A look at the Commissioner"s Trophy, presented to the 2016 World series Champion Chicago Cubs. (Michael Tercha/Chicago Tribune)

The Commissioner"s Trophy, a gleaming 30-pound compensation sporting 30 steel flags, one because that each significant league club, and also a gold-stitched baseball, has already drawn huge crowds in ~ its home in The Park at Wrigley, 1101 W Waveland Ave. Do by Tiffany & Co., the is sterling silver and stands around 2 feet tall.

Anatomy of the Commissioner"s Trophy

A closer look at the trophy the Cubs took residence after win the World series in 2016.

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The 30 flags

These flags -- or pennants -- represent each MLB team in the American and also National leagues. Unlike previously versions that the trophy, no team names show up on the flags.


The baseball base

A baseball is stood for on the trophy"s domed base with 24-karat yellow stitches. Present representing latitude and longitude symbolize the world.


Engraving top top the front

The words "Presented through the Commissioner of Baseball" optimal the 1-1/2-inch-tall engraving of "2016 World collection Champions" adhered to by the MLB logo.

Team name on the back

Engraved top top the earlier side of the trophy is the signature of MLB Commissioner plunder Manfred -- it"s the second World series trophy the bears his name. Listed below that, "Chicago Cubs" will be engraved.

Comparing major sports trophies

Unlike championship trophies because that the NBA, NFL and NHL, significant League Baseball"s championship is not named for a person. Here are a couple of other means the Commissioner"s Trophy compares v its counterparts in other professional sports.



World Cup Trophy

Gold through two layers of malachite and also winning teams" names engraved on underside. Winning groups are offered a replica.

One-of-a-kind by G.D.E. Bertoni



Vince Lombardi Trophy

Regulation-size football placed in a kicking place on a pyramidlike was standing of three concave sides.

Made yearly through Tiffany & Co.



Commissioner"s Trophy

Other MLB trophies do by Tiffany & Co. Include the World collection MVP, All-Star house Run Derby and the Commissioner"s Historic accomplishment Award.

Made yearly by Tiffany & Co.



Larry O"Brien Championship Trophy

A 24-karat gold-plated regulation-size basketball in motion over a stylized segment the a hoop and also basket.

Made yearly through Tiffany & Co.

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Stanley Cup

Consists of a bowl, three-tiered bands, a collar and also five uniform bands. That is the only skilled sports trophy wherein the surname of every member of the win team is enrolled on it.

One-of-a-kind by A silversmith in Sheffield, England (the initial bowl)

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