This is mostly simply my own curiosity, together the shedding streak acquired longer and longer, and the holy-crap-this-is-so-bad turning points kept piling up. I had to know: is the actually feasible that this team, which to be in very first place as late as June 24(!), could lose 100 games?

It’s to be a rarity in team history, as the Cubs have lost 100 gamings just 3 times in their 100+ year of presence (1962, 1966, and, obviously, 2012). Can this really wind up the fourth year, despite being therefore competitive for so much of the first half the the season?

So, here’s where things stand: at present, the Cubs have actually a 52-69 record, i beg your pardon is a .430 to win percentage, and also would interpret to 70-92 over a complete season. But, the course, they’ve been much, much worse lately, going 10-36 in their last 46 games (starting v the very first huge, long, losing streak). That’s a .217 to win percentage, which would be a 35-127 document over a complete season.

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Let’s begin there: if the Cubs kept losing at a .217 clip the remainder of the way, how countless games would certainly they lose?

The Cubs have 41 gamings left, therefore .217 times 41 = just 9 much more wins. Therefore the Cubs would go 61-101. Done deal.

Then again, deserve to the Cubs *ACTUALLY* lose at a .217 clip the rest of the way? The team is clearly decimated, yet the schedule has a most other damaging teams! would it really be possible to win only 9 or 10 games, max, the remainder of the way? Let’s look in ~ the schedule.

By overall remaining toughness of schedule, the Cubs challenge teams that are jointly just a touch under .500 the rest of the way. It’s a mediocre continuing to be SOS, per Tankathon. No real help there in one of two people direction. Therefore let’s in reality look in ~ the schedule, collection by series:

⇒ Two an ext left versus the Reds, and also sure, I’ll to speak I might see the Cubs shedding both (14-game losing streak, tying the team record! woo!).

⇒ Then three at home versus the Royals, who room as bad as the Cubs. If you’re generous, you say the Royals take the series, but the Cubs win one game.

⇒ Then 3 at home against the Rockies, who do not victory on the road. Come be generous there, you would certainly say the Cubs won’t sweep them, however it’s very likely castle win two games. For this reason we’re currently up to three wins.

⇒ then the Cubs go play three versus the White Sox, and also what the hey, we’ll speak to that one a sweep.

⇒ then it’s two in Minneapolis versus the Twins, wherein a separation seems pretty likely, however again, we’ll it is in generous and also say the Cubs drop them both. Still just three wins added.

⇒ then the Cubs organize the Pirates because that four. The Pirates are so very bad, and also they, too, space worse since the trade Deadline. That has split, at worst, written everywhere it. The Cubs are roughly up to 5 wins.

⇒ The Cubs then organize the Reds and also Giants because that three and three, and we’ll just contact those both sweeps.

⇒ climate it’s a road pilgrimage to Philly and Milwaukee for three and three, and we could contact those both sweeps, too, yet it feeling like, between this set and the previous, it’s a little bit much to PROJECT another 12-game losing streak. I’m gonna say the Cubs win at least one in ~ these 4 series, since that’s a reasonable minimum, even for a disastrous team. So the Cubs room up to 6 wins.

⇒ climate it’s the pair at Wrigley because that two, and that’s at the very least gonna be a split. For this reason there’s success number seven.

⇒ The Cardinals then come in for four at Wrigley, and the boldest you could be would certainly be projecting a 3-1 collection win because that the Cardinals. Eight wins. Teetering in ~ the brink.

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⇒ The Cubs end up the year with 3 in Pittsburgh and then three in St. Louis. So even if things went together terribly together I’ve written before here, the Cubs would certainly still have to lose at least four of these six gamings in order come hit 100 losses.

This is all simply eyeballing things at a very high level, and it doesn’t really matter. My point was really simply to execute a inspect on myself, and also question how difficult it would certainly actually be for the Cubs to with 100 losses this year. To my eye, also as poor as the Cubs are best now, it’s spring pretty an overwhelming to acquire to 100. I think the 95-ish selection is feather much an ext likely. Still fairly bad!

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