For nine periods on CBS, The Waltons to be a component of a weekly heritage for tv viewers. It to be a clip of Thursday nights for so long that plenty of were a small lost as soon as it finally went turn off the air in 1981.

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Based top top the Spencer’s Mountain book by Earl Hamner Jr. And also a 1963 Henry Fonda movie the the same name, The Waltons revolves roughly a huge family living in landscape Virginia during the Depression and World battle II. The family, living on Walton’s Mountain, is comprised of John and Olivia Walton (Ralph Waite and Michael Learned), their 7 children, and John’s parents, Zebulon “Zeb” and Esther Walton (Will Geer and also Ellen Corby). The story is seen generally through the eye of john “John Boy” Walton (Richard Thomas), an aspiring writer and the eldest son. The other kids are play by Jon Walmsley, mary Beth McDonough, Eric Scott, Judy Norton-Taylor, David W. Harper, and also Kami Cotler.

The mountain setup is additionally home to several various other townspeople prefer the moonshine-producing spinsters, the Baldwin sister (Mary Jackson and Helen Kleeb); basic store owners Ike and Cora Beth Godsey (Joe Conley and also Ronnie Claire Edwards); hard-working african American Verdie Foster (Lynn Hamilton); and undermotivated chicken thef Yancy Tucker (Robert Donner).

As the collection wore on, the household grew through weddings and also births. There were likewise a few notable actors changes. Thomas left The Waltons as john Boy went turn off to college and then join the battle effort. Cutting board guested twice prior to being changed by Robert Wightman in last seasons. Corby suffered a hit midway with season five and was missing for much of the 1976-77 season. The stroke to be written right into the storyline and she reverted for the 1978 season but eventually left again in 1979. Geer passed away in 1978 and his character’s fatality was written into the series. Learned left the series in 1979 and made sometimes appearances afterward. It was explained that she character had occurred tuberculosis and also entered a sanitarium.

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The last season, taking place in 1945, find several guys of the Walton family members fighting the war. Ben is recorded by the Japanese army, Jason may have actually killed another man, and John Boy falls in love through a French woman. In ~ home, mary Ellen becomes determined to become a doctor despite opposition, and also much more. The war finally pertains to an end and also the children return home.

The last episode, title “The Revel,” aired top top June 4, 1981. In the episode, John-Boy walk to new York to go after his creating career yet arrives to uncover that his manuscript has actually been rejected. His publisher’s secretary offers him enough money come return home and advises that to begin a new book. He returned house dejected. Meanwhile, the Baldwin sisters plan a lavish ball and send out invitations come their numerous old friends. Many are returned since the civilization have all died or relocated away. The Waltons finish up conserving the day when they gather anyone they can find to to visit the celebration. In the closeup of the door epilogue, john Boy recounts that the Baldwins’ zest for life would certainly inspire him come write an additional book and also return to brand-new York.

The cast reunited because that a total of 6 made-for-TV movies. The last one, centered roughly Easter, aired in 1997. There’s been no current talk the any much more reunions.

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The Waltons: The complete Ninth Season

has all 22 episodes of the final season on 3 DVDs, released because that the an initial time. The Waltons: The finish Seasons 1-9
has additionally just to be released, for those who desire to collect all 221 episodes of this lengthy running family-friendly series.