The following story contains significant spoilers about Homeland‘s Season 5 finale. Stop reading if the episode is still sitting on your DVR.

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Homeland finished its 5th season Sunday v the presumeddeath the Rupert Friend’s Quinn.

Hisalready-bleak condition took a rotate for the worse when the super-sniper endured a mind hemorrhage. Even if that wasto recover, the would’ve to be left with severe mind damage, his doc defined to Carrie. That triggered Carrie to eliminate his pulse monitor before— maybe — pulling the plug (or smothering him?) in the episode’s close up door minutes. (Or didQuinn stop breathing top top his own, as one reader noted in the comment below?) Earlier,Dar handed her the letter Quinn had written she at the finish of last season ~ above the off chance he didn’t survive that surprise Syrian mission.

Here’s the complete text that his heartbreaking bye note:

Carrie. Ns guess I’m done. And also we never ever happened. I’m no one for words, but they’re coming now. I don’t think in fate, or destiny, or horoscopes, however I can’t to speak I’m surprised points turned the end this way. I always thought there to be something kind of pulling me ago to darkness. Yet I wasn’t permitted a real life. Or a real love. That was for common people. V you I believed maybe just maybe. But I know now the was a false glimmer. I’m offered to… lock happen all of the time in the desert, yet this one got to me. And also here’s the thing, this death, this finish of me is exactly what should’ve happened. I wanted the darkness. I f—ing asked because that it. And also it has actually me now. So don’t placed a star on the wall for me. Don’t say some dumb speech. Simply think the me as a irradiate on the heavens. A beacon. Steering you clear of the wrongs. I loved you. —Yours, for constantly now, Quinn.

(Quick sidebar: if it’s true us didn’t in reality see Carrie traction the plug, given the level of Quinn’s brain injury, Homeland would threat massridicule if it returned in Season 6 v Quinn still alive; he’s dead, people.)

Other highlights from Season 5’s last hour:

* The chemistry weapons attack in the Berlin subway station was averted, many thanks to Carrie and great samaritanQasim (may the R.I.P.).

* Saul reduced a attend to Ivan — witness defense in the U.S. In exchange for moving the duplicitous Allison to him. That came through with his end of the bargain, pinpointing Allison’s whereabouts together she was being smuggled across the border in the stems of a black color sedan. The 2nd the car was in his sights, Saul ordered that fired upon; Allison was killed instantly.

*Laura and Numan were arrested through the BND because that the role they play in thefts those sensitive documents. Astrid thenfloated adeal through Laura — publicly throw the late Marwan under the bus and, in return, her hacker girlfriend Numan won’t be deported. Laura reluctantly accepted it. (I’m gonna miss out on that scowl the hers.)

* Carrie and also Jonas had makeup sex and then he timeless dumped her.

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* Carrie — via Saul — was available by the CIA a possibility to “pick her next mission, style your own team” — a gig she flatly declined. “I’m no that human being anymore,” she described to Saul. Otto later on made his own, much creepier task offer come Carrie — be his partner in work and life. She agreed to sleep ~ above it.