The skinny: Hunsaker was the police cook of Fayetteville, W.Va., when he dealt with Cassius Clay, that won a six-round unanimous decision. Hunsaker’s eye were swollen shut by the end of the fight, and also afterward the said, “Clay to be as fast as lightning. I tried every trick ns knew to throw at him turn off balance, yet he was just too good.” In his autobiography, Ali said Hunsaker handle him one of the hardest human body blows he ever took during his career. Ali and also Hunsaker became an excellent friends and stayed in touch v the years. Hunsaker stated he did not agree v Ali’s decision to refuse armed forces service, but he praised him together a good humanitarian and athlete.

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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies at 74

Appreciation: Muhammad Ali was a champion in and out the the boxing ring

2. Dec. 27, 1960 (2-0)

Opponent: Herb Siler (1-1)

Site: Miami coast (Fla.) Auditorium

Weight: 193 pounds

The skinny: Siler ended up being Clay’s first knockout victim, going down in the 4th round of a reserved eight-round fight. Twelve years later, Siler was convicted the manslaughter and also served a seven-year jail sentence. He passed away in 2001 in Miami.

3. Jan. 17, 1961 (3-0)

Opponent: Tony Esperti (9-6-2)

Site: Miami beach Auditorium

Weight: 195 pounds

The skinny: on his 19th birthday, Clay knocked out Esperti in the 3rd round of a booked eight-round fight. Esperti, nicknamed “Big Tony,” to be an notorious character approximately Miami Beach. As soon as his boxing job ended, Esperti found himself in trouble often. According to TheMiami Herald in 1967, Esperti was arrested 11 times because that assault and battery, and each time the victims decreased to press charges. ~ above Oct. 31, 1967, in ~ a restaurant in phibìc Bay Village, Fla., Esperti was arrested for allegedly gunning down Thomas “The Enforcer” Altamura, a understood mobster. Follow to newspaper reports, Altamura was waiting to be sit at the restaurant as soon as Esperti accused walked up and shot him come death. Esperti passed away in 2002 at the period of 72.

4. Feb. 7, 1961 (4-0)

Opponent: Jimmy Robinson (1-2-0)

Site: Miami coast Convention Hall

Weight: 193.5 pounds

The skinny: Clay was claimed to hit Willie Guelat on the undercard the the light-heavyweight title fight in between Harold Johnson and Jesse Bowdry, but Guelat failed to present up. Clay knocked out Guelat’s replacement, Robinson, in 94 seconds.

5. Feb. 21, 1961 (5-0)

Opponent: Donnie Fleeman (35-11-1)

Site: Miami coast Auditorium

Weight: 190 pounds

The skinny: Clay won by technological knockout in the seventh round of a booked eight-round fight. Fleeman, Clay’s very first true opponent, was a tough Texan, yet he can not cope v Clay’s speed. Fleeman plodded forward, and Clay picked him off at will. The struggle took 7 rounds mainly since Clay decided that 7 was enough. Fleeman, 28, retirement after the fight.

30 the Muhammad Ali"s best quotes

6. April 19, 1961 (6-0)

Opponent: LaMar Clark (44-2)

Site: flexibility Hall State Fairground, Louisville

Weight: 192.5 pounds

The skinny: Clay knocked the end Clark, a previous chicken farmer native Utah who had won 44

consecutive fights by KO, in the second round that a scheduled 10-round fight. Clay ruined Clark, break his sleep in the process. Clark, 27, retired after the fight.

7. June 26, 1961 (7-0)

Opponent: Kolo “Duke” Sabedong (15-11-1)

Site: ras Vegas Convention Center

Weight: 194.5 pounds

The skinny: Clay, fighting because that the very first time in ras Vegas, the new mecca of boxing, winner a 10-round unanimous decision against Sabedong, a strapping 6-6 Hawaiian. Sabedong, 31, started out fighting dirty and hit Clay listed below the belt to shot to provoke an upset. However he short the speed and also skill to bother Clay, who blamed his sluggish mirroring on trainer Angelo Dundee’s decision to fly them to las Vegas fairly than take the train. Sabedong passed away in 2008 at the period of 78.

