As a fan of basketball, you might wonder how numerous games you have to look forward to in a typical NBA season.

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To offer teams a opportunity to play various other teams throughout the country, the NBA created a season that pits teams against one another.

The season adheres to a formula for a certain variety of games the a team theatre in their very own division.

We found out how many games in a common NBA season and also what you must know about NBA seasons.

How countless Games In NBA Season? (Breakdown)


There space 82 games in a standard NBA season.

Teams play 41 the those gamings at house while the other 41 gamings are in the corresponding opponents’ cities.

If teams make it into the NBA finals, climate they play an additional 28 games.

These series consist of seven games referred to as the playoffs.

There space four collection of seven gamings each.

Each collection represents a different division.

The team that provides it to the final game of the finals theatre will have actually played 110 gamings in an entire NBA season.

When consisting of every team together a whole, there are 1,230 gamings in a season.

Special circumstances can reduce the number of games.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the NBA season had only 72 games.

Who execute Teams Play versus In The NBA Season?


A team beginning the season by playing various other teams in your division.

They pat those teams four times for a total of 16 games.

Once the collection multiples time of the NBA starts, a team will then play six other groups from the various other two divisions.

The total number of games for this next set of games is 24.

Besides the gathering multiples, they also play the staying 4 groups.

Those gamings equate to 12 total.

Finally, the team dram the various other teams in the gathering.

The total number of games played during this part of the season is 30.

When carry out The NBA Playoffs Start?


Before the playoffs begin, all the teams affiliated in the season play your divisions.

They beat their conventional 82 games.

The goal is to location high.

Only the height teams indigenous each division can beat in the playoffs.

Those teams are the ones who ranked high during their 82 gamings prior to the playoffs.

After the 82 gamings are over, the playoffs have tendency to start approximately the an initial or 2nd quarter that the year.

The finals for the NBA championship space in June.

How plenty of NBA Teams are There?


Shortly after developing the NBA, the organization put with each other 11 teams.

Since then, the sport has seen rapid expansion.

A full of 30 teams currently play in the NBA.

While 29 that the teams are from the joined States, one of them is based in Canada.

The 30 teams make up two conferences.

There room the Western and also the eastern Conferences.

Those conferences room then break-up into smaller sized divisions.

The divisions are regional and offer a far better description as to where the team is initially from.

The departments are:


Within each department is 5 teams.

They’re broken up as follows.

1. The Northwest Division


The Northwest department started in the 2004–2005 NBA season.

The teams that make up the Northwest division include:

The Denver Nuggets that Denver, COThe Minnesota Timberwolves the Minneapolis, MNThe Utah Jazz that Salt Lake City, UTThe Oklahoma City Thunder that Oklahoma City, OKThe Portland trace Blazers of Portland, OR

The team that’s won the most in that department is the Oklahoma City Thunder team.

They have six championships to your name.

The Denver Nuggets come in at 2nd with five championships under their belt.

Unfortunately, the Minnesota Timberwolves have actually never won a championship.

During the 2020–2021 NBA season, the championship saw the Utah Jazz.

2. The Southwest Division


The Southwest division also had its start in the 2004–2005 season.

This department has a call for fierce competitiveness.

The teams that comprise the Southwest division include:

The Dallas Mavericks the Dallas, TXThe Memphis Grizzlies the Memphis, TNThe mountain Antonio spurs of san Antonio, TXThe new Orleans Pelicans of brand-new Orleans, LAThe Houston Rockets the Houston, TX

In the Southwest division, the mountain Antonio Spurs space the highest-winning team.

They have nine wins to your name.

The Houston Rockets come in at second with four wins.

The critical team is the Memphis Grizzlies.

They’ve never ever won a Southwest division title.

The Southwest department also has 4 NBA championships come its name.

The spurs won most of the championships, but the Mavericks have one once.

In the 2020–2021 season, the Dallas Mavericks winner the division title.

3. The Pacific Division


The Pacific division has to be going solid since the 1970–1971 season.

At the point, the NBA had grown native 14 to 17 teams.

The groups that make up the Pacific department include:

The golden State warriors of san Francisco, CAThe Los Angeles Lakers of LA, CAThe Los Angeles Clippers of LA, CAThe Sacramento queens of Sacramento, CAThe Phoenix Suns that Phoenix, AZ

The team with the most titles in the Pacific division is the Los Angeles Lakers.

They have a full of 24 titles.

The gold State Warriors have a complete of seven division titles, making castle the second-most-winning team.

They also won 5 of your titles consecutively.

The Phoenix Suns won the many recent department title in 2020–2021.

The Pacific department also has actually several NBA championships to your name.

They have actually a total of 18 NBA championships.

Most the those championships came from the Lakers.

They winner 12 NBA championships.

4. The south-east Division


This is additionally another recently produced division.

