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( - Bridgerton - the glossy duration drama with a modern twist - graced Netflix in so late 2020 and also it was excellent. Full of scandal, drama, sex and romance, it to be the TV collection that had us all hooked top top Lady Whistledown"s detailing of the events from start to finish.

The very first series was influenced by Juila Quinn"s publication - "The Duke and also I" - which is the an initial of eight so over there is many of product to see united state binge ~ above Bridgerton for rather a while longer. Netflix has confirmed a season 2, 3 and 4 so far.

Here is every little thing we know so far about Bridgerton season 2 and also when it will hit our screens.

Bridgerton season 2 relax date: once is that out?

Netflix confirmed Bridgerton would check out a season 2 on 21 January 2021, adhered to by confirming a season 3 and also 4 ~ above 13 April 2021. It hasn"t yet evidenced when Bridgerton season 2 will air though, other than for come say 2022. We would hope beforehand 2022, but it"s unclear for now.

Filming has actually started adhering to a hold-up in 2020. Phoebe Dynevor - who plays Daphne Bridgerton - to be pictured travel from the united state to the UK with Daphne"s signature auburn hair color (a colour various to her herbal hair), i m sorry sparked early stage rumours.

Since then however, number of of the characters have been photographed on set, and also some of the actors were additionally spotted at Ascot Racecourse, so manufacturing is underway. There"s likewise a an initial look, which you deserve to watch a bit additional down.

How and also where to watch Bridgerton season 2

When Bridgerton season 2 walk land, it it is in on Netflix only. Unsurprising, provided its a Netflix original collection - and also the biggest one so much - so you"ll must make certain you have actually your Netflix subscription ready.

How plenty of episodes will certainly there it is in in Bridgerton season 2?

Bridgerton season 1 had actually eight illustration so the wouldn"t be as well surprising to check out a similar number because that season 2, though at this time we don"t know.

Each illustration is likely to it is in an hour long though, as they to be in season 1 for this reason we have the right to hope because that at least eight hrs of more drama and also Lady Whistledown reporting.

What is supposed to occur in Bridgerton season 2

As mentioned, the first season the Bridgerton was influenced by Julia Quinn"s "The Duke and I", which concentrated on the relationship in between the fight it out of Hastings, Simon Basset, and also the earliest of the Bridgerton daughter"s, Daphne Bridgerton.

The 2nd season is meant to be motivated by the second book, "The Viscount that Loved Me". That will focus on default bachelor Anthony Bridgerton and also a woman dubbed Edwina Sharma. Despite of course, nothing will be straightforward as that doesn"t do for good TV, for this reason Edwina"s sister Kate will make certain Lady Whistledown has something to write around for her society Papers.

Dear Readers, I dare say this may be the most amazing edition the my obelisk yet...

— Bridgerton (
bridgerton) January 21, 2021

Julia Quinn additionally told the BBC: "I"m simply so excited since I understand what"s in book two, having written it, and I think there room some scene that are going to it is in so incredible and also people are going to love."

There may also be some news about Penelope Fetherington and Colin Bridgerton, well-known to some fans as "Polin". Nicola Coughlan, who plays Penelope, tweeted a selfie of her and also Luke Newton, that plays Colin. The tweet claimed "Polin: Year two" with a bee emoji that represents Quinn"s books, which has excited fans.

Polin: Year

— Nicola Coughlan (
nicolacoughlan) June 11, 2021

Who will be actors in Bridgerton season 2?

Well offered season 2 is meant to be concentrated on Anthony Bridgerton, among others, we recognize Jonathan Bailey, that plays him, will certainly be back. Most of the season one cast are additionally expected come return, consisting of Phoebe Dynevor as Daphne and Lady Whistledown"s voiceover Julie Andrews.

Unfortunately, us won"t watch the return the the duke of Hastings, Rege-Jean Page, because that the second season. At least not for a complete season. The actor formerly said that wasn"t return to the show, though an ext recently didn"t ascendancy out a cameo or guest appearance, skirting around the object in one interview v GQ, speak "You recognize I couldn"t call you!", complied with by "Isn"t over there something wonderful around being surprised through what you weren"t suspecting?".

Your Grace, it has actually been a pleasure.

— Bridgerton (
bridgerton) April 2, 2021

Netflix has confirmed four brand-new additions to the cast for the second season though: Charithra Chandran together Edwina Sharma, Shelley Conn together Edwina and also Kate Sharma"s mum, Calam Lynch together Theo Sharpe and also Rupert Young together Jack. Simone Ashley will certainly play Kate Sharma.

Bridgerton has included four actors to Season 2: Charithra Chandran will certainly play Edwina Sharma, Kate’s younger sister and also Shelley Conn will play mar Sharma, Kate’s mother.Also say hello to Calam Lynch that will play Theo Sharpe and also Rupert Young that will play Jack.

— Netflix (
netflix) April 5, 2021

Is over there a trailer because that Bridgerton season 2?

There"s not a trailer yet, though Netflix has actually released a first Look, which concentrates on a brief conversation in between Anthony Bridgerton and also Edwina Sharma, offering us a taster that what we can expect from the two. It additionally confirmed the second season would certainly arrive in 2022.

Where to record up top top Bridgerton season 1

All eight episodes of Bridgerton season 1 room still easily accessible to clock on Netflix so you deserve to refresh your memory as to what taken place in that social season as lot as you favor ahead that the new season.

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Will over there be a season 3 of Bridgerton?

Yes. Netflix has evidenced there will certainly be a season 3 and also season 4 the Bridgerton so far, meaning plenty that drama still to come.

Dearest readers, this writer brings a most amazing announcement...