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Jake Paul's Disney Channel intro came to be a meme after he got fired. Screenshot/YouTube Jake Paul 2

Like countless top YouTubers today, including his big brother Logan, Jake Paul obtained his start on Vine in 2013. By the time the application was discontinued, Paul had over 5.3 million followers and 2 billion see on the app, wherein his brash humor and stunts particularly appealed come a young audience. This notoriety among a young demography landed Paul a duty on Disney Channel.

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The collection "Bizaardvark" is itself a nod come the kind of society media fame the Paul accrued for himself, and also his personality resembled his real-life digital persona. ~ above the show, Paul played Dirk, organize of a video clip segment top top a YouTube-esque collection called "Dare Me Bro," wherein his character took dare requests. Paul began showing up in ~ above "Bizaardvark" in 2015, when the collection started, yet Disney announced his leave in 2017, and Paul later on revealed he had actually been fired.

What Paul says caused his firing was a regional TV news segment around his YouTube channel, which to be the much less Disney-friendly, real-life variation of "Dare Me Bro." KTLA 5 saw the West Hollywood neighborhood where Paul to be living in July 2017 and interviewed Paul"s neighbors around his YouTube stunts. Lock were incredibly displeased.

By this point, Paul, then 20, had already jump-started his notorious "Team 10" YouTube collective. He had an ext than 8.5 million YouTube subscribers and filmed pranks and stunts in his neighborhood that included startinga massive fire in his backyard, doing dirt bike stunts ~ above his street, and building a waterslide come shoot people into his pool.

His neighbors called the case a "living hell" and a "war zone." after Paul leaked his own resolve online, fans showed up en masse, and by the point, residents of Beverly Grove had enough. Paul"s neighbors met with police and city public official to discuss the opportunity of a class-action windy nuisance lawsuit, and the firm that own Paul"s residence sued him because that $2.5 million.

After gaining fired by Disney midway v the 2nd season the "Bizaardvark," Paul announced he would be moving onto more adult exhilaration ventures and focusing top top his YouTube channel, service ventures, and personal brand.

Those business ventures proved controversial too, and Paul has actually been accused of do the efforts to cheat young followers an ext than once.


wealthy Fury/Getty photos

Paul has been accused of scamming young followers an ext than once. His ventures tend to revolve about a central theme: Paul speak his boy subscribers that education and learning isn"t important, because he didn"t perform well in institution but ended up being rich and famous, and other children should monitor his lead. This could be ideal exemplified v Paul"s widely-mocked diss track around teachers.

But Paul doesn"t just diss education. He"s check to begin two the his very own educational programs the theoretically instruct pendant on how to be influential and also make money v online pursuits favor his own. Paul has actually enacted two very comparable schemes themed about that idea. The first was "Edfluence."

"Edfluence" was introduced in 2018, and also it was claimed to it is in a collection of videos fan can unlock for simply $7 that would give them a "roadmap" to success as an influencer. Except, as plenty of YouTubers and publications spicy out, the $7 didn"t unlock the regime in that is entirety. It just unlocked a couple of videos with simple tips choose "have a phone," and "if you like makeup, develop makeup videos."

If you want all the videos, you had to pay second $57. As YouTuber drew Gooden pointed out, the website hosting Edfluence was deliberately misleading, prompting parental of young fans to input credit transaction card info on the first screen to salary $7, only for that info to be conserved to the user"s profile, so the a kid might later click to salary $57 without needing come input that again.

Even worse, component of Edfluence"s very nice one was the Paul promised pan would have actually an possibility to sign up with "Team 1000," a seemingly expanded version of "Team 10," his YouTube-famous clique. Together Gooden noted in his 2020 update on Edfluence, "Team 1000" never happened, and those who paid $57 simply got accessibility to a couple of disappointing videos around YouTube tips and tricks.

Furthermore, the website because that Edfluence no much longer exists, so world who paid $64 ago in 2018 have the right to no longer accessibility any of the videos. Yet in February 2020, Paul launched a brand-new educational subscription-based platform referred to as the Financial freedom Movement. That has basically the same premise together Edfluence, however initially, you payment a $19.99 fee to create an account.

"Basically i"m ailing of our education and learning system and how it"s teaching children 0 real life an abilities for them come secure over there own future," Paul composed in his Financial flexibility Movement announcement write-up on Twitter. "I"m developing a motion for everyone who wants to take it life right into their very own hands and learn actual life an abilities from actual professionals."

