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Anthony Hil as Winston Ndugu. Raymond Liu/ABC/Getty pictures Winston was just in a solitary episode at the finish of season 16 prior to it was announced he had been advocated to series regular because that 17.

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During last season, Winston temporarily involved visit Maggie in Seattle to aid her address Meredith"s intubation, and the pandemic as a whole. In the April 1 episode, Maggie tried to tell Winston she wanted him to continue to be in Seattle rather of going ago to Boston — that responded with a proposal the Maggie accepted. The season 17 finale finished with the 2 of them tying the node on the beach.


Brooke Smith together Erica Hahn. Bob D"Amico/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Erica Hahn first appeared in season two as a rival heart surgeon for Burke, who patient regrettably loses his potential love donor to a small patient called Denny Duquette. However, the wasn"t the critical we experienced of she — after Burke left "Grey"s Anatomy," Erica was brought in as a new cardio surgeon, and helped Callie realize that she to be bisexual.

Unfortunately, ~ finding the end that Izzie, the medical professional who committed a crime in order come steal Erica"s heart donor, was still working at Seattle Grace, she walked into the hospital parking lot and also was never ever seen again.


Richard Flood as Cormac Hayes. Gilles Mingasson/ABC/Getty images

Hayes, nicknamed "McWidow," was presented in season 16 as a "gift" native Cristina to Meredith every the means from Switzerland. The pediatric surgeon knows what it"s like to mourn your spouse and also be a single parent while juggling surgical procedure — in other words, this irish sweetie might be the perfect next love interest for Meredith.

During season 17, Hayes inquiry Meredith on a date, just for she to collapse native COVID complications and spend lot of the season in a coma/on a ventilator. We"re still rooting for them, though.


Tessa Ferrer as Leah Murphy. Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Murphy was component of the new class of interns in season nine, however she just lasted one much more season before she to be fired by Richard because that being a good doctor, however not a great surgeon. Her key storyline? She was hooking up v Arizona when she and also Callie to be on a break and also filed a sexual harassment claim against Callie because that compromising her education, resulting in a temporary "non-fraternization policy" in between the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

She briefly returned in season 12 and was rehired after ~ she trained and also worked hard at one more surgical program, but we haven"t checked out her since.

Gaius Charles together Shane Ross. Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

Ross was an additional intern added in season nine. That was associated with Cristina, both romantically and professionally. In ~ the finish of season 10, she invite him come come and work in Switzerland through her, and also he agreed.

boy name Henderson as Nathan Riggs. Vivian Zink/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Riggs was carried in during season 12, plainly as a replacement because that Derek, but additionally a cardio replacement because that Cristina. He was likewise the ex-best friend and also brother-in-law that Owen, but he was under the impression the his wife, Megan Hunt, had actually been killed in action in the center East. This turned out to be untrue, and Riggs and also Megan rode off into the sunset together at the end of season 14.

kris Carmack together Atticus Lincoln. Gilles Mingasson/ABC/Getty images

Link was introduced in season 15 together our brand-new orthopedic surgeon and a close friend of Jo"s. At first, over there didn"t seem to be lot to Link, but as we learned about his life, his childhood cancer, and also his complicated relationship with his parents, us realized he"s in reality the best.

Season 17 finished with link proposing to Amelia, only for her to disapprove him since they want various things. He then made his method over come Jo"s apartment — probably they"llfinallyget together.

Greg Germann as Tom Koracick. Christopher Willard/Getty pictures

Koracick was one of the an ext delightful brand-new additions come the cast back in season 14, however we feel choose he was never ever properly used. He was in a dragged-out connection with Teddy, just for her to lastly dump him and also return to Owen.

It to be announced throughout season 17 the he"d be leaving the display towards the end. His leave played the end in a heartbreaking way: After recording COVID-19 and also realizing that all of his POC hospital roommates had died, he asked Jackson to hire him at the Fox structure to help deal with racial inequality in medicine. The then relocated to Boston to start his new role.

However, in the season 17 finale, Jo revealed she had sold she shares the the hospital to Koracick, making him a board member, which method we"ll for sure be seeing him again soon.

