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Simone Biles is competing in her second Olympics at the 2021 Tokyo Games and also has already established herself together the biggest gymnast of all time.

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However, that wasn"t constantly easy because that her. During the 2013 season, she was unsure of how much she could get in the sport.

Biles had contended with the U.S. Junior national team in 2011 and 2012 but got the speak to up to the peak in 2013. After ~ a pair of solid performances at the 2013 American Cup and the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy, she withstood a rough U.S. Classic, fall a pair of times and also bowing the end of the vault after twisting she ankle ~ above the floor.

Biles then made a relocate to watch a sports psychologist to help her address some the the mental pressures the performing in competition.

“She to be competing versus these girls who were she heroes, she idols,” her adoptive mother Nellie Biles explained to Glamour in 2016. “And the was difficult for she to readjust to that. Simone no think she was an excellent enough to complete with them. Ns knew she was rather capable. But she necessary to think it.”

After that, the all started to click. Biles took residence her very first all-around title at the 2013 human being Championships in Antwerp. Native there, she would certainly go top top a dominant run. She hasn"t shed an all-around competition since 2013 and also has piled increase a career full of accolades and also success even despite a post-Olympics hiatus indigenous competition in 2017.

Medals; Olympic wins; Records; Eponymous moves; Biles has it all. The 24-year-old will certainly look to continue her success v the U.S. Women"s gymnastics team throughout the 2021 Olympics and also continued to rack up an ext and more accolades.

But already, she is among the many decorated gymnasts of all time. She will simply be spring to add her legacy and also rewrite the record books in Tokyo.

How plenty of medals has Simone Biles won?

Biles has won 36 total medals throughout her job — 27 gold, 5 silver and four bronze. That those 36 medals, she won five at the 2016 Olympic games in Rio. 4 of those 5 medals to be gold while one was bronze.

Here"s a full malfunction of Biles" Olympic medals come date:

2016Floor exerciseGold
2016Balance beamBronze

In enhancement to her strong performance throughout her lone Olympic appearance, Biles has actually taken residence 19 goal medals at the human being Gymnastics Championships. She has actually won yellow in the all-around compete in her last five appearances in the competition. She hasn"t lost an all-around competition due to the fact that 2013.

Simone Biles" gymnastics records

Biles has actually posted countless records during her gymnastics career. Right here are some of the many notable ones:

Biles winner the all-around title final at the 2019 people Championships by a margin that 2.1 points. That"s the highest margin of success in a women"s all-around final ever.Her five medals (four gold, one bronze) in ~ the 2016 Rio Olympics set a USA document for many medals in a single Olympics by a woman gymnast.Biles owns the many career medals at the World artistic Gymnastics Championships through 25 medals. Here 19 gold medals and also five individual all-around titles also rank together the most in competition history.She won five yellow medals at the 2019 civilization Championships alone. Biles tied Larisa Latynina and Boris Shakhlin"s record with that mark.During her career, Biles has actually won a record seven U.S. Gymnastics Championships. She has actually won all 7 titles due to the fact that 2013, and also the only year she didn"t win was as soon as she sat out the competition throughout a hiatus in 2017.

At the 2021 Olympics, Biles had a possibility to tie or rest several much more records.

Biles has 4 gold medals to her name already. The many gold medals an American woman has actually won in Olympics history is swimmer Jenny Thompson (eight) when the international women"s document belongs to previous Soviet gymnast Larisa Latynina (nine). Biles to be chasing those records in addition to swimmer Katie Ledecky (five yellow medals).Biles might win four gold medals at the 2021 Olympic Games. If she does, that would certainly tie a record for yellow medals by an American mrs in a single Olympics.Biles could have end up being the an initial woman to win back-to-back all-around titles because Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska completed the feat in 1964 and 1968. She would have been the 3rd woman every time to accomplish that feat, involvement Caslavska and Latynina.

Gymnastics moves named after Simone Biles

Biles has pulled turn off moves that no various other gymnast has actually been maybe to during her career. This is mostly thanks to a mix of her elite athletic capacity coupled through her small 4-8 stature. Together a an outcome of her success through these moves, Biles has had several gymnastics moves called after she in gymnastics" password of points.

One is the Biles 6.4 vault. The location of this one stems native the difficulty of the vault — rated a 6.4, i m sorry is the highest an obstacle in gymnastics" password of points.

She additionally created a relocate simply recognized as the Biles, which is a dismount from the balance beam that involves landing 2 flips on the beam going into a dismount that includes two twists.

It"s rated an H-level that difficulty. The additional into the alphabet you obtain in gymnastics, the more an overwhelming the skill is, so that demonstrates simply how complicated it is to pull off that type of dismount.

On the floor, Biles has actually two move in named after her. She landed the Biles I during the 2013 people Championships. The move contains a twin layout v a half turn. It had been landing domestically by London Phillips in 2005, but it was called after Biles because she landed it in a major competition.

Finally, Biles" many recent eponymous ability is the Biles II, i beg your pardon she landed in competition during the 2019 U.S. Gymnastics Championships. The ability carries a J rating and also involves pulling off a triple twisting twin back.

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If Biles have the right to land any type of of this moves in ~ the Olympics, it will certainly be tough for the other gymnasts in compete to complete with her.