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Hillaryfor America announced the 95 retired Generals and also Admirals, includinga variety of 4-Star Generals, have actually officially endorsed Hillary Clintonfor chairman andCommander-in-Chief.Clinton is obtaining the backing of much more senior army servicemembersandformer officials v command and management experience thananynon-incumbent Democrat because of her proven document of diplomacy and also steadyleadership on the people stage. She will certainly make her instance tonight at theCommander-in-Chief Forum presented by NBC and the Iraq and AfghanistanVeterans the America.Donald Trump, top top the various other hand, lacks the knowledge,stabilityand valuesto be Commander-in-Chief. Follow to yesterday’smediareports, Trump has received much more than 400 under endorsements thanMitt Romney got - 88 come Romney"s 500.Today,General Lloyd "Fig" Newton, a 4-Star General and America"s firstAfrican-American Thunderbird pilot, join his fellow military servicemembers and also released a statement endorsing Hillary Clinton forPresident:“I to be privileged to serve my country for 34 plusyears — my whole adult life — in the United states Air Force. Growingup in southern Carolina, respect because that individual liberties and also the rightfor every human being to poll was taught to me at an early age and also it is ofthe utmost prominence to me today. These an essential rights are why Iserved and also care for this reason deeply about our an excellent nation. Offered the challengeswe face roughly the world today, and the rhetoric we room hearing fromsome in ~ home, ns feel I have a moral imperative come come forth andendorse Secretary Hillary Clinton because that President. This is no aboutDemocrat or Republican, this is about who is finest qualified to lead thecountry in this complicated world us live in. Hillary Clinton is the onlycandidate that has actually the experience, temperament, an important thinking andlevel-headed leadership to save America safe and also our partnershipsstrong. She has actually my poll in November."Hillary for America exit the adhering to list of service members whohave officially endorsed: man Nathman, Admiral, USN (ret)* john Allen, General, USMC (ret) Wesley Clark, General, USA (ret) David Maddox, General, USA (ret) Lloyd Newton, General, USAF(ret)* Robert Sennewald, General, USA (ret) Johnnie Wilson, General, USA (ret) Edward Baca, sublievenant General, USA(ret) Joseph Ballard, lieutenant General,USA (ret) Julius Becton, sublievenant General,USA (ret) john Castellaw, sublieutenant General,USMC (ret) Dan Christman, lieutenant General,USA (ret) Al Edmonds, lieutenant General, USAF(ret) Robert Gard, sublieutenant General, USA(ret) Walter Gaskin, sublieutenant General,USMC (ret) Arlen Jameson, sublieutenant General,USAF (ret) Claudia Kennedy, sublievenant General,USA (ret) Don Kerrick, sublieutenant General, USA(ret) john Morgan, sublieutenant General, USA(ret) David Proythress, sublieutenant General,USA-NG (ret) Dale Vesser, sublievenant General,USA (ret)* Willie Williams, sublieutenant General,USMC (ret) Donald Arthur, angry Admiral, USN (ret) Sally Brice-O"Hara, angry Admiral,USCG (ret) Kevin Green, vice Admiral, USN (ret) Bruce Grooms, angry Admiral, USN (ret) Anthony Winns, vice Admiral, USN (ret) Wallace Arnold, significant General, USA(ret) Juan Ayala, significant General, USMC (ret) Donna Barbisch, major General, USA(ret) i get it Blunt, significant General, USA(ret)* bother Brooks, significant General, USA (ret) George Buskirk, major General, USA-NG(ret) Paul Eaton, significant General, USA (ret) Mari K.

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Eder, major General, USA (ret) Irving Halter, significant General, USAF(ret) Marcelite Harris, significant General, USAF(ret) Jerry Harrison, major General, USA(ret) James Klugh, significant General, USA (ret) Dennis Laich, significant General, USAR(ret) Fred Leigh, significant General, USA (ret) Don Loranger, major General, USAF(ret) Paul Monroe, major General, USA-NG(ret) Melvyn Montaño, major General, USA-NG(ret) Robert Nabors, major General, USA(ret) Eric Olson, significant General, USA (ret) Terese “Marne” Peterson, MajorGeneral, USAF (ret)* Dana Pittard. Major General, USA (ret) Gale Pollock, major General, USA (ret) Arnold Punaro, major General, USMC(ret) Antonio Taguba, significant General, USA(ret) Abe Turner, major General, USA (ret) Charles Williams, major General, USA(ret) Margaret Woodward, significant General,USAF (ret) Ralph Wooten, significant General, USA (ret) Stephen Glass, rear Admiral, USNR(ret) jan Hamby, rear Admiral, USN (ret) man Hutson, behind Admiral, USN (ret) Dave Oliver, rear Admiral, USN (ret) Stuart Platt, behind Admiral, USN (ret) Paul Rosser, behind Admiral, USN (ret) Alan Steinman, rear Admiral, USCG(ret) penis Young, behind Admiral, USNR(ret)* Clara Adams-Ender, Brigadier General,USA (ret) Bruce Berwick, Brigadier General, USA(ret) David Brahms, Brigadier General, USMC(ret) Stephen Cheney, Brigadier General,USMC (ret) Julia Cleckley, Brigadier General,USA (ret) man Douglass, Brigadier General,USAF (ret) Michael Dunn, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Evelyn Foote, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Lawrence Gillespie, BrigadierGeneral, USA (ret) Judy Griego, Brigadier General, ANG(ret) David Irvine, Brigadier General, USA(ret) john Johns, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Keith Kerr, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Phil Leventis, Brigadier General, ANG(ret) David McGinnis, Brigadier General,USA (ret) Donald Scott, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Earl Simms, Brigadier General, USA(ret) James Smith, Brigadier General, USAF(ret) Steve Stephens, Brigadier General,USA (ret) Loree Sutton, Brigadier General, USA(ret) James Throwe, Brigadier General, USA(ret) Robin Umberg, Brigadier General, USA(ret) man Watkins, Brigadier General, USAF(ret) Marianne Watson, Brigadier General,USA (ret) Daniel Woodward, Brigadier General,USAF (ret) Stephen Xenakis, Brigadier General,USA (ret) Jamie Barnett, rear Admiral, USN (ret) Jay DeLoach, rear Admiral, USN (ret) Gene Kendall, behind Admiral, USN (ret) Deborah Loewer, behind Admiral, USN(ret) glen Phillips, behind Admiral, USN (ret) Michael Smith, rear Admiral, USN (ret)