Hannah Brown found herself trending over the weekend ~ she said the n-word on Instagram live. The trouble started when the 25-year-old was singing follow me to a famous rap tune which included the n-word. While Brown decided to avoid herself from saying the f-word, she didn’t offer the n-word the exact same treatment. Instead, she claimed it, even selecting to utilize the difficult r sports of the slur.

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Hannah Brown | Jemal Countess/FilmMagic

When a fan referred to as out Brown for making use of the word, her reaction was less than ideal. First, she seemed shocked the she actually said it. Climate she laugh it off before stating the she didn’t think she actually stated it. But, far too many world had videotaped the Instagram live and also saw the Brown did, in fact, usage the word and they began to do their feel known.

Hannah Brown offered the n-word in a recent Instagram live

“Imagine getting captured saying the n-word and then laughing around it? i’m disgusted,” one human wrote in Brown’s comments. “Really disappointed to view that video of u speak the n-word. And seeing u giggle and laugh ur way thru one apology. And the method u argued maybe the was among ur friends, implying u hang roughly (non-black) human being who do say it,” another Instagram user chimed in.

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Wildflower. Wild Woman.

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hannahbrown) on may 4, 2020 in ~ 4:12pm PDT

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‘Bachelor’ alums Tyler Cameron, Rachel Lindsay, and also Bekah Martinez speak out

A couple of Bachelor alums likewise spoke out versus Brown’s comments. Both Bekah Martinez and Tyler Cameron required to their Instagram story to try to educate your followers ~ above why Brown’s actions to be unacceptable. Furthermore, Rachel Lindsay Abasolo (who stays the only Black command in the entire Bachelor franchise) took to her Instagram live come remind civilization that it’s never ever acceptable for non-Black civilization to use the n-word. Lindsay Abasolo personally reached out to Brown before making her video, urging her to apologize on camera. Brown, however, did no take the advice.

Brown apologizes for her offensive language

Though Brown didn’t worry a video apology, she did compose one and posted that to her Instagram story. “I owe you all a major apology. There is no excuse and I will certainly not justify what i said. I have actually read her messages and also I have seen the hurt ns caused. I very own it all. I am terribly sorry and also know the whether in windy or private, this language is unacceptable. Ns promise to do better,” Brown wrote in she story, i m sorry will shortly expire.

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A word….

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therachlindsay) on might 17, 2020 in ~ 3:56pm PDT

But, many world were underwhelmed through the apology. Lock felt Brown to be being also general and also wanted to understand what particularly she would perform to educate herself. “So what space the plot items to ‘doing better’? space you security your an individual finances on help Black solitary mothers? Lobbying for jail reform? housing homeless black color Queer folks? What are you law to make amends?” one human questioned after see Brown’s apology.

Brands distance themselves from the ‘DWTS’ winner

Others just felt choose Brown’s apology was too little too late. They determined to unfollow her and also even unfollow brands that have displayed her assistance recently. On may 16, 2020, Brown posted a snapshot of herself on the coast which a number of brands liked. See this, one user chose to speak to some that the brands out. “Unfollowed
krewe,” they composed in the comments. Seeing the they as well were receiving backlash for sustaining Brown, countless brands have actually now unliked Brown’s post.

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BYOBubbles if friend wanna beach v me.

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hannahbrown) on may 15, 2020 at 2:00pm PDT

In enhancement to that, Krewe (a famous sunglass brand) even declared openly the they do not sponsor Brown in any way. “Of course, us were excited to assistance someone wearing ours frames – us are just human and also could not have actually predicted what occurred on she Instagram live. We carry out not sponsor her regardless,” Krewe’s Instagram account commented on Brown’s post. Clearly, Brown’s actions space going to affect her current and also potential brand deals. We deserve to only hope the she is able to truly discover from she mistakes.