8. July 22, 1961 (8-0)

Opponent: Alonzo Johnson (18-7)

Site: freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville

Weight: 192.5 pounds

The skinny: Johnson was the very first nationally ranked fighter to obtain in the ring with Clay. He to be a seasoned veteran however had no real punching power. Johnson offered Clay a hard fight top top a sweltering summer night. The bout went the distance, v Clay winning a unanimous decision. One judge, however, score it 48-47 for Clay, who was booed through the hometown fans because that the an initial time for his less-than-inspired performance.

9. Oct. 7, 1961 (9-0)

Opponent: Alex Miteff (25-10-1)

Site: freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville

Weight: 188 pounds

The skinny: Miteff, a 26-year-old from Argentina, to be a promise heavyweight contender known because that his human body attacks, however he was no match for Clay. The “Louisville Lip” must have actually taken to heart the booing from his vault fight because he brutally pounded Miteff, knocking him out in the sixth round. Miteff retirement after losing his next fight. He tried come come earlier five year later however retired for good after being KO’d through Jerry Quarry in the 3rd round in April 1967. Miteff had a small component in the movie Requiem because that a Heavyweight, i m sorry starred Anthony Quinn and Jackie Gleason.

10. Nov. 29, 1961 (10-0)

Opponent: Willi Besmanoff (44-27-7)

Site: freedom Hall State Fairground, Louisville

Weight: 193 pounds

The skinny: Besmanoff, 29, to be a German that had combated the likes the Sonny Liston, George Chuvalo, Zora Folley and Archie Moore prior to Clay. Prior to the fight, Clay told a TV interviewer, “I’m unpleasant to obtain in the ring v this unrated duck. I’m prepared for top contenders like Floyd Patterson and also Sonny Liston. Besmanoff must fall in seven!” Besmanoff to be insulted and came right out after Clay. However Clay toyed through him for six rounds, climate KO’d the in the seventh, identified to make great on his prediction.

11. Feb. 10, 1962 (11-0)

Opponent: Sonny financial institutions (10-2)

Site: Madison Square Garden, brand-new York

Weight: 194.5 pounds

The skinny: This was Clay’s an initial fight in ~ Madison Square Garden. Before the fight, Clay said, “The male must fall in the round i call. In fact, financial institutions must autumn in four.” however Banks, 21, became the first to put Clay ~ above the canvas when he knocked him under in the very first round. Financial institutions went under in Round 2, then take it a beating native Clay prior to the fight to be stopped at an early stage in the fourth round. Three years later, financial institutions died native injuries experienced in a nine-round bout vs. Leotis Martin.

12. In march 28, 1962 (12-0)

Opponent: Don Warner (12-6-2)

Site: Miami beach Convention Hall

Weight: 195 pounds

The skinny: Warner was a two-handed puncher who had actually a good record that wins within the distance. “He was a difficult left-hooker native Philadelphia,” claimed Dundee, Ali’s trainer. Clay said Warner, 22, would certainly go down in the fifth round. Yet he sent a bloodied Warner with the ropes in Round 4. Request why he had taken Warner in the fourth when he had predicted the fifth, Clay stated he had to deduct a round due to the fact that Warner neglected come shake hands at the weigh-in.

13. April 23, 1962 (13-0)

Opponent: George Logan (22-7-1)

Site: Los Angeles sports Arena

Weight: 196.5 pounds

The skinny: Logan threw a lot of left hooks, most of i beg your pardon missed, when Clay’s quick hands opened cuts over Logan’s eyes. The referee stopped it in the 4th round. Yet more significant for Clay was his opportunity meeting with budding photojournalist Howard Bingham, and the two formed a lifelong friendship.

