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The 2021 season ended July 7 when the Lightning winner the Stanley Cup; now, the 2021-22 season is just around the corner. As the preseason kicks right into high gear and also teams shake off the rust, every the crucial dates are beginning to form. While the critical two seasons were anything yet normal, this season is shaping up to be no normal too with an Olympic rest in the center of it.

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Here"s a failure of everything we know concerning the NHL"s upcoming season.

When walk the 2021-22 NHL season start?

NHL season start date: Tuesday, Oct. 12NHL season end date: Friday, April 29, 2022

Ninety-seven days after the Lightning hoisted the Stanley Cup for the 2nd straight year, the NHL will return to activity Oct. 12 through two games. The opening act showcases the champion Bolts increasing their banner and also taking top top the Penguins, while the headliner has the NHL"s two newest franchises — the golden Knights and also the Kraken in their first regular-season game — conference in Sin City.

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How plenty of games will certainly be played?

After two seasons that were cut brief by the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021-22 season is set to be (fingers crossed) a complete 82-game slate.

How will gamings work in 2021-22?

Last season included a few new wrinkles come the schedule, together as restricted opponents and baseball-like series. Those room officially scratched, as room division-only slates. Ago on the schedule for 2021-22 space cross-country treks and also West coast or East shore swings. Players will certainly be suiting up against each that the various other 31 groups over the course of the following seven months; that"s an excellent news because that fans who missed out on seeing Connor McDavid, Nathan MacKinnon and also other NHL stars in human last season.

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What space the divisions?

Welcome ago to the old divisions. Gone are the phibìc (aka Canadian), West and also East. The central was, and also is, still around, yet with a go back to the usual teams. Additionally making a cool return are the conferences: Eastern and Western.

There is one slight adjust from the 2019-20 season: the Coyotes have actually moved native the central to the Pacific to do room for the Kraken, that join the Pacific.

Boston BruinsCarolina HurricanesArizona CoyotesAnaheim Ducks
Buffalo SabresColumbus Blue JacketsChicago BlackhawksCalgary Flames
Detroit Red WingsNew Jersey DevilsColorado AvalancheEdmonton Oilers
Florida PanthersNew York IslandersDallas StarsLos Angeles Kings
Montreal CanadiensNew York RangersMinnesota WildSan Jose Sharks
Ottawa SenatorsPhiladelphia FlyersNashville PredatorsSeattle Kraken
Tampa just LightningPittsburgh PenguinsSt. Louis BluesVancouver Canucks
Toronto Maple LeafsWashington CapitalsWinnipeg JetsVegas gold Knights

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Will there be a Winter Classic? one All-Star Game?

Yes! Both the Winter Classic and the NHL All-Star video game are back for 2021-22.

Winter Classic

Date: Jan. 1, 2022Location: Target Field, MinneapolisTeams: Blues vs. Wild

All-Star Game

Date: Feb. 5Location: T-Mobile Arena, las Vegas

When is the Olympic break?

Olympic break: Feb. 5-22, 2022

NHL players space heading ago to the Olympics in 2022. The organization announced Sept. 3 that it had reached an commitment with the IOC to allow its football player to attend. The course, due to the fact that of the recurring pandemic, over there is a opportunity things will change, but because that now it"s a go.

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What space other crucial dates?

2021-22 trade deadline

March 21 (3 p.m. ET)

2021-22 Stanley Cup playoffs

Begin: may 2Last feasible day of final: June 30

2021-22 complimentary agency

First buyout period: July 1-12 (5 p.m. ET)Free firm begins: July 13 (noon ET)

2022 NHL entrance Draft

First round: July 7Rounds 2-7: July 8

The 2022 NHL entry Draft will be organized in Montreal.