Paul hasn"t issued any kind of updates on the Financial freedom Movement in months, yet the website is tho up, you can still create an account (now, for free), and you have the right to still purchase company "Masterclass" videos that begin at under $20 and cost as much as over $2,5000. Those videos aren"t hosted by Paul, and also he appears to be sourcing material from various other entrepreneurship education and learning platforms.

Apart indigenous scamming his young audience, Paul has likewise gotten warmth for plenty of controversial comments and inappropriate videos, including the usage of racial slurs.


Jake Paul in front of his Team 10 mansion. Shane Dawson/YouTube

Many the Paul"s videos have actually come under fire because that being unreasonable for a young audience, because a the majority of them revolve approximately sexual and also violent content. In January 2018, because that example, Paul uploaded a vlog dubbed "I shed my virginity," which initially had actually a thumbnail of Paul and also then-girlfriend Erika Costell posing semi-nude. The video clip was age-restricted, and also after scrutiny from various other YouTubers, Paul changed the thumbnail and also eventually deleted the vlog.

But recently, Paul has leaned even an ext into sexual content, creating a variety of videos the feature renowned pornstar Riley Reid.

Another occurrence that sparked criticism was once Paul chose to tweet that anxiety was self-inflicted. "Remember anxiety is produced by you," Paul tweeted in February 2020. "Sometimes you gotta allow life pat out and also remind yourself to be happy & that the answers will come." He included some advice because that anxious readers: "chill her mind out," "go for a walk," and also "talk come a friend."

—Damon Fizzy␌ (
deefizzy) February 18, 2020

After solid rebukes from various other creators, Paul tweeted the he has actually anxiety, and his tweet was just spreading more awareness around mental illness.

Paul drew more criticism the week from supermodel Gigi Hadid ~ Paul tried come provoke a response from her friend Zayn Malik on Twitter.

—Gigi Hadid (
GiGiHadid) February 23, 2020

"Lol reason he doesn"t care to cave w you and your embarrassing crew the YouTube groupies ..?" Hadid tweeted, accruing an ext than 800,000 likes. "Home alone through his finest friends favor a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed ..."

And if there room plenty an ext examples of Paul getting dubbed out for his behavior, one that gained overshadowed through Logan Paul"s infamous "suicide forest" event (a video clip shot by the elder Paul that was extensively condemned) to be Jake utilizing the n-word.

In January 2018, TMZ surfaced a video clip of Paul from Coachella weekend in 2015. In the 49-second clip, Paul starts freestyle rapping end the track "Throw sum Mo" by Rae Sremmurd, and he claims "n****" twice, consisting of referring to himself as a "little a** n****," and also referring to Richie Vetter, an additional white person, as a "n****." The clip got attention, but due to the fact that Logan"s "suicide forest" vlog had actually been uploaded simply days prior to the resurfacing, most of the attention on the Paul brothers remained on Logan.

Paul had a short-lived "marriage" to another famous YouTuber, Tana Mongeau, which had a destructive paid wedding livestream.


Denise Truscello / Getty photos

Another focal suggest of controversies entailing Paul space his relationships. Paul has actually faked two marriages, referring to the exercise himself together entertainment "like the WWE," or partly staged wrestles matches. The first fake wedding saga associated his ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, the exact same girlfriend the made the virginity loss vlog with.

The 2nd fake wedding to be to Tana Mongeau, and the saga absolutely paid off, because from the relationship"s inception, to the wedding, come the breakup, it to be worth an approximated $600 million in media value. Yet as Mongeau described after the "divorce," (the wedding was never ever legally binding) elements of Paul"s fake relationships have actually felt unfair to the females he"s been affiliated with. Mongeau explained the "wedding" night together "hell" and said if she faced a household emergency the day after, Paul ongoing on to their planned honeymoon, where he posed v a group of half-naked women.

Mongeau isn"t the only among Paul"s exes to express that Paul is a bad boyfriend. In his expansive collection on whether Paul is a sociopath or not, YouTube documentarian Shane Dawson interviewed Alissa Violet, another one that Paul"s ex-girlfriends. Violet described to Dawson the she and Paul faked your relationship, but behind-the-scenes, she "chased" actual love and affection from Paul. Her story eerily each other Mongeua"s own tell-all about the obstacles of make the efforts to gain Paul to connect in something actual while keeping a forced relationship on-camera.

And Violet included that as soon as Paul dragged her under a flight of stairs during a fight, breaking she iPhone in the process. She specified to Dawson that she doesn"t check out Paul together physically abusive, yet she accused Paul the emotional and also mental abuse.

