United says athletes in ~ the Olympics regularly are draped in red, white and blue … and gold. 

The U.S. Reached a historic milestone by capturing its 1,000th gold medal in the history of the Olympic games at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It was the extension of the united States’ background of an international domination at the Olympics, through a record-setting 2016 performance v a full of 121 medals — the most ever in a non-boycotted Games.

It’s one of countless records the United states holds as soon as it concerns Olympic medal counts. Below are a few:

In how many Olympics have the United claims won the many medals?

More 보다 half. 

Of the 27 Summer Olympic games the U.S. Has competed in because 1896, the nation has perfect atop the medal count in 15 that them.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the United states looks to lead the medal counting for a seventh consecutive time. 

Olympic Medals readjusted Per Athlete

Since the 1896 gamings in Athens, the variety of countries and also athletes participating in the Olympics has ballooned in dimension lowering the number of medals per athlete because that each country.

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Source: International culture of Olympic Historians; Olympedia; global Olympic CommitteeCredit: Andrew Williams/NBC

What was the unified States’ largest medal margin of victory? 

Technically, it’s once the United states won 246 medals during the 1904 Olympics in St. Louis, which to be 216 an ext than any type of other nation (Germany was 2nd with 14). However that was once competition to be scarce with just 10 completing countries.

The biggest margin of success for the U.S. In a non-boycotted Olympics remained in 1924 as soon as they won 61 an ext medals than any other country. The joined States’ 51-medal margin during the 2016 games was its 2nd largest of all time.

What country has the many gold medals?

Yep, girlfriend guessed it. The joined States has the most gold medals through 1,022 total entering Tokyo.

Which sport has the United states won the many medals in ~ the Summer Olympics?

The joined States has actually won an ext medals in athletics (track and field) than practically every other country has won in all events combined. 

The U.S. Has recorded 802 medals in athletics, the most for any kind of country in a solitary sport. Only two various other nations, the Soviet Union and an excellent Britain, have actually won much more than 800 full medals in Olympic history. The Americans’ medal count in athletics contains 335 gold, 261 silver and also 206 copper — means ahead of an excellent Britain, which has actually 206 medals in athletics.

U.S. Olympians have shown that they are quite rapid on land and in the water. The unified States has actually 553 medals in swimming, recording 246 gold, 172 silver and also 135 bronze. Australia has actually the second-most swimming medals v 197. 

Which American man has actually won the many Olympic medals?

That would be the many decorated Olympian of every time: Michael Phelps. 

Phelps winner 28 medals in swimming between 2004 and 2016, topping the previous American male document of 11 held by fellow swimmers mark Spitz and also Matt Biondi as well as shooter Carl Osburn. Phelps damaged the as whole record that 18 held by Soviet Union gymnast Larisa Latynina throughout the 2012 London Games. 

Of Phelps’ 28 medals, 23 that them were gold because that an Olympic document that could never be broken. 

Phelps’ former teammate Ryan Lochte is 2nd among American guys with 12 medals. 

Which American woman has won the many Olympic medals?

Three mrs swimmers — Jenny Thompson, Dara Torres and also Natalie Coughlin — currently share the lead among American female medal winners through 12 each. 

Thompson captured eight golds, 3 silvers and one bronze between 1992 and also 2004. Torres won 4 golds, four silvers and also four bronzes throughout an Olympic career the spanned between 1984 and also 2008. Coughlin took 3 golds, four silvers and five bronzes in between 2004 and also 2008.

Which American man has actually won the most Olympic medals in a solitary Olympics?

Phelps left the 2004 Olympics with eight medals. The did therefore again in 2008, and also that time each of them to be gold.

Eight medals to be not only the most ever before for one American in a single Games, but it tied the Olympic record hosted by Soviet Union gymnast Aleksandr Dityatin, that won eight medals throughout the 1980 Games. 

Phelps’ eight yellow medals in a single Games damaged the previous record of 7 that was set by American swimmer note Spitz in 1972.

Which American woman has won the most Olympic medals in a solitary Olympics?

Phelps no the only American to dominate in the pool during the 2008 Olympics. Natalie Coughlin won six medals, the many for an American mrs in a single Games.

Coughlin winner gold in the 100-meter backstroke, silver in the 4×100-meter freestyle and 4×100-meter medley, and bronze in the 100-meter freestyle, 200-meter medley and 4×200-meter freestyle.

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Coughlin won 5 medals throughout the 2004 Olympics, i m sorry is bound for second most because that an American mrs in a solitary Games through Simone Biles (gymnastics, 2016), Katie Ledecky (swimming, 2016), Missy Franklin (swimming, 2012), Allison Schmitt (swimming, 2012), Shirley Babashoff (swimming, 1976), Nastia Liukin (gymnastics, 2008), mar Lou Retton (gymnastics, 1984) and Shannon fearbut (gymnastics, 1992).