Isaiah Washington together Preston Burke. Scott Garfield/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

Oh, Burke. The show"s an initial cardio god, and first extremely traumatic exit. For 3 seasons, fans watched Burke and Cristina fall in love (it wasn"t constantly a smooth journey) and also were ready for the two to obtain married in the season 3 finale. Instead, Burke establish he was trying to pressure Cristina to be something she wasn"t, and he left her at the altar.

He reappeared 7 years later on in Switzerland to offer Cristina his chief job, as he wanted to retire and also spend much more time v his wife and kids.

Kate Walsh together Addison Montgomery. Scott Garfield/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Introduced in an top cameo figure in the season one finale, Addison began as a villain, and also ended as among our favorite characters of every time. As any "Grey"s" fan knows, Addison and also Derek to be married and also lived in brand-new York City prior to Derek recorded Addison cheating with his best friend Mark. Then, he packed up and also moved to Seattle, thus setup the occasions of "Grey"s Anatomy" in motion.

Addison, an accomplished neonatal surgeon, relocated to Seattle to shot and win Derek back, yet eventually conceded the Meredith and also Derek were expected to be. She stuck roughly for a bit prior to moving come Los Angeles and also starring in her very own six-season spin-off, "Private Practice."

She hasn"t been watched on "Grey"s" because season eight — however that"ll shortly change, as Walsh was announced come be returning to Seattle throughout season 18 because that the an initial time in 10 years.

Jake Borelli together Levi Schmitt. Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

Schmitt is part of the fourth course of interns top top the show, and also originally began out together a dweeb nicknamed "Glasses" life in his mom"s basement. But now, he"s detect his confidence, began wearing contacts, and came out to family. He has actually the distinction of being "Grey"s"" an initial gay male series regular.

As because that season 18, Schmitt still has a complicated relationship v ortho fellow Nico, for this reason we"ll watch where the leads, though they"re at this time together and in love.

TR Knight as George O'Malley. candid Ockenfels/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

George "007" O"Malley was the an initial of the original 5 interns to leaving the show, and also what an exit it was. After ~ going from the male who virtually killed someone on his an initial day and failing his intern test to ending up being one that the many compassionate and talented surgeons in his class, George enlisted in the us Army and was ~ above his means to call his mommy the news once he driven a woman the end of the way of one oncoming bus and was dragged because that blocks.

He was brought in as a "John Doe," however Meredith was able to recognize him via his "007" nickname. Tragically, he passed away in the season five finale.

During season 17, George reverted as among the special guests ~ above Meredith"s beach — the place her mind has been while she"s unconscious and intubated as result of COVID. George revealed that still check in top top his friends and his mommy ... Cue the tears of all "Grey"s" fans.

Chyler Leigh as Lexie Grey. Adam Taylor/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

Lexie, or small Grey, together some dubbed her, to be Meredith"s younger half-sister with a photographic memory. She was introduced in the 2nd class the interns, and also over the food of 6 seasons, she came to be a strong, i was sure surgeon and had a verytumultuous relationship with Mark. She likewise became an extremely close with Meredith.

Sadly, she passed away in the season eight finale in the infamous airplane crash and also had among the most heartbreaking last scenes with note in the background of the show.

Lexie reverted in season 17 because that an illustration on Meredith"s fatality beach, informing Meredith that the quantity of grief she"s endured was only since of just how much she loves the people in she life. It was lovely to watch the initial Grey sisters reunited once again.

Jerrika Hinton as Stephanie Edwards. Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

It appeared that Edwards and Jo were presented as part of the third new class the interns to be the following Meredith and also Cristina. And also while they provided it their best shot, no one compares to the original.

Edwards had three large plotlines during her five seasons ~ above the show: She was date Jackson as soon as he made decision to interrupt April"s wedding, she dated a patient play by Wilmer Valderrama who died and also it shook her an extremely hard, and also she made decision to leave the hospital after enduring averyharrowing fire and saving a child from dying.

We can"t aid but feel Jerrika Hinton to be underused during her tenure ~ above the show. Come back, Edwards!

Katherine Heigl together Izzie Stevens. Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

There is much to be said about Izzie, who dropped in love v a patient and cut his LVAD wire in order come steal a heart, just for stated patient come die almost immediately after due to a stroke. She also had sex with a ghost of that patient — it was a symptom the a brain tumor — and also was then fired as result of being sluggish on the task after beating cancer.

