It was one of the most an effective stories the heroism indigenous September 11, 2001. A team of firefighters somehow made it through inside the collapsed civilization Trade center for 4 hours and managed to save a woman’s life.

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Retired FDNY Lt. Matt Komorowski keeps the helmet he wore the day in his home.

“It reminds me that the firemen the we shed that day. The reminds me of every the lives we shed that day,” the says.

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Twenty years ago, Komorowski and also the various other members that Ladder agency 6 entered the world Trade Center’s north tower in search of survivors. They tried to climb more than 90 flights that stairs together debris fell around them.

“My captain turned to us and say, ‘Firemen will die today.’ and also that to be a an extremely poignant moment for every one of us,” Komorowski says.

When the south tower collapsed, Ladder agency 6 acquired the order to evacuate. That’s once they spotted Josephine Harris, that needed assist getting under the stairs.

“We were taking her down, and also at around the 8th floor, our structure came down,” Komorowski says. The phibìc tower broke down on optimal of them. “I instantly screamed come the men in front of us to move.”

What taken place next virtually defies explanation. The entire building roughly them to be destroyed, but part of Stairwell B, where they to be assisting Harris, remained standing.

“Where she quit turned the end to it is in the clues we essential to be,” Komorowski says.


They spent four hours trapped in the rubble, however all six males on the crew and Harris do it the end alive.

“There to be so many other firemen that day the were doing specifically what us were doing. Why us survived, we have actually no idea,” Komorowski says.

Harris, who operated as a bookkeeper for the harbor Authority, remained close through Komorowski and also the various other firefighters who conserved her.

“We had a unique bond with her, she to be our guardian angel,” that says. “If she had continued down come the lobby, and then our structure came down, us wouldn’t be around.”

In 2011, Ladder company 6 offered as pallbearers when Harris pass away, transferring her one critical time.


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