EXCLUSIVE: The current 2nd season of USA Network’s drama collection Shooter will consist the eight episodes instead of the initially ordered ten.

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The trim stems indigenous the off-set injury experienced by collection starRyan Phillippewho broke his foot on July 16. In ~ the time, Shooter remained in the midst of filmingthe ninth episode of its 10-episode 2nd season. While manufacturing went on for a bit without Phillippe, the has because been closeup of the door down. And also USA, in addition to the collection producing service providers Paramount TV and also Universal Cable Prods., have because made a decision to just air the perfect episodes, with Episode 8 serving together a Season 2 finale.

“Our priority is Ryan’s recovery, and after conversations through our partners at USA and UCP we’ve decided that we will wrap S2 v episode 208, big TV said in a statement come audioeditorfree.com.

Sources stated that over there is a natural story suggest in illustration 208 that functions as a season finale, and, if this was no the initial plan, the producers, network and studio are happy with the means the Season 2 story would wrap.

“I was the victim of a freak accident throughout a family outing on Sunday,” Phillippe composed on Twitteron July 17.My leg is badly broken & forced surgical attention, yet I will certainly make a full recovery, to be in good hands, and will be ago in activity soon.”

While sidelined, Phillippe has been very active supporting Shooter on social media, live-tweeting the Season 2 premiere top top July 18 and also doing a Twitter Q&A through fans.

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