When Izzie left in season six, she left behind her job, friends, and husband, Alex. However, her ghost looms big over the show. The idea of she played a major role in season 16: Alex discovered out that Izzie offered his sperm to have twins, which resulted in Alex leave Seattle and moving in with her, so they might be a household (off-screen).

Kim Raver together Teddy Altman. Richard Cartwright/Getty photos

At first, Teddy was lugged in as yetanothercardio replacement and one of Owen"s best friends and fellow veteran (whom she plainly was in love with). End her an initial tenure ~ above the show, fans experienced her get over Owen and also fall in love v her husband, Henry — yes, they to be married and also thenfell in love — however he died on the operating table. She climate left to take a chief task in Europe.

Teddy went back for a short appearance in season 14. She was once again a key character native season 15 through the present. Currently, she"s once again involved to Owen ~ the two repaired their relationship and also dealt with her unresolved trauma. She additionally caught COVID-19, albeit not seriously.

Giacomo Gianniotti as Andrew DeLuca. Kelsey McNeal/ABC/Getty images

On DeLuca"s first day in ~ the hospital, he pretended he to be a surgeon, rather than the lowly intern he actually was. That set up his character because that the rest of the series — he always thinks he knows best.

He"s additionally been through the ringer. He practically got beaten to death by Alex over a misunderstanding, his girlfriend Sam to be at risk of gaining deported and had to relocate to Switzerland, he virtually lost his hands to frostbite, and also was eventually stabbed and also killed throughout season 17 by a human being trafficker.

DeLuca is additionally the first person Meredith said she love after Derek"s death, and once she wake up up, she was forced to mourn him too.

Eric Dane as note Sloan. Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Fans heard about Mark before we experienced him, however we were every wondering: How can he possibly have been far better than Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd and also led Addison to cheat?

The answer: mark Sloan, aka McSteamy, was hilarious, sexy, charming, and definitely had actually that bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold point going for him. He started off together a womanizing, shallow plastic operated doctor who had actually no attention in to teach interns, however he ended his life (he died due to complications from the aircraft crash) as a devoted father, soulmate come Lexie, and also had one of the many endearing mentor/mentee relationships through Jackson, aka "The plastic Posse."

Derek also forgave that for resting with his wife, and they resumed their friendship.

McSteamy reverted in season 17 together Lexie on the death beach, and discussed with Meredith exactly how he check in on the lives of Callie, Arizona, and their daughter Sofia. Plus, fans of "Slexie" were finally given closure that the two were with each other in the afterlife.

Jason George as Ben Warren. Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Warren has had an ext jobs 보다 anyone: He began in season 6 as an anesthesiologist, then ended up being a operation intern and resident, and then determined thatactuallyhe wanted to be a firefighter, which he currently is top top "Grey"s" spin-off "Station 19."

But with all that change, one thing has actually been constant: just how much the loves his wife, Miranda Bailey. They have actually one that the most steady relationship on the show.

Kelly McCreary together Maggie Pierce. Mitch Haaseth/Getty photos

Fans were a bit fatigued when they uncovered out that Meredith had actually yetanotherhalf-sister, yet Maggie, the recent cardio operated doctor to elegant the halls the Grey Sloan Memorial, has actually edged her means into our hearts.

If we ignore just how annoying she was about Meredith and Riggs, and her weird connection with her step-brother Jackson, us can focus on just how sweet she is v her bear father Richard, and also what a an excellent sister she"s to be to both Meredith and also Amelia. And now, she"s married! Congrats, Maggie.

Caterina Scorsone as Amelia Shepherd. Mitch Haaseth/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Speaking the sisters, Amelia was an initial introduced on "Private Practice" as one of Derek"s four sisters, a other neurosurgeon who was addicted come painkillers.

Throughout her time on "Grey"s," Amelia has actually married and divorced Owen, to be diagnosed v a huge tumor, given birth come a kid with Link and later garbage his proposal, and has grown right into the solid woman Derek knew she could be.

