Soccer player Alex Morgan has actually starred for the U.S. National teams the won Olympic gold and also the FIFA Women"s human being Cup.

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Who Is Alex Morgan?

Alex Morgan became the youngest member of the U.S. Women's nationwide soccer team in 2009, and also was the very first overall choose in the 2011 Women's professional Soccer draft. At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, Morgan deserve her very first Olympic yellow medal by helping the U.S. Ladies defeat Japan. She overcame an injury to help the Americans success the 2015 FIFA Women's civilization Cup, and four years later she tied because that the competition high with six goals to aid the U.S. Case its 2nd straight human being Cup crown.

Early Life

Alexandra Patricia Morgan to be born on July 2, 1989, in mountain Dimas, California. Return she to be a multisport athlete growing up, Morgan didn't begin playing arranged soccer till she was 14 years old. She to visit Diamond Bar High School, where she to be a three-time all-league pick and also was named an NSCAA All-American.

College Star at UC Berkeley

After high school, Morgan saw the college of California in ~ Berkeley, where she led the gold Bears come the NCAA competition in every of her four years (and to the 2nd round twice). In 2008, she aided the unified States acquire to the championship that the FIFA U-20 Women’s civilization Cup, scoring the winning score in the final against North Korea — named the score of the Tournament and also second-best score of the Year by FIFA.

At the end of she Berkeley career, in the autumn of 2010, Morgan was tied for third on the school’s perform of all-time scorers, with 45 goals, and she was third in points, through 107. (She missed numerous Berkeley games in her senior year to play gamings for the national team, or she most likely would have actually finished at No. 1 top top both lists.) Morgan was named to the All-Pac-10 team 4 times and also was a three-time Pac-10 All-Academic honorable mention selection.


Tobin Heath, Alex Morgan and also Rose Lavelle celebrate after scoring throughout a football game between the U.S. Women's national Team and the brand-new Zealand Women's national Team, on might 16, 2019, in ~ Busch Stadium, St. Louis, Missouri.

Photo: Keith Gillett/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Professional and International Stardom

In 2011, Morgan to be drafted an initial overall in the 2011 Women's expert Soccer draft by the Western new York Flash. That very same year, she to be on the U.S. Women's nationwide team in the 2011 FIFA Women's civilization Cup. The youngest player on the team, she scored her very first World Cup score in the semifinal match versus France, and also the team walk on to the finals (only to shed to Japan in a shootout).

Once the WPS league suspended play at the end of the 2011 season, Morgan joined the Seattle Sounders females of the united Soccer Leagues W-League, together with other U.S. National team members like Hope Solo, Sydney Leroux, Stephanie Cox and also Megan Rapinoe. She later joined the Portland thorns FC and also then the Orlando pride of the national Women's football League.

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2012 Olympic yellow Medalist

In 2012, Morgan landing a spot on the U.S. Olympic women's soccer team. At the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, organized in London, Morgan winner her an initial Olympic medal, a gold, with the American team. The team to win Japan, 2-1, in a revengeful enhance watched by almost 80,300—the largest soccer group in Olympics history. The victory significant the fourth of five Olympic titles winner by the American women's squad since women's soccer was very first included in the Olympics (1996).