The Mick is currently airing ~ above Comedy central here in the UK however there won’t be a season 3.

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It’s never ever nice once a TV display is cancelled, specifically when it’s one the you’ve end up being invested in end a number of seasons.

For pan of the Fox TV present The Mick, currently airing on Comedy central here in the UK, that’s precisely the case as the present was cancelled after simply two seasons.

In the months and years due to the fact that the show came to an end, fans have actually been top top a consistent search because that answers around why the present was pulled. 


What is The Mick about?

The Mick is a us comedy that complies with titular character Mackenzie “Mickey” Molng as she attempts to ditch her irresponsible nature and take treatment of 3 young children, her niece and also two nephews, after your parents to be arrested for taxes fraud.

Naturally, very small in the collection goes to setup which leaves Mickey on the constant verge that a nervous breakdown.


Why The Mick to be cancelled

The reason why The Mick to be cancelled has actually never to be officially revealed by the show’s us network Fox however it is supposed that poor viewing figures were behind the decision together is often the case in TV.

After an outstanding pilot episode, i m sorry raked in over 8.5 million viewers, and opening first season which average 2.96 million viewers, ratings tanked and by the finish of season 2, just 1.8 million human being were tuning in.


Fans heartbroken end scrapped comedy

Even despite the show was cancelled by Fox in 2018, fans space still heartbroken about the decision with plenty acquisition to social media come voice their discontent.

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One Twitter user just commented: “We require the mick season 3.”

While another added: “Just learned the The Mick was cancelled and read an article where the creators provided the principles that would’ve to be Season 3 and now i’m super bummed and also kinda wanna cry.”

And finally, this pan on Twitter supplied a tweet indigenous The Mick star Kaitlin Olson to offer some paper definition in them calling for an ext of The Mick.

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It’s been out of hand since The Mick didn’t obtain a season 3

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