The pandemic was challenging for her, but she confirmed her stamin by never ever relapsing and instead attending AA meetings and talking with her feelings.

Sarah drew as April Kepner. Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

April was component of the new class of citizens that joined the show in season 6 after Seattle Grace linked with one more hospital, Mercy West. For a lengthy time, all we knew around her was that she had a huge crush top top Derek and that she to be a virgin.

But end time, she prospered into a formidable trauma surgeon, and she fell in love with and also got married to Jackson. Once they tragically shed their baby due to a hereditary disorder, April enlisted in the Army, which led to the resolution of your marriage, despite they"d walk on to have actually a daughter together, Harriet.

April left the present in season 14 as soon as she reconnected with Matthew, the paramedic she left in ~ the altar. After ~ he shed his wife and she went through a near-death experience, they gained married and also she left the hospital to focus on charity work.

However, we witnessed April again! She returned for among Jackson"s last episodes to reveal she and Matthew had split up, and also that she"d be ready to relocate to Boston through their daughter to help Jackson out.

Camilla Luddington as Jo Wilson. Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Jo was introduced in season ripe as component of the course of interns, but she quickly came to be the just one us cared around as us learned about her experiences with homelessness, how she was exit at a fire station by she birth mom, and her abusive ex-husband Paul. Gradually, she and also Alex fell in love and also got married — only for Alex to leaving her in season 16 as result of his twins v Izzie.

During season 17, Jo determined to leave surgery behind because that OB-GYN since she "needs joy" in her life. She also had a friends-with-benefits case with Jackson before he left, which caused him letting her move into his apartment v her newly embraced daughter Luna after ~ he relocated to Boston.

Sandra Oh as Cristina Yang. Ron Tom/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

This loss tho hurts. Cristina stand by Meredith"s side because that 10 seasons as her "Twisted Sister," her person, and also her best friend. However along the way, she also became the show"s finest character. She came to be a an ext empathetic doctor, was easily the ideal surgeon of the original class, and never jeopardized on she ideals — namely, the she didn"t desire to have actually children.

Little girls all over saw a hero in Cristina Yang, and she went the end on top: after ~ realizing the she might never victory a Harper Avery, surgery"s most prestigious award, at Grey Sloan Memorial, she accepted an market from her ex-fiancé (who left her at the altar) to take it over an entire state-of-the-art hospital in Switzerland.

Though she hasn"t been checked out since, Meredith still typically mentions her, messages her, and calls her, keeping the Twisted Sister spirit alive.

Jessica Capshaw as Arizona Robbins. Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

When Arizona was introduced in season 5 as a potential love interest for Callie, she was also shown using her Heelies to skate roughly the hospital — she to be the sunniest pediatric surgeon the halls that Seattle grace had ever before seen.

Though she and also Callie went with their ups and downs (Arizona moving to Africa, Callie having actually a baby with Mark, Arizona gaining her leg amputated because of the plane crash and also then cheating on Callie to deal with it, having really painful divorce and child custody hearing), over there is tho hope for the 2 of them, as Arizona to be last seen moving to new York City (where Callie lives) and exchanging flirty texts with she ex-wife.

Sara Ramirez together Callie Torres. Ron Batzdorff/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Callie Torres (formerly Callie O"Malley), was the very first new main character to be introduced on the display when she popped increase in season two as one ortho resident through a crush on George.

Although that partnership wasclearlynot going to work, Callie stayed on the present for 11 seasons, emerging close friendships through everyone at the hospital and discovering that she to be bisexual, prior to she moved to brand-new York City v Penny in season 12.

Patrick Dempsey together Derek Shepherd. Kelsey McNeal/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

It"s virtually impossible to comprehend that it"s been fifty percent a decade due to the fact that Derek saved an entire family indigenous a vehicle crash just to obtain rammed into by a truck. While he knows exactly what requirements to be excellent to conserve him, various other doctors carry out not, and he dies.

Derek was Meredith"s other half for the entire present up to the point, she soulmate, and one of the two main love story of the present (the other being Meredith and also Cristina). Through it all, he was there by she side.

And when we thought we"d never ever see McDreamy again, that popped up in ~ the end of the season 17 premiere, giving every "Grey"s" pan a heart attack. He"s due to the fact that been in three an ext episodes top top Meredith"s death beach, trying to counsel Meredith ~ above her next steps and eventually telling her to wake up.

