With enhanced awareness and care around injuries in the NFL — one appropriate technique — we most likely will never see an additional player match this feat.

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over there are couple of records in experienced sports that seem near-certain to was standing the test of time. Someone will ultimately score more points or gain more yards yet there’s one type of document that is basically difficult to topple.

That record is one of endurance. Through today’s sporting activities being therefore violent and fast — an especially the NFL — one athlete will have to keep their body in almost freakish condition as well as have a little bit of lucky on their side come be easily accessible every solitary time their team bring away the field over the span of your career.

This is why Brett Favre’s record of 297 consecutive consistent season games started (321 including the playoffs) is completely remarkable. It will also be utterly difficult to break.

First, it’s a factor of pure math. No one else is currently even nearby to emotional Favre’s record. The closest energetic streak going right into last season, new York Giants quarterback Eli Manning saw his consecutive gamings streak stopped at 210 consistent season games. Also if that hadn’t been benched and kept his streak going, Manning would have actually been right into his 40s once he approached Favre’s record. That’s far from a certain thing, especially given the violent nature that today’s game.

Second is the the NFL and also its coaches room much an ext averse to risk than castle have been in past seasons. Go anyone really think coaches would certainly let a quarterback play v a broken thumb or dislocated shoulder like Favre go in his prime? any team doctor clearing a player because that those sort of injuries now would likely be handed their walking papers virtually immediately.

The third reason is additionally just pure luck. When Favre suffered all species of injuries throughout his 20-year career, he never ever once experienced a truly damaging injury such as a torn knee ligament or muscle. This even an ext incredible when you think around how he played early in his career, running approximately trying to make something out of nothing and often throwing blocks. That truly to be a football player play quarterback. Even Tom Brady, that is by no means a cell phone quarterback, endured an ACL tear in 2008. The it never ever happened to Favre is astounding.

People deserve to have every little thing opinion they desire of Favre the human after the antics the engulfed the later on years the his career. Friend can’t help but bow in respect, however, because that the reality that he continued to answer the bell because that his team (whether it to be the Packers, the brand-new York jet or the Minnesota Vikings). It’s also the document Favre himself has said the is the most proud of.

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It is this endurance record that will truly endure the test of time. Yes Cal Ripken in baseball and then over there is Favre in football: iron men of their sports whose longevity documents will remain standing forever, much like the athletes us did once their teams necessary them the most.