of celebrities room as popular and beloved as Betty White. Born ~ above January 17, 1922, White’s career started in the 1950s top top the television collection Life through Elizabeth. Moving on come hits choose The mar Tyler Moore Show, The gold Girls, and also Hot in Cleveland, White continues to be a fan favorite and has no intentionally of slow down. White’s impressive expert bio contains film work, voice acting, and guest appearances in TV dramas. The comedy legend was also the oldest person to hold Saturday Night Live in 2010. White additionally headed the Candid Camera-style display Betty White’s Off your Rockers for 3 seasons.

According to Parade, White was set for the function of Blanche ~ above The gold Girls, with McClanahan selected to play Rose. When a producer request the actors to review each other’s parts, they to be clearly much better suited for those characters. White has 21 Emmy nominations to she name, which has five wins. She took house the award in 1986 for her function on The gold Girls.

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White to be married three times yet called her third husband, Allen Ludden, the “love of her life.” They were married from 1963 till Ludden’s death in 1981. She has no children and also devotes lot of her time to pet charities. White transforms 100 in January 2022.