MULTIPLE planes to be hijacked by Al-Qaeda ~ above September 11, 2001 which brought about the deaths of virtually 3,000 people.

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As 2021 marks the 20th anniversary, we take a look ago on the many deadliest attack to take place on us soil.


Four planes were hijacked ~ above September 11, 2001Credit: AFP or licensors

How many flights were hijacked on 9/11?

On 9/11, 19 Islamic terrorists hijacked four planes departing from different locations throughout the unified States.

The flights hijacked on 9/11 included:

American Airlines trip 77, i beg your pardon departed indigenous Washington Dulles worldwide Airport at 8:20am en route to Los Angeles unified Airlines trip 175, i beg your pardon departed Logan global at 8:14am en path to Los Angeles

While four planes to be hijacked, just three crashed right into buildings. The location of united Airlines trip 93 is tho unknown.

What taken place on united Airlines trip 93?

Heroic passengers and also crew members stormed the cockpit and also most likely saved resides by staying clear of the 4 hijackers on board from crashing the airplane into the unknown destination.

All 44 world aboard the plane were eliminated when that crashed into a ar near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

“The perspective of passengers had tendency to be that airline would provide the hijackers what they wanted, and also so there was relatively little hazard to the passengers,” Brendan Koerner, writer of The Skies Belong to Us, said

“There aren’t really that plenty of instances that passengers getting involved.”

Some authorities believe that the target to be either The White home or the Capitol structure in DC as the hijackers were targeting lived in buildings and also American Airlines flight 77 had currently attacked the West wall of the Pentagon.


The 19 hijackers behind the September 11 terror strikes were later on identifiedCredit: Reuters

Who was the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks?

Osama bin Laden was a founder the Al-Qaeda that orchestrated the September 11 terror attacks.



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Following the attacks, president George W. Shrub sent troops to Afghanistan to discover Bin Laden, who was ultimately hunted down and also killed by US forces in might of 2011, nearly 10 years adhering to 9/11.

It to be revealed that Bin Laden might have interacted with terrorists by encoding messages right into porn videos.

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The claim was component of a the National geographic special, title Bin Laden's tough Drive, i beg your pardon analyzed and also revealed the digital products recovered in his compound.