Jesse Williams together Jackson Avery. Eric McCandless/Walt Disney Television/Getty images

Jackson and also April to be the just two doctors left indigenous the Mercy West merger (the rest of their class was eliminated in the hospital shooting) — and now, it"s simply Jackson, whose mother owns the hospital.

Jackson, a plastic surgeon, was a little adrift since his ex-wife, April, left the show. The was dating his step-sister Maggie for awhile, then moved on to Vic native "Station 19," and most newly hooked up with Jo post-Karev divorce.

After reconnecting through his dad and figuring the end what type of human being he wanted to be, that left Seattle to move to Boston and become the head that the Fox foundation and address racism in medicine. He brought along Koracick and April, too.

Kevin McKidd together Owen Hunt. Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Has there to be a much more polarizing long-running character than our very an initial trauma surgeon Owen Hunt? as soon as Owen an initial arrived, he was a cool military doctor who pulled one icicle the end of Cristina. Yet when the returned, he was a haunted male struggling through PTSD.

Although he gained through it, his partnership with Cristina rotate toxic, as he accused her of killing your baby when she got an abortion (she had always been an extremely clear she didn"t desire kids), and then he cheated on her to get back at him.

Then he threw himself into a partnership with Amelia (which also didn"t work), and then got engaged to Teddy, return she cheated onhim, for this reason they also broke up. However, season 17 finished with the 2 of them earlier together and engaged.

Justin Chambers together Alex Karev. Richard Cartwright/Walt Disney Television/Getty pictures

Alex began off as the show"s token villain. However over the food of 16 seasons, fans watched him come to be one of, if not the best man top top the show. He constructed one that the sweetest and also most hard friendships ~ above the display with Meredith (and an additional with Arizona) and finally acquired his happy finishing with Jo.

Unfortunately, once Justin Chambers announced he to be leaving "Grey"s after ~ 16 seasons, do Meredith the only original intern left, fans were broken-hearted — and not everyone could think he was getting back together through Izzie, that left him with just a note.

Chandra Wilson together Miranda Bailey. Jennifer Clasen/Walt Disney Television/Getty photos

The pilot the "Grey"s Anatomy" starts with our 5 interns, Meredith, Cristina, Alex, George, and also Izzie, discovering that your resident (their boss) is someone dubbed "The Nazi."

Unfortunate nicknames aside, Miranda Bailey has actually been through viewers throughout every season as the wise, compassionate, and also extremely expert boss of every one of our favourite characters. We"d every be lucky to have a Bailey in ours lives.

James Pickens Jr. Together Richard Webber. Mitch Haaseth/Getty images

Webber to be the very first chief of surgery on "Grey"s," a title the has readjusted hands reasonably frequently (Burke, Derek, Owen, Alex, and also Bailey have actually all been chief in ~ one point), yet it has always fit the best on Webber. We"ve watched him attend to his alcoholism, the death of his wife, a new relationship through Catherine, and become a father figure to Meredith, Maggie, and also Jackson.

Now, he"s earlier as the "Chief the Chiefs" after Catherine demoted Koracick.

Ellen Pompeo as Meredith Grey. Mitch Haaseth/Getty photos

Of course, the woman who started it all, the titular Grey of "Grey"s Anatomy." The show"s creator Shonda Rhimes has actually said that the show will finish whenever Ellen Pompeo has made decision she"s done playing Meredith, and it renders sense: over there is no show without her holding the together.

Meredith has gone through more than anyone should have to: her mother and father are dead, her sister Lexie is dead, she husband Derek is dead, she ex-boyfriend Andrew is dead, her close friend George and also Mark are dead, her ideal friends (Callie, Alex, Izzie, Jackson, and most importantly Cristina) have left, she"s been attacked by a patient, she"s practically lost her clinical license, and she was intubated because of a specifically nasty case of COVID.

Now, she"s in fee of the residency program and also seemingly back on track.

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It"s to be 383 illustration — there room now an ext episodes 보다 days in a year – and also we"re tho not worn down of city hall Meredith"s life.