14. Might 19, 1962 (14-0)

Opponent: Billy Daniels (16-0)

Site: St. Nicholas Arena, brand-new York

Weight: 196 pounds

The skinny: Daniels, from brand-new York, to be 6-4 and an Air pressure veteran. He to be a great boxer through decent punching power and came into the fight undefeated and rated 10th in the world heavyweight rankings by Ring Magazine. He was featured top top the cover through Clay as two young untouched contenders. Daniels was cut in the 2nd round, and also that led to the fight come be quit in the seventh.

15. July 20, 1962 (15-0)

Opponent: Alejandro Lavorante (19-3)

Site: Los Angeles sports Arena

Weight: 199 pounds

The skinny: Lavorante was another Argentine fighter who was discovered by Jack Dempsey. He to be Hollywood handsome with a great knockout punch. But Clay knocked out Lavorante in the 5th round. In his next fight two months later vs. John Riggins (not the football player), Lavorante to be KO’d in the sixth round, dropped into a coma and died from his injuries 19 month later at age 27.

16. Nov. 15, 1962 (16-0)

Site: Los Angeles sports Arena

Weight: 204 pounds

The skinny: Moore was among the best light heavyweights and also most prolific battle aircraft of all time (219 skilled fights). But he to be 45 as soon as he battled Clay. Clay knocked the down 3 times in the fourth round and also won through TKO in the fourth. Moore’s next fight to be his last, and also it was against wrestler Mike DiBiase in Phoenix. Moore beat increase on DiBiase and also won by TKO in the third round, ending his 27-year career v a victory.

17. Jan. 24, 1963 (17-0)

Opponent: Charley Powell (23-6-3)

Site: civic Arena, Pittsburgh

Weight: 205 pounds

The skinny: Powell was a former pro football player and the brother of American Football league receiving good Art Powell. Charley Powell was bigger than Clay and not intimidated by him. Powell started solid and caught Clay through a couple of body punches, however he quickly realized the deceptiveness the Clay’s strength. Clay KO’d Powell at the end of Round 3, again finishing an foe in the ring he had predicted. At this point, Clay had actually predicted knockouts in 13 the his 14 KO victories.

18. In march 13, 1963 (18-0)

Opponent: Doug Jones (21-3-1)

Site: Madison Square Garden, new York

Weight: 202.5 pounds

The skinny: prior to a sold-out Garden crowd (the an initial sellout there due to the fact that Rocky Marciano vs. Joe luigi in 1951), Jones ache Clay early and often, staggering him in the an initial round. By the center rounds, Clay, establish he was in a real fight, began using his powerful jab. While the ringside judges gave Clay a small victory, the crowd assumed Jones had actually won and also booed Clay unmercifully. The questioned bout was named Fight of the Year because that 1963 by Ring Magazine.

19. June 18, 1963 (19-0)

Opponent: Henry Cooper (27-8-1)

Site: Wembley Stadium, London

Weight: 207 pounds

The skinny: Cooper, 29, was a peak fighter in Europe and also had a powerful left hook. However he was a huge underdog versus young and brash Clay and also was outweighed by 21 pounds. Cooper came out strong and bloodied Clay’s sleep in the first round. Yet by the third round, Clay had actually opened a negative gash end Cooper’s left eye. Instead of finishing him, though, Clay danced around and taunted Cooper. Late in the 4th round, Cooper associated with a left hook that floored and hurt Clay. He obtained up as the round ended. Clay then opened up the gash additional in the 5th round, and also the fight to be stopped. Clay’s fifth-round KO prediction came true.

