343 FDNY firefighters, to add one new York Fire patrolman, were eliminated in the terrorist attacks, together with dozens of other public safety personnel

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The September 11, 2001, terrorist strikes claimed the lives the 2,977 people, including 343 Fire room of New York City (FDNY) firefighters and one New York Fire patrolman. 

The event marks the largest loss of life of any emergency response company in history, follow to the National commission on Terrorist assaults upon the joined States. 

The 343 FDNY firefighters killed in the September 11 attacks on the people Trade Center’s Twin Towers hailed native 75 firehouses throughout the city.


Map of FDNY's first-responding firehouses come the September 11 attacks. Circles show the place of the company responding; heavy circles typical multiple companies. Rose-colored circles show companies through casualties. (Image/New York times via Wikipedia) FDNY’s cook of Department, Pete Ganci, was amongst the members killed, together was Chaplain Mychal Judge. Several other top commanders and also chiefs from the FDNY were also killed in the please of the twin Towers. 

The 9/11 strike was together a significant loss the life for the FDNY the it forged and also strengthened a partnership with the nationwide Fallen Firefighters Foundation, which still supports the department’s members come this day. NFFF executive, management Director Ron Siarnicki details the Foundations early on involvement in supporting FDNY in the days and weeks ~ 9/11 in “Rising native Ground Zero,” a digital edition focused on the new York City response and restore efforts. Learn an ext about just how the NFFF’s mission shifted post-9/11 and the continuous support the structure offers FDNY.

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The national Fallen Firefighters Memorial come the 343 firefighters eliminated on September 11, 2001. (Photo/NFFF) The new York Fire Patrolman eliminated on 9/11 was Keith Roma. While not an FDNY firefighter and therefore not had in the typically referenced 343 figure, Roma was a firefighter, and also some believe the 343 designation should it is in updated to 344 to respect Roma’s service. Read Roma’s story here. 

Beyond fire organization personnel, there were dozens the LODDs among other public safety and security agencies on 9/11. The Port government Police Department suffered 37 fatalities, the largest loss of life of any police force in history. The NYPD suffered 23 fatalities, the second-largest lose of life of any police pressure in history, exceeded just by the PAPD officers LODDs indigenous 9/11. 

Eight EMTs and also paramedics were eliminated on 9/11. Read about the eight EMS providers here. 

Since September 11, 2001, hundreds of public safety and security personnel have passed away from occupational illness related come their rescue and recovery work. 

“Never Forget” is a common phrase offered to remember and also honor the practically 3,000 human being killed on September 11, 2001, consisting of the 343 firefighters and also other public safety personnel.

Memorial occasions are held each year to honor the fallen very first responders, the many notable events likely being the NFFF-affiliated 9/11 Memorial stairway Climbs to honor the 343 please FDNY firefighters. Learn an ext about the stairs Climb occasions here. Others have launched the events like the "Never Forget Walk” and the FDNY 343 Ride to honor your fallen brothers.