The White Sox will rise capacity to roughly 24,300 fans start May 24. The Cubs will certainly go come 60% on may 28.

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start May 24, the White Sox will allow approximately 24,300 fans into Guaranteed price Field. Victor Hilitski/For the Sun-Times
The Cubs and also White Sox announced lock will boost fan capacity at their stadiums come 60% this month.

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As the city proceeds to diminish coronavirus restrictions, the Sox will boost capacity to about 24,300 fans at Guaranteed price Field beginning May 24 versus the Cardinals. The stadium can usually accommodate 40,615 fans.

Approval native city and also state leadership and public health and wellness officials noted the green light. The boost comes together teams about MLB have already begun to boost crowd sizes, including some ballparks already maxing the end at 100% capacity.

The Cubs will begin at 60% capacity — or about 25,000 fans — in ~ Wrigley field on may 28 versus the Reds. Wrigley’s normal capacity is over 41,000.


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“We have been working towards this moment and also have constantly looked forward to welcoming much more fans back to guaranteed Rate field in a safe and responsible way,” claimed Brooks Boyer, the White Sox chef revenue and marketing officer.

“The team has actually been a most fun come watch. Our crowds, also at lower capacity have been massively energetic, and also we just can’t wait to gain a bigger team of people.”

The Sox will have actually two vaccinated-only sections for 4 games this weekend. Beginning with video game 1 that the doubleheader Friday against the Royals, fans who purchase tickets in the designated vaccinated-only sections situated in part 108-109 will present their inoculation cards or other proof that they have been fully vaccinated together with a picture ID ~ above entering the ballpark.

Fans holding tickets in this sections will certainly be sit without physical distancing.

Fans who get a vaccination before a game will get a $25 White Sox gift map for usage inside the ballpark. The team will have actually two vaccination sites in ~ the stadium start May 24.

Tickets for the vaccinated-only part went on revenue at 3 p.m. Thursday on the Sox’ website.

Cubs single-game tickets because that the may 28-June 2 gamings will go on revenue at 10 a.m. Tuesday top top the team website. Tickets are obtainable on a first-come, first-served communication in seating pods of increase to six people and also will have actually a minimum that one open seat in between pods within the same row.

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Like the Sox, the Cubs will have actually a designated area specifically for fully vaccinated fans at Wrigley ar for the four-game collection May 17-20 against the Nationals. The upper ar of the center-field Budweiser Bleachers will be designated for totally vaccinated fans and also will be at full capacity with no physical distancing. Single-game tickets for the area likewise went on sale at 3 p.m. Thursday. Proof of vaccination and also a picture ID room required.

Meanwhile, the Fire announced they will certainly be expanding capacity to around 12,500 in ~ Soldier field for their may 22 and May 29 residence matches, offering increased yet socially distanced seating in the 100 and 200 levels and select components of the 300 level the the stadium. In a statement, the Fire claimed “as the season progresses, we will make further adjustments as new guidance emerges.”