Striker score 250th goal versus Stoke, surpassing Bobby Charlton’s complete Charlton: ‘He’s a true good for club and also country’


Wayne Rooney applauds the fans after break Bobby Charlton’s Manchester joined scoring record throughout their 1-1 attract with Stoke. Photograph: McManus/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock
Wayne Rooney applauds the pan after break Bobby Charlton’s Manchester united scoring record during their 1-1 draw with Stoke. Photograph: McManus/BPI/Rex/Shutterstock

Wayne Rooney, a teenager as soon as he arrived at Manchester United an ext than a decade ago, beamed with happiness on Saturday after plundering a stoppage-time equaliser to come to be the club’s outright leading goalscorer.

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A free-kick against Stoke City lugged his 250th goal for joined and, by being both exquisite and also dramatic, it to be a fitting means for Rooney, on together a substitute, come surpass teacher Bobby Charlton’s record.

a hell that a lot,” claimed Rooney, his joy diluted through the fact that his goal earned simply one allude rather than the 3 United had been seeking. “It’s an overwhelming at the minute to be over-pleased due to the fact that of the an outcome – two points dropped – but in the grand plan of things it’s a vast honour for me. The something I never ever expected once I join the club but I’m yes, really proud and also hopefully yes sir a lot more to come.”

This was Rooney’s 546th appearance for United since joining the society from Everton as an 18-year-old in 2004 and also during that time the has established himself as England’s most prolific marksman, v 53 purposes from 119 caps therefore far, surpassing Charlton’s mark of 49. The human being Cup winner’s united record had actually stood because that 44 years and he to be on hand come witness Rooney eclipse it. He led the tributes. “He’s a true good for club and country,” said Charlton. “It’s fitting he is now the highest goalscorer because that both United and also England.”

Manchester joined all-time top scorers

Charlton’s most famous contemporary also praised Rooney. Pelé tweeted: “Congratulations
waynerooney because that being a tremendous talent and also a great representative of her club and also country.”

It to be perhaps additionally fitting that the goal came against a team managed by note Hughes, one of numerous excellent previous strikers listed below Rooney in United’s roll of honour. “It’s an unbelievable achievement,” said Hughes. “Sir Bobby’s record stood because that 40-odd years and a many of an excellent strikers have been and gone in that time and also not got almost everywhere near it. Plainly we didn’t desire to have it happen today however it is fair to speak he has actually done the throughout his career. Friend only have to give top football player one opportunity. He had actually to develop a round that was right on the money and also that’s what he is done.

“United players with the years need to score purposes right in ~ the death and at the late phase you think perhaps the game is slipping away from them. The little bit of magic from Wayne has acquired them something indigenous the game.”

José Mourinho, meanwhile, lavished prayer on Rooney but likewise expressed the hope that lastly reaching the milestone will clear the air about United. He suggested that the loud and also protracted yearning for Rooney to rest the record had been coming to be an irritating sideshow. “It’s to be going on too long,” said Mourinho. “I think that an exceptional achievement, something no to forget, and also I think you need to speak around Wayne’s record today and tomorrow because that 24 hours a day and also then permit him it is in a normal guy.

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“Obviously the is a legend in the background of our club and English football, however the document is in his pocket and also now we simply want to let him it is in a common player and shot to score much more goals.”

On Sunday Rooney will be presented through a lifetime achievement award by the football Writers’ combination in a ceremony that had actually been arranged prior to the score at Stoke. Mourinho said that do the time of his goal all the better. “It comes at exactly the most beautiful moment you can choose.”

How Wayne Rooney"s Manchester United goals were scored

Mourinho was aghast, however, v the finishing the the remainder of United’s football player on a day as soon as his team spurned several chances, a recurring trouble this term. “Sometimes ns on the bench and also I’m worn down of seeing my team play therefore well and create so numerous chances yet it’s always dramatic come score a goal.

“I’ve been saying for a lengthy time that someday we will certainly score every chance and somebody will certainly go residence with six or 7 in the basket but the reality is that never ever arrives and also we constantly struggle so much to score.”