LAS las vegas — There room no signs that the largest mass shooting in the U.S. Happened here when you space inside the Mandalay only Resort and Casino.

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For two nights, i came ago to the hotel I offered to remain at for an yearly sisters trip. I came earlier to a place that for me has always meant happy times.

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The resort known for its tide pool and lazy river always seemed come shine with its gold windows bookmarking the southern finish of the bright las Vegas Strip. 

But i was certain seeing those home windows on Monday native the pool listed below would just remind me of the night Stephen Paddock fired hundreds of bullets indigenous the 32nd floor under on a group of 22,000 human being attending the path 91 Harvest Festival. 


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Now, there"s no 32nd floor, one of the few noticeable distinctions in the casino that bustled with hundreds of guests getting here Monday for a convention. 

The 43-story building no longer has actually floors numbered 31 come 55. ~ the 30th floor, the number is numbered skips to 56 and goes approximately 62.

There"s also more security, especially roughly the elevators whereby it was typical to see a couple of armed police officers. I watched a defense guard examine a woman"s an intricate makeup kit, a large box that likely would have gone unnoticed prior to Oct. 1, 2017.

What occurred in las vegas doesn"t seem to be talked about by anyone on the Strip, unless you lug it up. 

At first I to be shocked the something so tragic seemed to go unspoken of by a casino and its employees. Were castle so focused on what this tragedy can mean to tourism? to be it since of the 58 victims, just seven were native Nevada? 

So every chance I got, ns asked. Because that 48 hrs I brought it as much as every server, Uber driver and casino employee who permitted me a couple of minutes. 

Every solitary one had actually a story about that night. The world of this city room scared and also sad. It didn"t just rock the image of a 24-hour city; the hurt those who live here. 

They aren"t talking about it because, maybe, we aren"t letting them together we flock earlier to las vegas for our conventions, bachelor parties and also anniversaries.

They virtually seemed apologetic together I heard stories around the terror of the night. No one i talked to knew anyone at the concert, yet that didn"t mean they weren"t upset. 

They had stories of being on lockdown and hiding in casino refrigerators at restaurants. Castle talked about where castle were the night and also how they found out information. 

It was only as soon as I began asking inquiries of the civilization who live and also work right here that I began to know the motto behind #Vegasstrong.

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"None of united state were alone," Mynda blacksmith said at a remembrance consciousness Monday morning. Her sister was one of the 58 killed.

"October 1 brought something none of us were expecting," smith said about the hours after the shooting as she waited in ~ the las Vegas Convention facility for news about her sister.

She said she walked into a room of human being waiting come help. She experienced news reports that Clark County residents lining increase to offer blood. 

"We uncovered love that came from so countless who were there to aid us," she said. "I in reality stood with my husband and took a video of the lines of cars that were never ending from world who to be dropping off supplies and others that were over there to help unload it."

So as I gain ready to leave Vegas, and I look increase one an ext time in ~ those notorious gold windows, I"m going to remember the story I heard from the world who occupational here.