NEW YORK (WABC) -- two decades after the terror assaults of Sept. 11, an ext than two-thirds of brand-new York City firefighters and EMTs who responded to the world Trade center that job or worked on the heap of toxicity wreckage have some sort of irreversible illness, according to the latest picture of FDNY health released Wednesday.

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Nearly 16,000 FDNY members to be exposed to dust, particulates, noxious gases, chemicals, and also fibers while functioning for an ext than 10 months in the rescue and also recovery effort.
More 보다 11,300 that them have been diagnosed and also certified with at least one WTC-covered condition for physics or psychological health, from asthma and reflux to PTSD and also cancer, the report native the FDNY people Trade facility Health program said."This intense eco-friendly exposure is straight related to plenty of of the symptoms and illnesses," the report said.RELATED: "Eyewitness come 9/11: Behind the Lens" discover untold stories, rare video clip of America"s darkest day

On the 20th anniversary the 9/11, we hear from the Eyewitness News journalists that were there, in the streets, in the air, and also in the newsroom, report on the occasions as the tragedy unfolded, capturing the unforgettable video clip of that day, and also risking their stays to tell the people what to be happening.

The most common ailment is gastroesophageal reflux disease, followed by reduced respiratory diseases and upper respiratory diseases, affecting an ext than 40% that WTC-exposed firefighters and more than 19% the WTC-exposed EMS providers.Officials speak 3,097 members had actually at least one cancer certification, and also some to be diagnosed with more than one cancer.

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"And if cancers proceed to take it a toy fee on our members, 83% the those diagnosed 5-10 years back are lively today, a testament to the benefits of beforehand detection and also treatment," the report said.The toll fee on the FDNY to be 343 firefighters that were killed on 9/11. In the two decades since, 254 FDNY members have passed away of 9/11-related illnesses.
John Feal operated the pile together a building and construction worker, and also he lost his foot in an accident there five days in.He began the FealGood structure to help very first responders taking care of health issues, and also the numbers are just going up."We"re see it now two decades later, whereby it"s comes to a boil," the said. "And it"s going to obtain progressively worse."
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