The firefighter deaths top top Sept. 11 price to much more than a third of the approximately 1,000 emergency personnel at the scene.

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The firefighter deaths on Sept. 11 price to much more than a 3rd of the approximately 1,000 emergency personnel at the scene.

At 8:46 a.m. Top top September 11, 2001, hijackers crashed American Airlines trip 11 right into the phibìc tower that the human being Trade facility in new York City. 6 minutes later, the an initial contingent of new York City firefighters—two ladder and two engine companies—had arrived on the stricken building. They had actually just started to rise a stairwell in an effort to reach civilization trapped on the top floors, when an additional hijacked airliner, united Airlines flight 175, win the south tower in ~ 9:03 a.m.

The 9/11 strikes not only ended up being the single deadliest terrorist attack in person, they were likewise the most dangerous incident ever before for firefighters, as well as for law enforcement policemans in the unified States. The brand-new York City Fire Department lost 343 amongst their ranks, if 23 brand-new York City police officers and 37 harbor Authority officers shed their lives, according to the 9/11 Commission that investigated the attacks and emergency response.

Civilians bolt in the contrary direction as firefighters rush in the direction of the pair Towers of the brand-new York City's civilization Trade center after a aircraft hit the structure on September 11, 2001.

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Suicide hijackers flew planes right into both towers of the human being Trade Center, leading to the towers' eventual collapse.The 9/11 assaults not only became the solitary deadliest terrorist strike in human being, they were likewise the most dangerous incident ever for firefighters, and for law enforcement police officers in the joined States.

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The new York City Fire Department shed 343 amongst their ranking on 9/11. Here, FDNY firefighters react after the collapse of the building.

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A new York firefighter is seen alone between the rubble the the civilization Trade center following the attacks."We had a very strong sense us would shed firefighters and also that us were in deep trouble, FDNY division Chief for reduced Manhattan Peter Hayden later on told the 9/11 Commission. “But us had estimates of 25,000 come 50,000 civilians, and also we had to shot to rescue them.”

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Members of the FDNY carry fellow firefighter, Al Fuentes, that was hurt in the collapse of the human being Trade Center.Captain Fuentes, who had actually been pinned under a vehicle on the west next highway, survived after his rescue.

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A firefighter crouches in grief in ~ the civilization Trade facility site top top 9/11.

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The rubble that the people Trade facility smolders top top September 12, 2001 as firefighters proceed recovery efforts.

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On September 14, 2001, chairman George W. Bush flew to brand-new York City and also visited the people Trade center site. Here the president comforts new York City firefighter, Lt Lenard Phelan the Battalion 46, whose brother, Lt Kenneth Phelan of Battalion 32, was among the 300 members the the FDNY quiet unaccounted complying with the attacks. Kenneth Phelan was ultimately identified amongst the firefighters killed.

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An approximated 17,400 people had been at the world Trade facility on the day of the 9/11 attacks, and also some 87 percent the them were safely evacuated thanks in large part come firefighters' heroic efforts.

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