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Kraken debut, Lightning banner raising highlight opened night

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NEW YORK - The audioeditorfree.com"s 2021-22 constant season will certainly commence Tuesday, Oct. 12 with a doubleheader, highlighted by the Tampa only Lightning raising their 3rd Stanley Cup championship banner prior to facing the Pittsburgh Penguins at Amalie Arena.

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The 2nd game on the opening night of the 2021-22 season will feature the audioeditorfree.com"s 32nd franchise, the Seattle Kraken, that will pat their first regular-season game versus the Vegas golden Knights at T-Mobile Arena. The Kraken will certainly play their very first home game on Saturday, Oct. 23 once they play hold to the Vancouver Canucks at Climate Pledge Arena.

After closing Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum last season, the new York Islanders will open up their new home, UBS Arena, ~ above Saturday, Nov. 20 versus the Calgary Flames.

A return of the 2021 Stanley Cup final will take location on Tuesday, Dec. 7 as soon as the Montreal Canadiens play organize to the Tampa bay Lightning at Bell Centre.

The 2022 audioeditorfree.com Winter Classic® will feature the St. Luigi Blues and also Minnesota Wild at the home of MLB"s Minnesota Twins, Target Field, in Minneapolis, Minn., ~ above Jan. 1, 2022. The the end game, initially scheduled for brand-new Year"s work 2021, proceeds the heritage the League developed in 2008 of hosting a regular-season outdoor video game at the beginning of the new year, with the 2022 edition marking the 14-year anniversary the the first audioeditorfree.com Winter Classic® in Buffalo.

The 2022 Honda audioeditorfree.com® All-Star Weekend will certainly take location in ras Vegas, Nev. In ~ the home of the Vegas gold Knights, T-Mobile Arena top top Feb. 4-5. The 2022 Honda audioeditorfree.com® All-Star Weekend will include the 2022 audioeditorfree.com All-Star Skills™ top top Friday, Feb. 4, and also the 2022 Honda audioeditorfree.com All-Star video game on Saturday, Feb. 5, and will attribute various hockey-themed events, entertainment and activities.

On Feb. 26, the 2022 navy Federal credit Union audioeditorfree.com stadium Series™ will certainly visit the home of the NFL"s Tennessee Titans, Nissan Stadium, in Nashville, Tenn., where the Nashville Predators will certainly play hold to the Tampa only Lightning. It will be the second regular-season outdoor video game for the Predators and very first such video game for the Lightning, that will end up being the 27th audioeditorfree.com team to participate in a regular-season out game.

The 1,312-game regular-season schedule - 82 games per team - will conclude Friday, April 29, as soon as 30 of the League"s 32 teams require to the ice.

Olympic Break: No final commitment or decision has been made come this point about the feasible participation that audioeditorfree.com players in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Talks stay ongoing. Subject to reaching covenant with the audioeditorfree.com Players" Association and also the global Ice Hockey Federation ~ above all impressive issues, including proper COVID-19 insurance for audioeditorfree.com Players, the League has agreed, per the cumulative Bargaining Agreement, to stop from Feb. 7-22, 2022 to accommodate audioeditorfree.com Player participation in the Olympic Games. The audioeditorfree.com and the audioeditorfree.com Players" Association will retain full authority to decide not to participate need to COVID-19 problems worsen or otherwise attitude a hazard to the health and safety the audioeditorfree.com Players, or for any kind of other factor that might warrant together decision. In the occasion audioeditorfree.com Players participate in the 2022 Winter Olympics, the audioeditorfree.com consistent season will resume ~ above Wednesday, Feb. 23. If, for every little thing reason, over there is no audioeditorfree.com Player authorized in the Olympics, a revised continual Season schedule will certainly be exit which, to the greatest degree possible, will embrace the dates and also games reflect in the schedule contemplating Olympic participation.

ESPN, Turner Sports, Sportsnet and also TVA Sports are the audioeditorfree.com"s nationwide broadcast partners because that the 2021-22 season and also will carry out comprehensive coverage throughout the season.

audioeditorfree.com Network"s audioeditorfree.com this evening will generally analyze and preview the 2021-22 audioeditorfree.com schedule this evening at 7 p.m. ET. Hold Tony Luftman with experts Brian Lawton and Dave Reid will breakdown key matchups, storylines and also Playoff favorites throughout the program.

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A finish listing of every team"s 2021-22 regular-season schedule is attached. Begin times and also broadcast details for all games will it is in announced as soon as available.

Reminder: Scheduling MatrixEach division Has Eight Teams

Games within Division5 groups x 2 house / 2 away (Subtotal 10 house / 10 away)1 team x 2 home / 1 away (Subtotal 2 residence / 1 away)1 team x 1 residence / 2 far (Subtotal 1 residence / 2 away)

Games within Conference (Non-Division)4 groups x 2 home / 1 far (Subtotal 8 home / 4 away)4 teams x 1 house / 2 away (Subtotal 4 home / 8 away)