Michael Gerard ‘Mike’ Tyson do his skilled boxing debut, together an 18-year-old, on in march 6, 1985 and the adhering to November knocked out Trevor Berbick to become World Boxing council (WBC) heavyweight champion. In his 58-fight career, ‘Iron Mike’ won 50 fights, 44 of castle by knockout, and also became undisputed world heavyweight champion. However, the did shed six times, 3 times through knockout, double by technological knockout and also once by disqualification.

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His first knockout come at the hand of the unheralded James ‘Buster’ Douglas ~ above February 11, 1990. In one of the greatest shocks in contemporary sporting history, Douglas recovered native an eighth-round knockdown come knock the end Tyson – who had never previously hit the canvas – early on in the tenth round and also bring his hitherto unbeaten record to one end. Although he experienced a how amazing loss, by technical knockout, come Evander Holyfield in November, 1996 and also another, much less surprisingly, through disqualification – after he bit Holyfield double on his appropriate ear, severely sufficient to remove component of the – in your rematch six months later, Tyson to be only ever knocked out double more.

In what became, ultimately, a one-sided contest against undisputed heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis top top June 8, 2003, Tyson was at some point knocked down, and also out, in the eighth round. The adhering to July, facing debts of $38 million, Tyson returned to the ring because that what showed to it is in the penultimate hit of his career versus former British commonwealth heavyweight champion Danny ‘The Brixton Bomber’ Williams. In the fourth round, Williams unleashed a flurry of unanswered punches, finishing with a vast right hand, which sent Tyson reeling. Tyson sat, dazed, on the canvas, leaning versus the ropes and, although that did eventually shot to obtain to his feet, to be counted out.


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