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Grace and Frankie fans obtained an unforeseen treat this respectable as 4 brand new episodes came to Netflix 19 months after the last rate of the comedy certification Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda.

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Many viewers who had actually not been keeping up through the show"s manufacturing difficulties, however, wonder why there to be only 4 episodes in the Season 7 drop, and also whether much more were ~ above the way.

After all, Season 7 is expected to be the final season of the Netflix series, leading plenty of to think the present was ending on somewhat of one anti-climax.

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Why go Grace and Frankie Season 7 just have 4 episodes?

Do no worry, Grace and also Frankie fans: much more episodes indigenous Season 7 are coming soon.

Like countless shows, filming for the Netflix series was shut under in march 2020 as result of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that point, the present had perfect filming on four episodes – those which are streaming now on the platform.

These to be the an initial four the the plan 16 episodes because that the seventh and final season of the hit comedy. Fans will at some point get to watch those staying 12 episodes, but not yet.

While some series that closed down filming in March were able to restart shooting in the summer the 2020, those mirrors did no have four main actors members over the age of 80.

As such, Grace and also Frankie took a much longer break, with filming not recommencing on the series until June 2021 and collection to run till October.


"Grace and also Frankie", starring Jane Fonda and also Lily Tomlin, will end in 2022. NetflixThe news was evidenced by Fonda herself, that wrote on her blog, "I"m getting excited that we"ll start filming Grace and Frankie again tomorrow. I"ve took pleasure in having to learn my lines because that my scene tomorrow and Tuesday. Ns won"t mind having actually to gain up in ~ 4:30am."

This means that the more quickly that every one of Season 7 will be ready is at an early stage 2022, a full two years because Grace and Frankie Season 6 came out.

In bespeak to bridge the gap, Netflix has released the four episodes that are ready now. The remaining twelve, meanwhile, have actually been confirmed to be comes in 2022.

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In another blog, Fonda claimed of the filming delay, "A long time come wait but, provided the age and vulnerability the the 4 leads, it"s best. I"ll be headed right into 84 by the time we"re done. Yikes!"

Previously, collection creator Marta Kauffman had told Entertainment Tonight, "We"re not going to be the very first production earlier we have actually four actors members who are older. They"re no going to be the very first ones back. Us can"t be the ones to make any mistake."

Grace and also Frankie seasons 1 to 6 and the very first four illustration of Season 7 are streaming currently on Netflix.