“I dunno what’s worse, the he won this year or the it’s his FIFTH.” that was a tweet sent to me from a pal ~ above Twitter (
skywaker9) introduce to yellow Gloves and also Derek Jeter. That’s right: the brand-new York Yankees captain was named the finest shortstop in the American league for the fifth time. Yes sir a factor skywaker9 had actually his hat lock on for ‘fifth.’ the an amazing full for a player who has never been pertained to as one above-average defender–for a player brand-new York once contemplated relocating to the outfield. Together it is, over there are currently only four shortstops in major league background who have an ext Gold Gloves than him–Ozzie Smith, Omar Vizquel, louis Aparicio, and Mark Bellanger. He shouldn’t be linked with any of those four. The he’s nearing the quartet is daunting to comprehend.

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Jeter, 36, made only six errors in 2010. That full is deceptive, however. His range to his ideal in details is, in polite terms, lacking. He was bailed out time after ~ time by an initial baseman mark Teixeira, a vacuum that earned his 2010 Gold glove by picking short-hop after short-hop. He has actually been recognized for the jump-throw with the years, however his ability to succeed at the has even waned. And though failing to secure balls bounding v the infield that various other American league infielders would have actually snagged doesn’t constitute as a statistical error, it absolutely should have been taken right into account by the voters–in this case, the managers.

As Keith Law, an MLB insider for ESPN, created on Twitter, “The only conclusion i can draw from Jeter winning one more Gold glove is the it is too tough to watch a game when you’re likewise coaching in it.” that was the agreement on the social networking site. Also the Yankees writers were a little bit skeptical of the decision. Then, when the New York day-to-day News wrote a condensed, relatively unbiased article about Jeter’s victory, NBC Sports’ Aaron Gleeman ripped his selection:

“…the notion that Jeter, at period 36, was the ideal defensive shortstop in the American organization this season is just absurd.

Derek Jeter is a the majority of things, consisting of one of the ideal players that this era and also a deserving future room of Famer, yet he’s no the ideal defensive shortstop in the American League. He just isn’t. This is as close come a reality as something reasonably subjective deserve to get.


As for that was the AL’s ideal defensive shortstop, can be fried Zone Rating says Alexei Ramirez the the White Sox and The Fielding holy bible electorate agreed. There’s also Cliff Pennington, J.J. Hardy, Cesar Izturis, Elvis Andrus, and … well, the list of shortstops who’re far better than Jeter defensively is a long one.”

New York Times’ Tyler Kepner was much less opinionated in labeling Jeter’s Gold glove a mistake, but, leaning upon obscure statistics, his point rang true:

“Within one hour the Tuesday’s announcement of the American league Gold glove awards, editors at Baseball-Reference.com synthetic up the basic reaction to Derek Jeter’s latest win at shortstop: “We can’t believe it either,” a notation summary on the website said.

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The words connected to a listing that put Jeter 59th amongst shortstops — last in the majors — in a metric called total Zone full Fielding Runs over Average, which tries to calculation each player’s as whole contribution top top defense. That is for sure to to speak the managers and also coaches who voted on Gold glove awards walk not research those numbers.”

Though not the normal fielding portion statistics, coaches and managers must be looking at these types of statistics in making their decision. This decision do not do it be made solely by looking at the lot of errors that committed. Those have the right to be misleading. After ~ all, as hinted at previously, errors were repeatedly made by Jeter that didn’t hit the stat-sheet–at the very least not the run of the mill stat sheet. Grounders to his right and left to be missed much more than simply on an sometimes basis. High throws take it Teixeira off the bag. Short throws provided runners a greater chance of reaching. Just as on-base percentage may be a far better way to measure up a player’s impact, examining film of power in the ar is a terrific way of measuring a player’s fielding rather than going to their page on ESPN and also looking in ~ their an easy statistics–which was clearly the strategy of the managers and coaches.

It seems, as MLB.com’s Matthew Leach perfectly put it, “One hoax goes that Gold Gloves are prefer Supreme Court appointments: They’re difficult to get, however once you have them, they’re because that life.”