The 4 brothers we know as the Gibbs – Andy, Robin, Maurice and Barry – to be superstars of the 1970s, crooning legendary disco songs in unmatchable falsettos.Andy Gibb, go the solo route, while his 3 brothers formed the hit device the punishment Gees. Today, only Barry Gibb remains; twinsMaurice GibbandRobin Gibb,who were born Dec. 22, 1949,died in 2003 and also 2012, respectively. Yet the music the Gibb brothers developed endures, reminding us of several of the grooviest times of our lives. Immerse yourself in that human being again through our brothers Gibb photograph gallery. Click any type of photo for much more information.

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The brother Gibb

Bee Gees (left come right) Robin, Maurice and also Barry Gibb v their brother Andy Gibb (Photo by Michael Brennan/Getty Images)

The brothers Gibb – The Gibb brothers in Florida in 1978. From left: Robin (1949 – 2012), Maurice (1949 – 2003), Barry and Andy (1958 – 1988).

The bee Gees

The punishment Gees (AP Photo/File)

The bee Gees – we think of the bee Gees mainly as disco superstars, yet true fans know that they had a solid career long prior to “Saturday Night Fever” moved them to wild international celebrity. Their first hit single, “Spicks and also Specks,” came nearly 10 year earlier. Robin, Barry and also Maurice in January 1979.

Maurice and Lulu

Maurice Gibb and Lulu (AP Photo/Robert Rider-Rider)

Maurice Gibb, pictured here with his wife, British pop singer Lulu, was recognized as “the quiet one” amongst the bee Gees – he was much much less of a front male than his brother Robin and Barry. He played base guitar, guitar, keyboards and also harmonica, and was a key part of the punishment Gees’ songwriting, arranging and recording. He passed away at 53 after ~ emergency surgical procedure for an intestinal blockage.

Andy’s birthday

Andy Gibb, Robin, Barry and also Maurice. (AP Photo)

Andy Gibb, much left, eats a cherry from his date of birth cake at a party given by his household March 6, 1979, in ~ his home in Miami Beach, Fla. Andy is pictured with his brothers, native left, Robin, Barry and also Maurice.413

The punishment Gees and also Burns

Bee Gees and George Burns (AP Photo)

Brothers Maurice, Robin and Barry starred together members of the re-formed band in the 1978 musical film “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts club Band.” native left: Robin, Peter Frampton, George Burns (1896 – 1996), Maurice and also Barry.


Andy Gibb (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

Teen idol Andy Gibb set hearts aflutter across the world while still a teenager himself. He was just 18 when he released his an initial single, “I simply Want to Be your Everything.” The track was a No. 1 hit, bumping his brothers’ warm track “Stayin’ Alive” native the height of the chart.

The Gibb family

BEE GEES with Hugh Gibb, Andy Gibb & Barbara Gibb (Photo by Ron Howard/Redferns)

The Gibb household was complete of musicians – their father, Hugh, was a drummer and bandleader and their mother, Barbara, to be a dance band vocalist. Clockwise from top left in 1970, Maurice, Barry, Robin, Barbara, Andy and Hugh (1916 – 1992).

The punishment Gees and also Princess Di

Princess Diana, the Princess of Wales and also Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb (AP Photo/White)

Britain’s Princess Diana meets brother Robin (from left), Maurice and Barry Gibb, march 23, 1989, at the café Royal, London, when she launched funding Radio’s 14th year of assist a London kid appeal.


Robin Gibb (AP Photo/Max Nash, File)

In this might 24, 2007 photo, Robin Gibb arrives at the Grosvenor residence in London to attend the Ivor Novello Awards. Robin died at 62 after ~ a long battle versus cancer.

Disco superstar

Bee Gees (Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images)

Disco superstar the bee Gees in the sparkling glory of the 1970s.


Andy Gibb (Photo through Richard E. Aaron/Redferns)

Andy Gibb released such standard pop songs together “I simply Want to Be her Everything,” “(Love Is) Thicker than Water” and “Shadow Dancing.” He additionally starred in “Joseph and also the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” top top Broadway and also hosted TV’s Solid yellow in the at an early stage 1980s. Sadly, year of cocaine usage weakened his heart, and also he passed away of an infection shortly before transforming 30.

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Brothers and also Friends

The punishment Gees v brother Andy Gibb and manager Robert Stigwood (Photo by Michael Putland/Getty Images)

The Gibb brothers in brand-new York in 1979 with their manager. From left: Maurice, Barry, Robert Stigwood, Andy and Robin.

The doctors Gibb

Barry and also Robin Gibb (AP Photo/Jon Super)

Barry, left, and Robin posture for pictures after receiving honorary degrees in may 2004 native the college of Manchester, in Manchester, England. The Gibb brothers, members of the band the bee Gees, also accepted a posthumous level on instead of of their brother Maurice who passed away in 2003.