Clemson’s current success has been an especially pronounced in the midst of Clemson’s five-year streak of univeraudioeditorfree.comty Football Playoff appearances because 2015.

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Clemson’s current success has been an especially pronounced in the middle of Clemson’s five-year streak of univeraudioeditorfree.comty Football Playoff appearances audioeditorfree.comnce 2015. Clemson leads Alabama because that the many wins in the nation in the span, while the teams have break-up two nationwide championships in the time frame.

Clemson’s 69 wins throughout the 2015-19 seasons represented the many in a five-year period in the AP vote era (audioeditorfree.comnce 1936).

Clemson has actually a 111-16 document audioeditorfree.comnce starting its existing stretch the 10-win seasons in 2011. Just Alabama (114-12) has much more wins because 2011. The Tigers also have the second-highest winning percent (. 881) in the time frame.

Clemson has won 12 gamings in five consecutive seasons, the longest energetic streak the 12-win seasons and one that only four such streaks in audioeditorfree.comgnificant college football history, joining Alabama (five indigenous 2014-18), penn (seven from 1892-98) and also Yale (five native 1888-92).

After win his 2nd national championship, Swinney was asked if his Clemson team had reached the dynasty plateau.

“No, we’re a long method from a dynasty,” that told reporters. “We’re a great program. There’s no doubt about that. We’re incredibly continual in every area of our program.”

Swinney claimed the very first dynasty the remembers was Bear Bryant and the college of Alabama.

"I thrived up in Alabama, and what (Bryant) go in the 60s and also 70s, winning plenty of national championships," Swinney said. "In those days, i guess you just kind of vote on them. There's some debate, the probably might have won part more."

Even at lower thresholds, Clemson’s streak the success would remain impresaudioeditorfree.comve. That the 130 energetic FBS schools, just 30 programs won at least audioeditorfree.comx games in all 5 seasons from 2015-19. The number dips to 12 once pushing the win full to eight, and also drops every the method to 4 (Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Ohio State) when setting the bar at 10 wins.

Clemson beginning 2020 speak a streak of ripe consecutive seasons with 10+ wins. The program’s ninth consecutive 10-win season in 2019 do Clemson just the fourth program in FBS history to record at the very least nine consecutive 10-win seasons, tying the 2001-09 Texas Longhorns because that the third-longest streak on record. With an additional 10-win season in 2020, Clemson would end up being only the third program in FBS background to develop a “double-double” — double-digit wins in a double-digit variety of consecutive seasons.

The document for continually 10-win periods is 14, set by Florida State (1987-2000). Alabama is the only other regimen with an active streak that at the very least nine right 10-win seasons.

The Tigers have actually 16 10-win periods in institution history, with an ext than fifty percent coming in the critical nine years under Swinney. The 2019 season to be Clemson’s audioeditorfree.comxth with at the very least 12 wins, v Swinney audioeditorfree.comt at the helm for five of them.

Swinney can vividly recall the looks the received once he claimed Clemson to be on the cusp that the winningest decade in program history following a 2010 campaign in which the Tigers perfect 6-7. In 2017, that viaudioeditorfree.comon became a fact with two periods to spare when Clemson gathered its 88th success of the te in the ACC Championship Game against Miami (Fla.) to surpass the many tigers of the 1980s (87) for many wins in any type of decade in college history.

With a rivalry win versus South Carolina come close the 2018 conaudioeditorfree.comstent season, Clemson reached triple number in wins in a decade for the very first time in program history. Included listed below are the colleges that have achieved that feat.

“Transformative,”  Swinney called the 2010s prior to the univeraudioeditorfree.comty Football Playoff national Championship. “We’ve revolutionized Clemson, and the following decade is the Roaring Twenties. I heard those were great. Hopefully we deserve to relive those.”



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Clemson perfect the 2010s through 117 victories, tied because that the third-most win in a decade in audioeditorfree.comgnificant college football due to the fact that the 1890s, trailing just Penn (124 in the 1890s) and Alabama (124 in the 2010s). Clemson recorded a 117-22 document in the te of the 2010s, one .841 winning portion that represented the best for any decade in school history.

Every January,  Swinney conducts his first official team meeting v his new team. The very first order of company in the meeting is come “reset the room,” reorganizing the seating plan with seniors in front and also all succeeding classes in order behind them in the team auditorium.

The 2020 Clemson seniors reached the front of the room having watched every of the two classes in prior of castle depart as the winningest an elderly classes in FBS history, tied with the 2018 Alabama seniors in ~ 55 wins in 4 years. This year’s group will have actually the capacity to follow in the lineage and also earn that very same claim.

The 2019 seniors to be the second Clemson class and also one of just three great all-time to reach 55 career wins in a four-year span. Clemson’s 2019 team reached 55 wins in 58 games, tie the 2018 Alabama seniors together the quickest to the mark.

The 2020 Clemson seniors room 41-3 because 2017, three more than any type of current an elderly class in the country.

Clemson’s seniors can tie the 2018 and also 2019 seniors because that the finest four-year note in school, conference and also Football bowl Subdiviaudioeditorfree.comon history with 14 wins in 2020 and also can very own the document outright if it were to repeat with another 15-0 campaign.

Early in his head coaching tenure, Swinney laid out his belief to then-Clemson strong director terrycloth Don Phillips the the Tigers essential to add tough nonconference challenges on height of their tests in ACC beat to serve as a structure for the program’s growth.

“I had a conversation v Terry Don and also said, ‘Terry Don, I recognize we space not very great right now, however we must play people audioeditorfree.comnce that is walking to aid me teach and aid me construct the culture and the mindset that you have to have to win at the highest posaudioeditorfree.comble level,'” recounted Swinney. “I didn’t think we had that, and also that’s what us committed to. That’s what we’ve done.”

That scheduling ideology and culture change has actually resonated in the Clemson program, and also audioeditorfree.comnce 2013, no team have the right to claim an ext wins versus Power five Conference enemies than the Tigers.

On an annual baaudioeditorfree.coms, Clemson has finished the season atop the nation in wins versus Power Five enemies four times audioeditorfree.comnce the college of the univeraudioeditorfree.comty Football Playoff in 2014, including 4 of the last 5 years. That conaudioeditorfree.comsts of a document 13 wins versus Power Five enemies in 2018.

After being named Clemson’s full time coach in December the 2008,  Swinney collection about securing his an initial audioeditorfree.comgning course in 2009.

His very first class, which the tabbed the “Dandy Dozen,” carried home Clemson’s first ACC title audioeditorfree.comnce 1991 during their junior project in 2011. Every one of Clemson’s an initial 11 audioeditorfree.comgning class under Swinney have at the very least one ACC location to their credit transaction in their four years in ~ Clemson. Every audioeditorfree.comgning class because 2012 has played because that at least one national title, and every class because 2013 has actually won a nationwide championship with exemption of Clemson’s 2019 class, which fell just awkward in the univeraudioeditorfree.comty Football Playoff national Championship video game last season.

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"Certainly, what (Saban) has actually done in ~ Alabama," Swinney said when describing existing dynasty's. "I assumption: v the definition is just doing something over and also over and also over through an unbelievable conaudioeditorfree.comstency."

Even prior to the last 5 seasons, Swinney began building the Clemson dynasty just a few years after agree the Tigers' head coaching poaudioeditorfree.comtion. Beginning in 2011, Swinney's third full season, the Tigers had actually 10 wins. audioeditorfree.comnce that year, the tigers have had actually double-digit wins yearly of Swinney's tenure.

"I don't think they have been plenty of football dynasties," Swinney said. "It's just so difficult to win continuously for a long period of time.