"I can"t even remember a conversation wherein it was like, me walking away feeling great about myself," Violet called Dawson. "I"m still dislike by it, since it"s not who I am."

Paul was charged v trespassing in Arizona after video circulated the him in ~ a mall where looting and also vandalism to be occurring.

In this Jan. 22, 2017, document photo, Jake Paul poses because that a portrait in ~ the Music Lodge throughout the Sundance film Festival in Park City, Utah. Paul announced top top July 22, 2017, that he was leaving the Disney Channel series "Bizaardvark." Taylor Jewell/Invision/AP

Despite every incidence that Paul"s poor behavior gift met with vast backlash and typical blame from other YouTubers, they"re additionally incredibly effective. Paul has actually never experienced huge subscriber loss that impacted his career; it"s just the opposite, and also he uses negative press and negative attention to attract an ext onlookers.

Like other YouTube "supervillains," the notoriety is the goal, not simply a side effect, the Paul"s antics. Some critics are asking civilization to stop paying attention to Paul entirely to finish the cycle, yet as his vast audience areas him in the optimal 200 YouTubers ~ above the platform, it"s unlikely Paul will protect against scheming. Among his many recent schemes, however, did have some unintentional consequences.

On may 31, Paul and his friends and also associates post videos to social media of themselves at the Scottsdale Fashion Square purchase mall in Scottsdale, Arizona. Paul claims he had actually been peacefully protesting earlier, and also wanted to film the looting and also vandalism in the mall after ~ it was closed to the public so the he might show his audience what was really going on.

This isn"t the first time Paul tried come pull such a stunt. In 2017, the drove to Texas in a pickup truck and also said he was going come rescue victim of Hurricane Harvey floodwaters. He did no together thing. This time, in Arizona, over there was enough outcry that neighborhood police announced 2 misdemeanor fees — which have actually now been dropped come facilitate federal charges, according to The Sun.

—Jake Paul (
jakepaul) June 4, 2020

Paul comment to news that the charges on Twitter, creating "gimme my charges and also let"s placed the focus earlier on George Floyd and also Black lives Matter."

Paul stoked tension between himself and also the mayor of Calabasas by cram a party during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Jake Paul is one of several influencers who have actually been widely criticized for hosting and attending parties as LA's COVID-19 cases continue come spike. photograph by well-off Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images, Screenshot YouTube/Jake Paul

Paul caused controversy yet again as soon as he threw a massive party because that his music video clip shoot in July, during a high allude in COVID-19 instances in California. Videos verified maskless influencers swinging from heavy machinery in Paul"s backyard.

The mayor of Calabasas Alicia Weintraub speak out about the occurrence at the time, saying she was outraged, and telling, "The City of Calabasas will certainly be obtrude a zero-tolerance for large gatherings the defy local public health and wellness orders."

In a later interview, Paul said the he didn"t recognize if he"d continue partying, also after the incident, and also criticized federal government leaders, saying, "our leadership is failing us, and also everyone type of just doesn"t know what come do. But I personally am not the type of human being who"s gonna sit around and also not live my life."

Causing an ext controversy, the FBI enforcement a federal find warrant of Paul's mansion, the company said.

On respectable 5, the FBI carried out a find of Paul"s mansion in Calabasas, Calif., the company confirmed to A representative for the agency"s Los Angeles field office claimed that the federal find warrant affidavit is sealed and that it"s component of an recurring investigation.

The news was very first reported by TMZ. The outlet mutual photos of regulation enforcement agents and also a vehicle approaching the home.

Paul did not automatically respond to requests for comment.

picture by Leon Bennett/Getty pictures

In an interview through The day-to-day Beast front of his November 28 fight v Nate Robinson, Paul stated he thought COVID-19 to be a hoax.

Paul later declared in an interview with The Verge that The day-to-day Beast"s Marlow Stern had taken his estimates "out that context," therefore Stern shared the full audio of their interview in which Paul do the comments.

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—Marlow Stern (
MarlowNYC) November 27, 2020

"There are world losing jobs, over there are tiny businesses who room going bankrupt, there room millions of people who space unemployed best now, human being are transforming to alcohol and also drugs to deal with with every little thing that"s walking on. This is the most detrimental thing to our society," Paul claimed in his interview through The everyday Beast. "COVID situations are at much less than 1 percent, and I think the disease is a hoax."

In Los Angeles County, whereby Paul lives, the daily positivity price for COVID-19 tests to be 7.3% together of November 20, boost from the 3.9% rate reported ~ above November 1.

In his interview with The Verge, Paul declared that the condition "killed someone very, really close to me."