The Daytona global Speedway has actually long been hosting action-packed races consisting of fan-favorite, the Daytona 500. Since 1959, this speedway has actually attracted millions of fans who reap rooting for their favorite driver to cross the complete line. With such a wealthy history, there may be some points fans don’t know about this iconic Daytona attraction. Inspect out this facts around the Daytona global Speedway and also some useful tips for visiting.

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Daytona global Speedway: 13 points You may Not Know


The process Took over a YearIt take it 15 month to develop Daytona worldwide Speedway. Ground damaged in November 1957, and also it opened for organization in February 1959.

It’s one of the biggest of that is KindThe speedway is among the largest outdoor stadiums in the U.S. It has 11 society areas, known as neighborhoods, each measuring the dimension of a football field.

The dimension of the earth MatteredDaytona global Speedway measures almost 1 mile, and also developers had actually to take the curvature the the earth into account.

Houses the many Stadium EscalatorsGetting about is simple with 17 elevators and 40 escalators, the many in the U.S. Of outdoor stadium escalators.

See Concerts and MoreThe track serves together a multipurpose venue, hosting whatever from nation music festivals come motorcycle shows. Find upcoming events.


Bike main Draws huge CrowdsBike Week is just one of the most popular events, and the occasion has been to run for much more than 70 years. Cycle Week at Daytona attributes vendors, experienced riders, complimentary demo rides and also supercross events. Midway entrance is totally free during cycle Week.

Hosted gyeongju for almost 60 YearsThe first race organized at the track was the Daytona 500 in 1959, and also the speedway began hosting the Daytona 200 in 1961.

Legends are Made HereDale Earnhardt Sr. Winner the many races at the speedway, v a chuck 34 wins. Just three vehicle drivers have winner the Daytona 500 and Rolex 24: Jamie McMurray, Mario Andretti and also AJ Foyt.

Visiting Daytona international Speedway

Renovations Add much more SpaceThe stadium seats an ext than 100,000 gyeongju fans. A significant renovation project has led to an ext than 60 trackside suites and also doubled the number of restrooms.

Tour the SpeedwayGuests deserve to tour Daytona worldwide Speedway on unique dates and times. Check the schedule to plan a tour.

Or gain in the Driver SeatThe NASCAR steering Experience provides visitors a opportunity to ride follow me or gain in the driver seat. The event is multiple times a month, excluding March.

Camping Is EncouragedWhen camping, vehicles should be less than 8 feet in height and also 20 feet in length. Pets are enabled at the GEICO Park West and GEICO Infield RV and in camping areas.

Share experience EasilyIt’s easy to share the full Daytona racing suffer at the speedway. Travellers can additionally enjoy complimentary Wi-Fi transparent the stadium, Midway and fan zones.

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Want to visit? book your Daytona vacation rental. Plan more fun in ~ these optimal Daytona coast attractions.