It began in the 2004–2005 NBA season.

It’s part of the eastern Conference.

The teams that make up the Southeast division include:

The Atlanta falken of Atlanta, GAThe Charlotte Hornets that Charlotte, NCThe Miami warmth of Miami, FLThe Washington Wizards that Washington, DCThe Orlando Magic that Orlando, FL

The Miami warmth is responsible because that the most department wins.

They bring 10 titles to your name.

The Orlando Magic comes in at 2nd with four department titles.

The last spot goes to the Washington Wizards v one title.

The Miami Heat additionally have the record for the most consecutive wins in the southeast division.

That record is four consecutive location wins.

The 2020–2021 location champions to be the Atlanta Hawks.

There are three NBA championships that the Southwest department has claimed.

The Miami heat won every championship.

5. The central Division


Originally well-known as the Midwest division, the central Division came out of it and included a couple of other groups to the roster.

It started in the 1970–1971 NBA season.

The groups that consist of the main division include:

The Chicago Bulls that Chicago, ILThe Cleveland Cavaliers of Cleveland, OHThe Indiana Pacers of Indianapolis, INThe Detroit Pistons of Detroit, MIThe Milwaukee Bucks of Milwaukee, WI

Of those teams, the Milwaukee Bucks have the most division titles.

They have actually 10.

The Detroit Pistons come in 2nd with nine division titles.

The most recent division title checked out the Milwaukee Bucks for the 2020–2021 season.

The central division cases 13 NBA championships.

The Chicago Bulls are the many responsible because that the championships, earning them six.

Of all the divisions, the main division has the most teams that have won at least one championship.

6. The Atlantic Division


The Atlantic division is the final division that makes up the NBA teams.

This division started in the 1970–1971 season.

Canada is likewise a part of this division.

The groups that comprise the Atlantic department include:

The Philadelphia 76ers the Philadelphia, PAThe Toronto Raptors the Toronto, ON, CanadaThe Boston Celtics that Boston, MAThe Brooklyn Nets of new York City, NYThe brand-new York Knicks of brand-new York City, NY

The Boston Celtics have actually the most division titles.

They have actually won 22 titles thus far.

They likewise have won the many NBA championships for the Atlantic division.

As a whole, the Atlantic division has winner nine championships.

The Boston Celtics are responsible for six of those wins.

During the 2020–2021 season, the Philadelphia 76ers won the division title.

Why go The NBA Shorten and also Lengthen Seasons?


In specific circumstances, the NBA may select to include or remove a variety of games native the NBA season.

During that is inception, the NBA chose to increase the variety of games played in a season.

As castle gained more teams come the roster, the need for an ext games arose.

This also helped extend the size of the season i beg your pardon had an ext fans able come visit and watch their favorite teams play at stadiums.

The 2020–2021 season saw a palliation in games due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The NBA want to carry out its component in protecting the players and fans.

By to reduce the variety of games, they offered each much less of a chance of dispersing the virus to one another.

They also instituted the usage of balloon games.

These were gamings where the players had actually to stay isolated in hotel rooms.

They had little contact in the world, so they can stay uninfected and play the game.

How countless Games will certainly Be In The 2021–2022 NBA Season?


The NBA will go back to its traditional 82-game schedule during the 2021–2022 NBA season.

The season will start mid-October and also run v mid-April.

The 2021–2022 season will mark the 75th season due to the fact that the NBA started.

What room The most Points A Team Has ever before Scored In The NBA Championships?


During the 1983 season, the Detroit Pistons score 186 points against the Denver Nuggets’ 184 points.

To date, 186 points room the highest allude value that an NBA team has ever scored.

Has an NBA Player ever Scored 100 clues In A Game?


Yes, it must be Chamberlain scored 100 points during a video game in 1962.

He was playing for the Philadelphia warriors at the time.

They were in a match versus the brand-new York Knicks.

The Philadelphia Warriors ended up to win 169-147.

To date, wilt Chamberlain is the just NBA player come have ever before scored 100 clues in a game.

Has any Team ever Gone Undefeated In The NBA Season?


No, no one of the NBA teams have ever completed a season without losing a couple of matches.

The team that has actually come closest to staying undefeated in a season is the gold State Warriors.

During the 2015–2016 season, the golden State Warriors winner 73 games and also only shed 9.

There has additionally never been a team that has actually only ever lost matches during the NBA season.

The team that has come closest to shedding all their matches in a season is the Philadelphia 76ers.

During the 1972–1973 season, the Philadelphia 76ers won just nine games.

They shed 73 games.


A conventional NBA season has actually 82 games.

When you multiply all the groups in every department together, the total variety of games comes the end to it is in 1,230.

The NBA season has its teams play against their own division before playing versus other departments in the country.

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They deserve to also include and remove the variety of games in a season based upon safety concerns.