We're Ranking Every Peeps flavor So girlfriend Don't have actually To resolve The caries From medicinally-flavored Peeps the smell far better than lock taste, to Peeps that we would gladly eat external of just Easter, right here they are, ranked.

cotton candy peeps, pancakes and also syrup peeps
Hilariously enough, Peeps are maybe the just holiday candy that got better with their flavor additions rather than acquiring worse. There are some pretty gross flavors out over there but, for the many part, Peeps have actually steadily improved from your sugar-covered-marshmallow-sticky origins. This is the one candy the we"re all too familiar with whether it to be seeing that lining the shelves throughout March and also April and wondering why anyone would want to eat a chicken-shaped candy, or from having eaten it ourselves, regrettably so.

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There are likewise those that thoroughly enjoy the Peeps candy and also have a sweet tooth huge enough to handle every one of their sugary goodness, and also even they would certainly agree that not every flavor has been a winner. From the pure stomach-turning worst to the cavity-worthy best, these room all the Peeps flavors, ranked.


Sour Watermelon

sour watermelon peeps via Delish.com
There"s simply something about taking a liquid that"s absurdly sweet and turning it ~ above its head to develop a tart version. Many people likely would have wanted this come taste like Sour patch Kids but instead, it taste reminiscent of a sour watermelon candy that had currently been half-eaten.

Blue Raspberry

blue raspberry peeps via Walmart.com
Not far off-course is Blue Raspberry i m sorry was no much far better than tart Watermelon, through an synthetic flavor that simply tasted favor the sweetest berry liquid you could find. The odor of these is also rather strong, making it feel as though you"re eating a scratch and also sniff sticker... With around the exact same flavor.


Fruit Punch

fruit beat peeps via eBay
Fruit Punch could have actually been tolerable if the smell was an ext along the currently of really fruit beat juice and also less prefer medicine. This medicinally-flavored Peep simply did not make the reduced when it pertained to flavor, scent, or texture, and we would have actually rather frozen actual fruit punch and ate that.

Raspberry Dipped In Fudge

raspberry peeps dipped in fudge via POPSUGAR
There was such promise and hope v this Peeps flavor. What was intended to it is in something a bit more mature and luxe was actually not much various than acquisition a bit of a Hershey"s bar and then eat a Blue Raspberry Peep.

Root Beer Float

root beer float peeps via eBay
anything that has "root beer" in the title, unless it"s in a marinade or in the type of a Dum-Dum lollipop, is bound to be bad... And also this Peeps flavor certainly was. The scent was more powerful than the flavor and it caused a watered-down variation of what can have been.


Froot Loops

froot loops peeps via Hip2Save
What kid doesn"t love Froot Loops cereal? if this Peep to be slightly an ext bearable (probably since Froot Loops themselves space nothing but berry-flavored street cereal), however it wasn"t an instant winner. When again, the odor was an ext exciting than the actual flavor.

Original Peeps

pink peeps via this particular day Show
This is why the initial Peeps flavor tho stands as among the best. That is pure, sugary nature can hardly be boosted upon yet it have the right to be included to, and attempting to adjust the flavor completely will likely an outcome in miscellaneous unpleasant and also unusual.

Pancakes and also Syrup

other than in the instance with Pancakes and Syrup i m sorry was, surprisingly, fairly good. These Peeps tasted prefer the genuine deal and also it can only be surmised that maple syrup, which likewise has a high street content, was conveniently translatable in a sugar-based candy such together this.


Hot Tamales

hot tamales peeps via Amazon
once taking ~ above the form of another candy, Peeps seem to work, as they did through the warm Tamales flavor. This won"t create a solid cinnamon flavor and also they absolutely don"t smell choose it, yet the basic cinnamon heat is mild and pleasant.

Cotton Candy

as soon as again, it doesn"t seem hard to take Peeps and also turn them into an additional super sugary treat. Cotton Candy settled very well and the figure of this Peeps was also cuter, making the whole flavor a identify "win" in most people"s books.

Party Cake

over there are few things that do party cake justice, and also one of castle is ice cream with the other being Peeps. Friend can almost taste the sprinkles and icing in this cake-flavored Peep and, somehow, it"s practically like acquisition a bite the end of the real thing.


Original Dipped In Milk Chocolate

peeps dipped in milk chocolate via Amazon
It"s uncertain why cacao Raspberry Peeps didn"t take on the same smooth, well-textured quality that these did however nonetheless, the initial Peeps dipped in Milk Chocolate combined two that everyone"s favorite things: marshmallow and also chocolate. Winners, for sure.

Chocolate Pudding

Surprisingly, coco works well through Peeps. These had actually the ethereal aroma the milk chocolate which boded well for your flavor, which was pretty on-par with a spoonful of chocolate pudding. If you melted these Peeps down and also used them together marshmallow fluff, they"d probably taste good in actual coco pudding.


Coconut Dipped In Dark Chocolate

coconut peeps dipped in dark chocolate via Twitter
Now, we"re acquiring to the good stuff. The soft smell of coconut combined masterfully through the flavors of dark chocolate, which served to tone down the all at once Peep sweetness drastically. For the very first time, that was favor your this actually had actually a chance at bypassing a cavity, altogether.

Strawberry Dipped In Fudge

There room two words to describe these Peeps flavor: nailed it. The aroma was favor a sweet and tart strawberry fruit, when the spices were comparable to the of strawberry ice cream with a drizzle of warm fudge.

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Chocolate Caramel Swirl

It"s probably the best surprise that them all to understand that this Peeps flavor was not virtually as sweet together the others. Rather, the sweetness was replaced with durable caramel, and the subtle chocolate flavor combine well v the all at once balance the the marshmallow candy. We love.