It"s hard to put Lewis Hamilton"s 100 Formula One victories into context as no-one in the 71-year history of the sport has ever before reached three figures of gyeongju wins.

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Between 2006 and 2020, Michael Schumacher organized the record for the many career wins in ~ 91 -- a number that was 40 clean of the vault record and seemed unbeatable when Hamilton began out in F1 earlier in 2007. But as that has become clear the Hamilton would surpass the number over the past 12 months, the regarded limit that what is feasible in a solitary F1 career has actually been redefined.

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Ignoring the statistical meaning of the roundest of round numbers, Hamilton"s 100th victory does not change the reality he is in among the tightest title battles the his career. It moved the 36-year-old 2 points clear of title competitor Max Verstappen in the championship standings, but offers no guarantee that he will ultimately come out on peak as that chases one more previously unthinkable record: an eighth civilization title.

Yet being the first F1 driver to with triple numbers still dead a meaning that even Hamilton, that often insurance claims not to be interested in numbers, can not ignore.

"It"s a magical moment," he stated after the race. "I might only have actually dreamed the still gift here and also having the chance to have the ability to win these races and also drive versus such phenomenal talent this so late in my career.

"We continue to keep building with Mercedes through both every little thing we have actually done on monitor but likewise off."

Most F1 wins

Lewis Hamilton - 100Michael Schumacher - 91Sebastian Vettel - 53Alain Prost - 51Ayrton Senna - 41Fernando Alonso - 32Nigel Mansell - 31Jackie Stewart - 27Jim Clark - 25Niki Lauda - 25Yet few of Hamilton"s movie critics still i have dissolved his achievements. The debate goes that he has had actually the many dominant auto in F1 during a time when more races have been top top the calendar than ever before, creating more opportunities to victory than any other driver has actually previously had.

Rather 보다 judge based on the outright variety of victories, F1 aficionados often suggest to win percentages together a purer kind of ranking the success that the very best. However the more races you compete in, the much more chance you have actually of dependability issues, accidents or simply a lack of car performance damaging your percentage, i beg your pardon is part of the factor why two chauffeurs from the 1950s -- as soon as cars to be often much more dominant than they room in modern F1, through winning margins sometimes counted in minutes fairly than seconds -- lead the rankings.

Nevertheless, Hamilton remains in the optimal three v a 35.59 percent success ratio.

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Percentage wins

Juan Manuel Fangio - 46.15% native 52 entriesAlberto Ascari - 39.39% indigenous 33 entriesLewis Hamilton - 35.59% from 281 entriesJim Clark - 34.25% from 73 entriesMichael Schumacher - 29.55% from 308 entriesJackie Stewart - 27% from 100 entriesAyrton Senna - 25.31% native 162 entriesAlain Prost - 25.25% from 202 entriesOf course, there"s no doubt the Mercedes" reasonably unchallenged operation of success over current years has added to Hamilton"s statistics. His time at Mercedes has yielded 79 of his 100 wins and also six that his seven titles.

But it should not be forgotten that in his an initial year through the team, 2013, that took simply one success from a 19-race season. Hamilton"s win ratio with Mercedes is much about the team he has helped build and how it come from the upper midfield of the net in 2013 to conquer the sport -- a similar story exists behind the majority of Schumacher"s 91 wins.

But as outstanding as Hamilton"s 100 wins are, right now they do not appear to be together unbeatable as Schumacher"s 91 in 2006. Verstappen"s introduction on the scene as a title rival at the age of simply 23 means Hamilton"s records, where they end up once he retires, will most likely come under threat in the next decade.

Verstappen has 17 wins from 134 races so much in his career however is still building momentum and also taking victories far from Hamilton. To put the Red Bull driver"s career development in context, Hamilton had actually won just nine races at the exact same age.

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Perhaps the many thrilling point is the these 2 talents are at this time racing versus each other for the title and we deserve to compare their talents not by statistics alone but likewise with wheel-to-wheel war on the race track. And in a chop championship fight such together this, you deserve to guarantee that none the Hamilton"s 100 wins will certainly be as important to the right currently as his 101st.