20. Feb. 25, 1964 (20-0)

Opponent: Sonny Liston (35-1)

Site: Miami beach Convention Hall

Weight: 210.5 pounds

The skinny: Finally, Clay to be fighting for the civilization heavyweight location in one of the most anticipated bouts of that era. Liston had won his location by knocking the end champion Floyd Patterson in the very first round. Clay came in as a 7-1 underdog, however taunted Liston before the fight, repetitively calling the ex-convict, who had actually alleged ties to arranged crime, a “big, ugly bear.” native the start, Clay’s speed, quickness and also movement make Liston’s hefty punches look at slow. Clay complained that his eye were burn after the 4th round, and he can not see. Dundee rinsed his eye out v a sponge and pushed him out for the fifth. Clay remained away from Liston in the fifth, and by the 6th round his vision had cleared. He began connecting on combine at will, and at the end of the 6th round Liston said he couldn’t continue, complain of a shoulder injury. Clay ran about the ring shouting, “I to be the greatest!” and “I shook up the world!” The next day, Clay adjusted his name to Cassius X, and then Muhammad Ali.

21. May 25, 1965 (21-0)

Opponent: Sonny Liston (35-2)

Site: St. Dominic’s Hall, Lewiston, Maine

Weight: 206 pounds

The skinny: due to the fact that of the means the an initial fight ended, boxing authorities order a rematch in far Lewiston. Only 2,434 fans to be present, the shortest attendance ever before for a heavyweight title fight. The end of the struggle remains one of the most controversial in boxing history. Halfway with the very first round, Liston fell to the canvas in what numerous have suggested was not a legit knockdown. Ali did not retreat to his corner, but stood end Liston, yelling at him, “Get up and fight, sucker!” The photograph that captured that moment came to be one that the most renowned in all of sports. Referee Jersey Joe Walcott, a previous heavyweight champion, showed up confused, and 20 secs passed. By climate Liston had acquired up and resumed boxing. Yet Nat Fleischer, publisher that The Ring, alerted Walcott that Liston had actually been down much more than the requisite 10 seconds, and also Walcott quit the fight, offering Ali a first-round knockout. Some claimed that Liston had bet versus himself and took a dive since he fan money to the Mafia. Liston claimed years later in one interview the he feared for his safety and security from country of Islam extremists who sustained Ali.

22. Nov. 22, 1965 (22-0)

Opponent: Floyd Patterson (43-4)

Site: las Vegas Convention Center

Weight: 210 pounds

The skinny: Patterson, on the comeback follow after two losses to Liston, stated in a pre-fight interview, “This hit is a crusade come reclaim the title from the black Muslims. As a Catholic, ns am fighting Clay (he persisted in calling Ali by his bear name) as a patriotic duty. Ns am going to return the crown to America.” Ali toyed with Patterson transparent the fight before winning ~ above a 12th-round TKO.

23. In march 29, 1966 (23-0)

Opponent: George Chuvalo (34-11-2)

Site: Maple sheet Gardens, Toronto

Weight: 214.5 pounds

The skinny: Chuvalo, a Canadian, is widely pertained to as having the finest chin in boxing history, having actually never to be knocked down in 93 fights. This struggle would have actually been for Ali’s people title, but boxing politics resulted in it to be called “a heavyweight showdown.” The struggle went the distance, with Ali win a unanimous decision. “He’s the toughest guy I ever fought,” Ali claimed afterward. Dundee stated of Chuvalo: “He never stopped comes on. You’ve acquired to excellent a male like that.”

24. Might 21, 1966 (24-0)

Opponent: Henry Cooper (33-11-1)

Site: Arsenal football Stadium, London

Weight: 201.5 pounds

The skinny: after ~ the controversial an initial fight, the 2nd was because that the civilization title, yet it was relatively anticlimactic. Cooper, who had a tendency to endure cuts, surrendered again to his weakness, and a negative cut over his left eye stopped the struggle after six rounds.

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25. Aug. 6, 1966 (25-0)

Opponent: Brian London (35-13)

Site: Earls Court Arena, London

Weight: 209 pounds

The skinny: London, recognized as the “Blackpool Tower,” to be a trivial boxer who had actually been to win by Cooper three times prior to he battled Ali. Ingemar Johansson had stated London would have actually struggled come beat his sister. Ali toyed through him because that a couple rounds before knocking the unconscious in the 3rd round at Dundee’s insistence.