Be honest, clean the toilet is low on your list of favourite chores, right? If yes sir a an option between urgent laundry and also getting up-close-and-personal v your toilet bowl, the a safe bet most civilization (us included) would certainly opt in for option A. Yet as much as we might wish we might ignore it, examine after study reflects that the bathroom deserve to be a hotbed because that bacteria. I beg your pardon is why ours team of researchers decided to uncover out what type of bacteria to be living in among the most used (and many germ-filled) spots in the bathroom: the toilet.

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The results, to it is in honest, weren’t all the surprising. Our researchers discovered that 10s of thousands of bacteria can be life in your home’s toilet


After swabbing the same four areas on five separate restroom bowls uncovered in five different homes, the team uncovered that top top average, the toilets included 125.55 colony-forming systems of bacteria per square inch. That means that ~ above a standard, 16.5-inch toilet bowl there could be an ext than 34,000 systems of bacteria in total.

Our researcher swabbed the rim (under the lid), inside bowl, external bowl and also base of the toilet to collect their samples. After assessing each of the five toilets, the highest variety of bacteria discovered on a one-square-inch swab was uncovered on the inner bowl, through over 1,500 units of bacteria call it residence (making the Microban-protected restroom brush also more crucial to your cleaning arsenal!).

There might be numerous factors the make the toilet public adversary number one because that a bacteria-filled bathroom, but another study uncovered that the porcelain surface ar of restroom bowls is most likely retaining bacteria/viruses and only publication them throughout flushes. One simple fix? shut the lid as soon as you flush. The very same study discovered that as soon as the lid was left open, microbes to be released into the air and also were maybe to travel up to six feet, landing on neighboring surfaces.

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Using assets infused with built-in an innovation like Microban is the finest solution to inhibiting the expansion of bacteria in her bathroom, together it functions around-the-clock to save harmful microbes from growing where you don’t want them to.


A team of Microban researchers took a one-square-inch swab that the same four locations (under the rim, within bowl, external bowl and also the base) that the toilet at five different residential toilets. All experimentation was excellent in-house by Microban researchers.For added tips and also tricks for keeping things together clean together you actually desire them come be, follow us on Facebook and Instagram!